Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I've been staying with a friend and an ex-boyfriend.

Since then, breaking into Cecilia's room has become a frequent occurrence.

Cecilia wants me to talk to her, so I have to go.

I want to see you too, so we get each other some money.

It is a secret meeting between the two of us, which is not open to scandal-targeting informants or the people of the mansion.

Nobody knows. Just the two of us. Secrets, that's good.

More and more people already know who I am, so it's not just for the two of us.

"Speaking of which, did Happiness tell you?"

"Are you talking about staying? Happiness looked happy and talked, so I know. You're staying at Mr. Yowki's house with Mr. Raven and Mr. Happiness."

"Yes, yes. See, this is how I get to see you. Neither will you. I'll work with you. Happiness seems to be looking forward to it, above all."

Since then, the exchange of letters has progressed smoothly and has been scheduled, so the stay will be realized shortly.

'Cause we both happen to accumulate occasionally...... heh heh.

"Mr. Yowki, aren't you up to something good?"

"What... what makes you think that?"

"That's what he looked like"

"Well, did you split it? I thought I'd be careful and get you some bedtime clothes. Pair of lookers with different colors"

That's when you leave it in the room where you two plan to sleep.

It's definitely a blush plan, but I don't think so.

"That might be good..."


I didn't think Cecilia would push the plan back.

Absolutely, it's up to Mr. Raven and Happiness to decide, let's not do what the outfield incites, or something, I thought I'd say.

"You look strange. Was it so surprising that I held Mr. Yowki back?"

"Yeah. Cecilia's serious, and I was wondering if this kind of joke would stop first."

"... that's what I would have done before. Here's what I'm thinking right now. Inside, I was wondering if I might need some inspiration for the two of us who hadn't met."

"As long as it takes."

"I'm staying because of you, so I was wondering if I could have a little laughing-place. I'm tired of being strong all the time. I think Mr. Yowki's flirting is just right to relieve the tension between the two of us."

If I get a tattoo like that, there's no way I won't run it.

When it's tomorrow, we need to get ready.

"What does Mr. Youki plan to do on the day Mr. Raven and Mr. Happiness stay?"

"No, well, I'm staying at some inn."

It's not that wild, I'll read the air properly.

I said you could stay for the both of us, but not if I was there that day.

"Oh, no, I didn't hear it in the way Mr. Yowki thinks. Um, you don't have plans that day, do you? Then why don't you stay home"

"... Yes?"

"If Mr. Yowki already has an appointment, you can say no, but what do you say"

Will there be a man who invites you to stay from her and refuses?

This is a little, maybe a little.

... No, no, it's an ordinary mind. An ordinary heart.

Let's just calm down and think.

"Cecilia's invitation is very attractive, but it's no secret that I'm here, and I don't think I can. Maybe a room to stay."

"It's okay, because your mother and Sophia both know Mr. Yowki is here"

... What do you mean?


"Yes. If Mr. Yowki says no one will find him, Mother says do as she pleases. Sophia said if we find him with more security, we'll tie him up."

I felt like I had a lot to look around, but I just thought it must be an informant measure.

I can't believe you were on guard to tie me up.

Well, he's disappearing, so I can't find him.

Still smelling, hearing enhancement, checking where people are, going through where no one is.

I thought it would taste bad in case the magic came out, but it was good.

"It's bad for Mr. Sophia, but I won't get caught. Because it was moving so no one would see it. 'Cause you have to. Because if you do, it sucks."

"... right"

Hmm, I think I said something nasty right now.

I feel between replies from Cecilia but... are you out of your mind?

I can't overthink it, I prefer silence, and let's keep talking.

"And anyway. You can't refuse an invitation from Cecilia. It's bad for Mr. Sophia, but let me break in."

"Okay. I'll tell your mother."

This is how your stay was confirmed.

After that I usually spent time talking about work, hobbies, and listening to Cecilia's stupidity.

There was no trouble and it was on the day of the party.

"Raven. Duke told me I couldn't help but take the day off tomorrow while I was busy, are you okay?"

The duties of the Knights Commander, the opponent of a woman who comes to avalanche.

Duke said he was working late all night.

Seems like Duke was also talking sour like he was going to do his holiday job.

"... don't worry. That degree of training ground has dived through many times. For today."

You said that you worked all the time?

Because you don't have to make a fist grip, the day has come when Raven's battle will be rewarded.

"Okay, okay. You shouldn't keep Happiness waiting, and we're going."

I gave Raven and myself the "Banish Wave" to be transparent and leave the Cavalier dorm.

After all, Raven also seemed to have an informer attached, something near the knight's dorm asking how it was.

... Can't you tell me to stop because I'm annoyed by the power of the Knights anymore?

Raven would be able to do it.

"Raven, can't you be careful when you use an informant or authority to detain him?"

"I speak up, but I'm not doing anything in particular. I didn't even make the case, but I can't detain him. It's hard for me to be the Knight Commander."

"Is that so? If I could, I would have asked for Cecilia."

"... if it's too bad, I'll look around. Cecilia is a noble lady, and if it's too much to look at, I can handle it."

"If you can ask me, I want you to"

"Then let's review the route around"

"Thanks, that'll help."

"... no, because this noise doesn't fit inside either. You'll need to try to move once."

"I hope I can move freely soon."

I can't go out like this.

I'd like to go to dinner or a picnic with Cecilia.

When will I be able to go?

Raven seems stressed in this situation, too.

It seems to work for me, but I also feel like I'll have to wait for time to work it out.

Though it is subtle whether this is a good idea.

While we were having a conversation, I could see my home running through the town at night without anyone seeing me.

Raven next door is twitching, that's easy to understand.

"I know how you feel."

"... honestly, it's floating"

"You're being honest. He's got attitude."

"... nothing would be better. The more attitude I have, the more I've waited for this day."

I'm not shy, I told you off, you man.

Where did Raven go when he used to twitch?

I slapped him on the back for now, it's a temper injection.

"Then we're going into the house. Happiness won't be here yet, so move your stuff to your room...... hmm?"

"... What's up, Yowki"

"No, I'm supposed to have locked the house."

Normally, the door opened, so I'm surprised.

You're not a thief... Cecilia has the key... Hmm.

What I heard when I enhanced my hearing was the sound of eating in order.

He's boiling something in a pan, and he's in the process of cutting ingredients with a knife.

I can hear your nose, too, you're in the mood, dude.

"... are you already here"

"Apparently. Maybe he borrowed the key I gave Cecilia."

"... is Youki giving Cecilia the key"

"Because I don't have to eat there now. Look, I'm in, I'm in!

Push Raven's back into the house.

"... interrupting, doing"

"Oh, you're early."

Happiness noticed us interrupting the cooking and coming here.

I wear an apron on top of my personal clothes, not made-up clothes.

"... Captain, key, I owe you"

"I knew it. I'll be gone after this, so hold it. Give it back to Cecilia."

"... of course"

"... Ah, Happiness. Long time no see. Medium, I'm sorry I didn't get the right time. Well, I can't keep my promise..."

"... I don't care. Soon, dinner"

Happiness just went back to the kitchen, just to say the minimum necessary.

Hardening Raven, it's not like Happiness is mad at you.

Happiness must be nervous, too, because you honestly suck at expressing your emotions, that guy.

"... hey Youki. I feel like Happiness is cold."

"It's my fault, it's my fault. Look, look at that."

I pointed my finger at Raven to see the kitchen.

The look of Happiness there who is faceless but cooks.

I guess the nose is singing unconsciously.

It's impossible to be grumpy in that state or something.

But that looks like it.

"You look like a new wife to the newlyweds."

I talked about it.

Raven turned out surprised, and Happiness was dropping the ingredients to the ground.

Both of them, understandably too upset.

"I just said what I thought. Well, let's just say the bugs are gone, so have fun at best. I really only have one bed!

I just said what I wanted to say and jumped out of the house.

Seriously, I only had one bed available.

Well, I don't have a few spare beds in the other room...... I was wondering if I should have some of these back presses.

"And then you and I will do our best. … So I'm heading to the Mansion?"