Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I've been exploring my friends and ex-members.

"By the way, what are you two going to do today? Going somewhere..."

"... I'd love to, but I'm going to stay home today, okay?"

"No, I'm going out, so you can use the house as you please. If you have something, I'll go buy it out."

"... does Happiness need anything?"

"... nothing in particular"

"I wonder if I have anything I need in a hurry, too. Sorry, let me be careful."

"No, no, it's good if you don't. Well, I'll just get my stuff."

That's what I said, I'm going upstairs.

The purpose is to take the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman set... but there was another thing I wanted to find out.

"Softly, softly"

Peek into the rooms I told the Ravens to sleep in.

You two are on the ground floor, so there's nothing to be alarmed about, but for once.

There is only one bed in the room......

"Ho ho..."

I looked around the other room and checked the bed, but there was only one sign of using it.

There's enough couches on the ground floor.

But if you haven't slept on the couch... as long as it's done, as long as it's done.

Going down to the ground floor in a slight fashion, Happiness pointed a finger.

"... Captain, face"

"Is there a problem?"

"... uncomfortable"

I had a low kick.

"Oh, hey. You're not gonna kick it."

"... uncomfortable, was, from"

"Tell them in words. Don't put your foot out first!

"... out, just the captain. Peace of mind."

"I don't feel safe at all!?"

If I had the usual interaction with Gyagi and Happiness, I'd have a sharp gaze.

The sender, of course, is Raven.

No, I'm trying to be careful, but what more can I do with Happiness?

"... never mind. I'm jealous. I'm crazy."

"It's nothing strange. She said if she was close to a guy who wasn't herself, she'd be jealous. If you don't, you're rude to Happiness, right?"

"… Agreed"

"Look, Raven!

"... the captain is the captain. Never mind."

"... well. If Happiness says so, let's make an effort."

No, trying... you're not out there with Raven's monopoly appetite or anything.

I'm just worried.

I don't want you to just head in the weird direction.

Well, even then, Happiness would fix it to good.

Now the first thing to do is ask about yesterday.

"Heh heh heh... come on, let's make this about the prefix and have them talk about yesterday. Well, I hope you don't like it."

If it feels like you shouldn't ask, it sucks.

When I think about the number of beds......

I'm thrilled, but you two don't have that much of a rushed look.

This... is the one with the pattern of nothing.

"... about yesterday, huh? Youki owes me for letting me stay. But it's that... what do you think?"

Raven confirms to Happiness.

Um, which way is this reaction?

You didn't have anything, you did it... No, if that was it, you wouldn't have to check, you wouldn't be able to talk.

"... I think it's good"

Apparently Happiness is good, you mean you don't have a problem talking about it?

"... if you say Happiness is good. But we can't talk about what Yoki expects."

"Even if the parties don't think anything of this, you guys can get awesome when you ask."

"... is that it?"

It was a confusing raven, but still told me about what happened yesterday.

After I put on the throwaway dialogue and popped out of the house.

"... hey Happiness. Well, can I help you?"

"... wait"

"... no, clean up or something. You got anything to cut? I've been through camp many times, so I used to prepare meals. If we can work together…"

"... be rested"

"Oh well. Well, then, because I'm sitting in a chair waiting. Call me if you need anything."

Apparently Happiness did all the meal preparations.

Raven went to the kitchen many times, but you think he got rid of him?

Seeing how Happiness is like that, I seem worried you might be angry.

At the end of the meal, I'm in the mood there... well, he's got Happiness all over him.

You think it was a fancy table, as illusory as it might be some kind of party?

I don't remember preparing that many ingredients.

Looks like Happiness went out of his way to buy it out.

I've prepared enough ingredients for both of us.

"... su, wow"

You think that Raven just round his eyes, too?

I guess it was a bunch of dishes that reminded me of a food fight about when.

"... Good luck"

"You made this all by yourself"

"… in training"

He was studying cooking at the mansion.

You're the one who trains brides.

"... go ahead"

"Oh, I'll have it."

You think silence lasted for a little while during the meal?

When asked why, Raven was obsessed with cooking, because Happiness was obsessed with Raven, who was obsessed with cooking.

I could easily imagine the sight.

"... what's up"

"... delicious?"

"Deliciousness. Awesome, delicious. … I haven't had time for a satisfactory meal lately."

She went to dinner with a woman, but said she couldn't get through her throat or feel the taste because of her guilt for Happiness.

I don't even have to know how I feel, but I guess I was being hunted down a lot.

"... worried"

"... rest assured. Lots to eat today."

"... without having to,"

"I know. Let's eat Happiness together. Here."

You think Raven did ahem naturally?

Though I don't have eyes around me, I'm supposed to be pretty embarrassed, whether you do it or get hit.

Well, I don't know if something atmospheric happened, but Happiness said he normally accepted.

"... well done"

"I would. As much as I want you to make it again. … did you say something radical?"

"... at all"

"Right. Then, please."

"… acknowledged. And this is delicious, too, right?"

He said there was also a reverse pattern from Happiness.

Of course, the reverse pattern seems to have been set.

From there, he had a meal, bickering.

You think Raven helped clean up too?

"I'm letting you use it, so I need to make sure it's clean. Bad for yolks."

That's Raven, I know how to be polite.

"... there is no sin in the dishes"

You mean I'm guilty, Happiness.

"... Happiness is close to Yoki."

"... Rotten edge"

"... Still, yeah. I don't know, because you two don't hesitate to say it to each other. Sometimes I get jealous of yolks."

If you think I'm jealous of you for treating me like that, I'll take your place as much as I want.

Even without me, Happiness seems to be messing with me.

"... the captain is the captain. Raven is Raven."

"... right. I know, but I really don't know if I'm going to bother you or what. Yorkie told me she had a lot to talk about until she went out with Happiness."

"... consultation?"


"... more"

"Right. First after meeting Happiness..."

He told me what he talked to me about and acted on.

Apparently Happiness was listening quietly.

I don't remember saying anything weird, and whatever you do, it's Raven's own fault.

And the one from Happiness, he kicked my shin.

That's good. I didn't have a relationship.

Well, that's how he said it was time to go to bed.

"Is this the time already? Time for bed."

"... n"

"Happiness needs to use the upstairs guest room. I hear Yoki prepared it for you. I'll sleep on the couch upstairs."

"... why?"

"Why... go up there and you'll see."

That said, I went upstairs with Happiness, and when I entered the guest room, I had one bed.

Because I had only one available, naturally.

"... is there really only one"


"Well, this is why I'm on the ground floor..."

"... dong"

I tried to say it was because I was going to sleep, and suddenly it seemed like Happiness was pushing me over.

Raven dived into bed because he wasn't alert.

"Happiness what..."

"... fatigue"


"... in bed, sleep"

Happiness seems to have recommended sleeping in bed because of the fatigue accumulated in Raven.

You would have guessed that I was moving on an impossible schedule to work as a knight captain, the women's opponents, and to take this vacation.

But Raven also didn't think it would be sneaky to put Happiness to sleep on the couch, he argued, though.

"No, that's..."

"... go to sleep!

You think you can't say anything to Happiness's powerful words anymore?

Happiness doesn't say it's a rare thing.

I guess there was no other way to obey.

"... but I still can't put Happiness to bed on the couch. Bad for Yoki...... no, Yoki is bad, let me use the bed in the other room"

"... I'll see"

Raven was relieved to see Happiness leave the room, he said.

He got more and more drowsy there and fell asleep in bed just like that.

It just didn't seem like I totally fell asleep.

Said Happiness woke herself up when she came into the room.

"... Oh, Happiness. Was there a bed?"

He said he had Happiness in his sleeping clothes right in front of Raven.

The sleeping clothes I was wearing were like long sleeves.

... Apparently it was a bedtime outfit made by Happiness with his own wings.

"... Here, Sleep"

To say a word, dive into bed involving Raven, who was awake.

"Hey, why..."

"... reason, yes"

You can honestly say you want to sleep here with Raven.

Happiness must have thought so.

Yet... the one from Happiness, he said because he didn't know which bed I was sleeping in.

You're kidding, I don't think you should use me in front of the building.

Looks like Raven told me he wouldn't have that either, but he couldn't beat the drowsiness that came once.

"... good night"

Raven hugged by Happiness.

They said the bedding made of their own wings worked great.

The soft feeling of happiness and bedtime clothing, that warmth easily invited Raven into the world of dreams?

Happiness also said Raven was relieved to sleep, and they slept together as they did.

"... did you even have to explain the conversation?"

"… required"

"Oh, I know exactly how you two spent..."

I never thought of it, the two reaffirmed that it was a pure, pure and thoughtful relationship.

... I want to beat myself up when I was tense, saying that there is one bed that is disturbed or something.

"Well, I'll go now. … take your time"

I greeted them both and left the house.