Stay flirty, leave our house feeling like this - and head to the mansion.

Skip on high tension along the way, and start stealth behavior as you approach the mansion.

Careful not to be found by Mr. Sophia. Intrude.

Inside, I was in a hurry because of the lack of security, but I have trouble getting you to taste my power.

I managed to make a breakthrough and reached Cecilia's room.

"You're here."

"You're getting better security, aren't you? I had a really hard time passing where no one was. Sophia, it's tough."

Good thing I came to see Cecilia safely.

"Shall we go then?"


"... your mother and Mr. Sophia are waiting"


Cecilia's words sounded like a death sentence.

No, they don't say that much because they have proper permission... they won't.

Suddenly an unpleasant sweat came out of my back, moist and disgusting.

"It's okay, because I'm here too"

Care for me, Cecilia, or make a gentle follow-up statement.

... I guess this is one of the reasons I fell in love with it.

Cecilia drew my hand, and it was the guest room that invited me.

It is even ready for dinner, with Mr. Celia already sitting, and Mr. Sofia standing beside him.

"Good evening, Youki. Please, sit down."

"Ah, yes..."

Though my daughter's lover, is this how you treat intruders?

Sitting confused, Cecilia also took her seat.

I wonder what will begin now.

"Let's eat first because the meal will be cold"

The meal begins with a word from Mr. Celia.

I only hear dishes and there is no conversation.

Speaking from me is a bit... Celia and Cecilia are eating in a courteous and silent manner.

It's rude not to be served, so I eat normally too... Ah, this meat dish is delicious.

"And Youki-kun, that's amazing. Recently, strange people have been wandering around the mansion, so I asked Sofia to strengthen her security, but I can't believe she was in close contact with Cecilia."

"... excuse me. I can't stand it. I didn't want to cause any trouble, so I tried my best to make sure no one would notice."

Cecilia had her limits coming too, but you better not say this.

haha...... and I laughed, now Mr. Sophia opened his mouth.

"I doubted my ears when I heard from the lady. I have reviewed the security system many times and tried to strengthen it...... this is how Youki is in the mansion. I have to reflect that my work was sweet."

"Truth is, every time I come, it's hard to find a security hole. I was wondering if it was like I was using my powers to meet Cecilia..."

"Being able to break in is proof that security is sweet. We can't overlap any more failures. Dear Youki, may I ask you to tell me the intrusion route you used this time? It would be helpful if you could pass on detailed information, such as time slots and security personnel."

"Ha ha..."

I'm serious about Mr. Sophia's eyes.

I can't say no to this, let's make time for it later.

Of course, I have to lay low and explain that he's disappearing.

"... Phew"


Mr. Celia is laughing at me.

You almost laughed right now, why?

"Did I say something weird?"

"No, that's not true. I'm sorry, did I bother you?"

"No, that's not true.... Why?"

"Right. When I thought about it, I thought it was weird. I can't believe Sophia allowed us to break into the mansion so many times. Yogi-kun, what method did you use?"

"After all, it's an untrained observation eye."

He disappeared and relied on his enhanced sense of smell and hearing. There's no way I can tell.

"Uh-huh. I know Yogi-kun is a prowess, but I don't think Sophia lost the house."

I was going to lie about it, but Mr. Celia doesn't seem convinced.

He smiles, but he blames me.

I can only deceive.

"Actually, I've been curious and investigated. I have no information that anyone saw Yogi-kun on the way to the Mansion. Despite all the people surrounding the mansion right now. Is that possible?"

"That's... after all, temperamental"

It's a painful, too painful excuse.

Cecilia, I turned my gaze a little to see what I could do, and it was flat.

No, no, why aren't you in a hurry?

Youki-kun, the situation in Cecilia is very difficult right now.

"I know that."

"Keeping it halfway through is a really bad thing. The truth is, Cecilia's got a fiancée, she's been sleeping a long time, waiting to wake up, and there's like some weird rumors coming up."

That story is actually a story that happened...... is there even such a rumor out there?

"I support Cecilia and Youki-kun, so I don't mind going straight for the goal... after all, I'm worried about you as a parent. I wonder what kind of person my daughter chose."

"... yes, right"

Well, it's weird they haven't asked me before.

In this situation, then we have to brace our bellies.

Will Celia admit it... even if she tells my story?

"It's okay, Mr. Yowki. Don't get anxious. If it bothers you, you have to feel enough to turn me around."

"No, no, say that in front of your mother?"

"Cecilia's starting to say that, too. It's good to see your daughter grow up."

"Shall I prepare you in case, ma'am?"

"Get ready..."

My worst future is to fight Mr. Sophia, who came to stop me, trying to take Cecilia?

You don't, you don't, yeah, you don't, absolutely.

So, Mr. Sophia, would you mind stopping me from giving you a ton of feet on the floor?

That's a warm-up to do before the fight, isn't it?

"I'll do my best, so be ready when I do"

"There's no such thing as that.... No, it depends on the time and the circumstances. I can't pull back any more."

You can't be frightened here.

Whatever happens, I'm not willing to give up Cecilia.

So... try to persuade them.

Cecilia will help too.

"I'll talk. Where me and Cecilia were. Who I am."

Life at Demon King Castle, who I am, meeting Cecilia.

Basically, I talked and Cecilia went on to supplement it.

They didn't break their faces, they didn't break their stories, they just listened until we were done talking.

"... that's it. So I can use special magic, so I can identify and move who's where, so I broke in."

"Yes... Youki-kun is a demon and sinks in love with Cecilia at first sight at Demon King's Castle. So Cecilia asked me to come to Minerva and I was appealing to Cecilia while I was working."

"Well, that's the way it is"

"Cecilia's amazing, too. I never imagined it would cross the walls of the race."


"There's going to be a lot of problems..."

Mr. Celia is thinking deeply.

Me and Cecilia were nagging silently.

It is as if I have come to have my marriage recognised.

"But you can't keep your mouth shut."


Even if they say it in such a light way.

It's about my daughter's future, is that good enough?

"I guess I've done that before. If the king was the one who decided, who would say so, and the Demons would be fine. Would Sophia agree?"

"Let me make a personal point, but I was wondering if Yoki's personality would ever make your daughter unhappy. There seems to be some trouble."

"Oh, it's better for Cecilia to get in trouble, hey, Cecilia?"

"I was wondering if that would lead to spoiling Master Yoki. Doesn't it sometimes have to be tough?"

"Cecilia can use candy and whips. My daughter."

By Celia and Sophia, Cecilia's Response to Me debate.

... Why did this happen when I revealed that I thought it would be a more serial expansion?

"I'm not going to bind you, but I'll tell you when I have to."

"Yes, I command the liver..."

Promises were born between me and Cecilia at this time.