"So how does it work in the future?"

Mr. Celia cut it out.

My gaze concentrates on Mr. Celia.

"It's hard to announce Yoki's engagement to Cecilia like this."

"... Celia, what is the biggest reason"

"After all, there's no ambient reaction. Youki-kun and Cecilia will not have many contacts in the world. Suddenly, I wonder why you and Yoki got engaged."

Even though it has become parental approval, is the public perception a problem?

Contact with Cecilia...... Isn't this the turn of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman?

"Oh, I wonder if Cecilia knows what Yoki's thinking. I have prepared eyes."

"Somehow...... yes. Mr. Yowki's proposal would be fine. I'll do my best, because this is for us, too."

I didn't say anything, but the proposal was adopted.

... the one who says this is trusted?

Grab Cecilia's hand, don't let go of this hand... do what you do.

"Cecilia is right. There is a proposal. Use A-Rank Adventurer, Black Thunder Demon Swordsman."

"Hehe, you mean Yoki, right?"

"Yes, it is. I signed up for Sophia's husband to help me...... I thought I'd make a big announcement tomorrow that my partner is Cecilia. So Cecilia and I work as adventurers."

If you can't identify yourself, you can do whatever you want.

If you're a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, you've got a name for it.

I appeal all over to Cecilia and her good friends to improve her track record.

Where the ambient ratings have risen, reveal who they are.

Isn't that a perfect operation?

"I agree with Mr. Yowki's proposal, too."


"Why are you surprised?"

"No, 'cause usually, come on, like... I have a bad feeling, like"

I tried to make it look like Cecilia's way of saying it as much as possible.

'Cause you always say when I come up with a plan.

Honestly, I was waiting for a denial, but you agreed with me right away.

I'm surprised and quite surprised.

Well, I always come up with a proposal that I think is perfect, so if you agree with me, I say I'm happy with that.

"When you get here, I'll leave you and Cecilia to it. Good luck."

"What, you raised specific issues earlier, such as the difficulty of announcing an engagement. Don't you have anything on my plan?"

"I'm just going to talk about the status quo. You two need to talk and decide what to do from here. Don't worry, Sophia will take care of all the weird people coming home."

"If you have a lady with a hand, you will be welcome home after a courteous hospitality"

Mr. Sophia, what are you willing to do about hospitality?

I'm glad my reliable ally gave me about the backup.

You just make me feel horrible, don't you?

People around the mansion, it's not too late for you to run.

"Well, we've got a lot to talk about. Maybe I'll hear more about you two from here. What do you like about the classic?"



What kind of torture is that?

Even when we're alone, it's not the one who's embarrassed and doesn't do much, is it?

And, Mr. Sophia, would you mind not giving me a strong glance, because it hurts a lot?

Well, it can't be embarrassing or anything like that on this occasion.

Shall I answer Celia's expectations?

"First of all, you're kind."

"Hey, Mr. Yowki!?"

Cecilia's in a panic, but ignores it here.

"Clearly, there was a time when I was about to die. I was wondering if it was over. Oh, my God. Cecilia gave me a hand. It was love at first sight, but I wonder if that's where it's been..."

I'm soaking up memories, blah blah blah.

There are still a lot of episodes out there, so I tried to talk to you, and Cecilia panicked.

I've been holding my mouth.

"Mr. Yowki, please don't talk any more. I'm glad too...... at least without me, please. In front of your mother and Mr. Sophia. That kind of thing is a bit."

"Oh, wouldn't it be nice if you were happy? If you're not ashamed to ask."

"So, but, Mother. Isn't this what we talk about when we're alone?"

Cecilia ate up, unusual.

Are you embarrassed... is it bad that I don't usually say this?

I'm sure it's intolerable.

But we don't talk about what we like about each other when we're alone.

... Next time, let's shake it.

"You want to hear it from me and Sophia. So would Sophia?"

"... is Youki well understood about the charm of the lady? I want you to keep talking to me just to make sure."

"Until Mr. Sophia......"

Cecilia has no more allies.

If you both want to hear it, why don't we let them hear it as much as they want.

I grabbed my hand gently holding my mouth and lowered it around my chest.

Cecilia decided to be ready, too, and she followed my lead.

"Um... so, do you want to talk"

I told you.

I think they both had bright red ears.

When you were listening to me, Celia and Sophia had different reactions to laugh and snort.

Sometimes Celia would tear up Cecilia and Sophia would forgive her.

So-so much for the excitement, so time flies fast.

"Oh, you were already this long ago. I was wondering if you'd let me hear it tomorrow."

Mr. Celia smiles.

You haven't heard enough yet, I was going to tell you quite a bit.

Cecilia hides her face with a pillow that was on the couch.

You were so embarrassed...... you didn't think it would react like this, blah blah blah blah blah.

Maybe it's because I got something like a parent-approved permit, or I was in too much shape.

"You don't have to go on, Mother..."

"I haven't talked enough yet!

They have a different switch than usual.

I have the confidence to speak without feeling ashamed even tomorrow.

"Mr. Yowki, you've already passed it on to me... so it's okay"

Cecilia's smile came out here.

This means a lot to me.

"... Yes"

"Cecilia, I'm already..."

Mr. Celia, have you noticed Cecilia's grin?

He's a parent and a child, and you still know what Cecilia's laugh means.

"You're so shy about this, you're so considerate ahead. Youki-kun needs to resist a little."

"Hey, I was wondering if this is a good idea. I feel like I've come this far."

"That's right. We have a way with us, Mother."

"Oh, yeah."

"... there are different ways to keep up with people. I agree with that point. My husband is my husband, so I've been struggling."

Mr Sophia said without breaking his expression.

Me and Cecilia's gaze turns to Mr. Sophia.

Clayman...... let's hold on tighter.

"That's why I'm with my husband and I don't regret it."

"Sophia said something, because she trusts you about her husband. Youki-kun has to work hard to get Cecilia to say this."

"Yes, sir"

Something, I feel like I lost to Clayman.

I regret it, but I'm still here.

"Mr. Youki is still working hard enough?"

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'll start tomorrow. No, let's both do our best."

"... right. Let's both do our best."

Once again, it's a statement of determination.

Tomorrow we will prove the strength of our bond with Cecilia Combination, the Demon Swordsman of Black Thunder.

After you shut up around him... that's when it happened.