"Ha-ha, Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, ascend! My partner, Cecily, I will not allow anyone who has a hand in Cecilia Aqualein. I don't like it. Call me, I'll handle it quickly... Do you think?"

"I don't think you need to provoke me for nothing"

"Oh well..."

I was doing a thorough rehearsal in a guided guest room.

To let you know that the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and Cecilia are lovers, I thought I'd give you some kind of speech...

"Will it be necessary? If I act with the Devil Swordsman face-to-face and he asks, don't you mean to answer?"

"That would have an impact. Come on...... Wouldn't it be better to spread it in a way that explodes all at once rather than spreading it?"

"If you play it too flashy, then... isn't Mr. Demon Swordsman in trouble"

If I make too flashy a social proclamation, the harm will be done to me.

I guess Cecilia is afraid of that.

"I'm glad you're worried, but don't worry. I don't give in to whoever comes. The one who gets in the way for the future of me and Cecilia will blow it up!

"Mr. Yowki. Just because you're a Demon Swordsman doesn't mean you can do whatever you want."

"But it's important to have restraint around."

Discussions with Cecilia are medium and inconsistent.

I'd like to be damned bold, but Cecilia wants to be careful.

At a time like this, I wish you could just shut up and tell me to get to you...

"Good, Mr. Yowki. If we get this far, even trivial actions will lead directly to our future. We're at a critical juncture, so we have to plan and get ready."


"If it's over, it shouldn't be all right."


"Whatever happens, Mr. Yowki will take me away, because it's the last resort."


No, that's what I meant, but I don't remember putting it in your mouth.

"... Isn't that how Mr. Yowki is prepared to be with me?"

There is no appearance of illumination, I was asked with a vegan expression.

Isn't that the kind of dialogue you say when the place is booming?

... Well, there's only one thing to say if you ask me that.

"Well, that's how it's decided."

"... thank you. Then let's discuss it more seriously. So I'm not going to sleep until one of you is convinced."


Isn't it too much not to sleep...... I'd say, Cecilia's eyes are serious.

Isn't this really a pattern that won't let me sleep?

"No, it's me. I don't know if it's a good idea to proceed with caution."

"Now you compromised because I told you to, didn't you? Isn't that a no? If we don't discuss this until you two are convinced... you're going to be laid on my ass?"

"Ugh... yes, that's right"

I can't argue with Cecilia because she's right.

I know it leads to the future...

But my plan doesn't tell me how to fall.

Then it would be nice to adopt Cecilia's proposal.

"... I said it in a tough way earlier, but it is also true that there are numerous people saved by Mr. Youki's ability to act. I take safety precautions because of my personality, and I want to take care of Mr. Yoki's opinion."


"So I won't sleep today until we have each other's opinions together!

I can't believe Cecilia said so much.

I can't lose, either, man. I can't think of going down first.

"If we're going to say that much, let's discuss it thoroughly. You're not sleeping. I'm not putting you to bed tonight, Cecilia."

"It's where I want it"

Me and Cecilia must have gotten weird switched on.

During the discussion, there were successive derailments and the main story didn't come together.

We were both pissed off when Mr. Sophia came to see how things were going.

I haven't done anything wrong at all... time should think about it.

"Mr. Yowki, we'll discuss this carefully again tomorrow. Good night, then."

"Master Youki, excuse me."

Where did the determination not to sleep go, Cecilia was taken away by Mr. Sophia.

Most of the time I feel like I've seen a rare sight, but I also feel a little lonely.

"... go to sleep"

But I slept without imitating wetting my pillow because I couldn't beat drowsiness.

After I got breakfast, I went home.

Cecilia said we still need to discuss... but I can't even let the two of you stay in my house go wild.

You forgot to ask about your plans for today.

I know we're both off, but maybe we'll go out with patience or something.

...... Yesterday, there is also a desire to know what it was like.

"It's my house, but I can't let you in..."

In wonder, knock on the door.

"Open up - it's me, it's me!

I told him to stay even if someone he didn't know came.

Even I would know if I spoke up.

"... me?"

"Happiness, or I just came back to check on you. Let me in."

"... who?"

"No, it's me."

"... suspicious"

"It's a yoke. You can tell by the voice!

Why do I have to do such comic talent in the morning?

"... Yowki?"

"You, on purpose. Captain, Captain."

"... Captain, was"

You finally let me in the house.

Why does it take so long to get into my home?

"You know my name, right?"

"... the captain is the captain"

"... Forget it"

I don't know what to do if I continue.

Let's just get to Raven.

And I'll listen to yesterday's flirting.

Pfft... at best I'm bored with shame in a place where there's no escape: my house.

"Oh, was it a yoke after all? Good morning."

"Whoa, Raven."

You just had breakfast, or there were empty plates and cups on the table.

Of course, I keep it across the street... that's right.

"… Are you glad you used the ingredients on your own?"

"You bet. I bought it yesterday for both of us."

I was there to buy it out before noon.

I bought more than usual, so I was wondering if you found someone to live with.

My aunt asked me.

That's what I said, I think I had a good smile.

I'm not living together, but I was staying.

"... Was I? How much did it cost? Pay now."

"Good, good. This is like a little gift I can make for both of you. I don't care."

I tried to say it as refreshingly as possible.

I feel good about one thing yesterday, so happiness will be what you hem.

If I do something that doesn't look like this, I'm assuming how it would react.

"... goosebumps, stood"

"Look, Raven. She says," Why don't you hold her tight? "

"... jeez"

"... Hey, Youki. Don't even look at Happiness like that. And I'm just saying..."

"This is when we show men!

It's fun to air like this one.

Well, Raven wouldn't do it.

You're not the type to act cool from around.

"... Here"

"... n"

I normally held him tight......

Is this normal? Is this normal?

Happiness went along with my story, didn't she?

I accept it naturally.

"... if asked, I would have to show it in attitude. Well, there are times when you're in front of a yoke."

"... Satisfied"

"What happened to you guys yesterday"

"... nothing. We've been through this all the time. Happiness."

"… Agreed"

These two don't always know the way it is.

All right, let's explore.