"Those two had a cleaner relationship than I thought. Virgin, please punish me for having an evil imagination."

I was penitent to Cecilia for disappearing and returning to the mansion so that no one would notice me.

I am ashamed that it was not very nice.

I could even reflect on it by myself...... so I opened it up to Cecilia.

Virgin, not the Virgin, this is important.

"Mr. Raven and Happiness, right? Let's start by asking what you did."

"We only had one bed in the guest room that we prepared for you to use here"

"As far as it goes. How did Mr. Yowki feel about having only one bed?"

"Half bad, half bad, half worried about this. It's an extra boost if our relationship progresses."

"Sure, that was unnecessary."

"But it feels good."

From what I've heard at home, I think it would be nice to keep the bed together.

"That's called a result theory, isn't it? I said I'd lend it to you. As a landlord, I'm prepared to do the least I can."

This excuse does not apply in front of the Virgin.

"No, I mean, I aimed..."

"What will it be"


"I'm asking you what you were after. Being the Virgin, I am obliged to hear everything about you. You'll tell me, won't you? Now, what were you after?"

I can't believe we're only getting one bed for that... hey?

Will the Virgin forgive me for the plot that comes from my evil thoughts?

Cecilia is now a kind-hearted Virgin.

Then you should confess honestly.

I turn my guilt into courage and open my mouth.

"You two are so wacky..."

After this, I was supposed to sit in the front seat for a long time.

Cecilia didn't get angry, and with a gentle smile, she told me pale to know the depth of her sins.

I learned that it's not good to burn them.

Cecilia's thankful story lasted until noon.

Or you're done because Mr. Sophia came to speak to me about it being lunch.

Where are we going with yesterday's discussion, it's already afternoon.

"Well, here goes…"

"I've already learned. I'll be careful in the future, so forgive me."

"... is that true?"

Cecilia is turning a suspicious eye.

I'm shocked you won't be trusted by your lover, but I have a lot of priors, so I can't help it.

But if we keep extending this story, our problems won't be solved.

Bad for Cecilia, but let's call it exercising strength.



Approach Cecilia and blindfold her with a towel.

He said to put a pushdown duvet on the bed.

I haven't even been in this kind of restraint, flirtatious, and I'll be getting up soon.

In just a few moments I...

"... ugh. What do you do all of a sudden? I'm just surprised."

Cecilia pushes the duvet away and wakes herself up.

"Phew, Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, ascend!

Cecilia sees me in my usual pose and solidifies me.

In fact, I was practicing secretly so that I could quickly change to the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

As a result, it became possible to get dressed early, just like this, after a little time.

"Did you do this on purpose to get dressed?"

"Sorry, but no matter how much Cecilia, you can't be seen getting dressed"

This is a matter of mood.

Difficult to say, dressing with your face exposed and climbing to the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

"Nothing. I know I'm Mr. Yowki, and I think it's good. No way, I don't want to be seen dressed. Well, I won't take the initiative either. I was wondering if I could tell you to leave the room because I'm getting dressed."

"That's not good. If you look away for a moment, there is already a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman there. No way."

"Wouldn't it be the earliest horror to have another person, just looking away a little bit"

It makes sense what Cecilia says.

I thought it was a cool show.

"Hmm... there's room for improvement,"

Let's not forget.

"So what is the Devil Swordsman going to do now?"

We'll have a discussion that hasn't been resolved since yesterday...

Cecilia is cautious and my opinion is broken that I should act aggressively.

Think arm in arm.

Usually, it's a pattern of holding Cecilia and jumping all the way to the guild.

But you promised me you'd talk to him.

I think it's a little too forceful.

Look at me, Cecilia exhales small.

"You can do as you always do."

Cecilia starts getting ready to go out.

Adventurer-inspired gear... in Cecily mode.

However, the glasses are not hung and the hairstyle remains intact.

I told him this would break, but Cecilia said it was fine.

"That's all we talked about yesterday. Take him out with the momentum. Then he'll end up the same as before. Then you can't."

"I'm ready. Didn't you become a demon swordsman to take him out? I was wondering if there was an option to have a discussion at the time of that outfit."

"No, but..."

Cecilia eats down. She doesn't even look at me, she carries the backpack.

"You're in a hurry. Where did the usual demon swordsman go?"

I said I was ready, and I opened the window.

The wind is coming into the room and my hair is numb.

Turning to me standing on the bar, Cecilia spread her hands.

"Come on, please take me out"

I've said.

What about being hit so far by your lover and saying it as your boyfriend at last?

I don't have the time to think about it.

Until I do what I want.

"Hmm... right. Not even like me. I think I'm sorry I made you say that. You should reflect.... Let's go, Cecilia"

I cuddle Cecilia, then I cuddle the princess.

"What, is this today?"

"After all, it's the first thing that counts. Let's appeal to you."

"... I'm ready"

"Well said...... but"

I magically disappeared.

You won't see us from around.

Cecilia is surprised you realize she disappeared.

"It's not nice to be seen jumping around the roof from day one..."

"You still have a reason"

"Again, revelations should be done in guilds!

"Is that what you mean"

"Oh. And... no, it's nothing"

"What is it, it"

Again, I want to stay in this state without any noise...... what a hard thing to say to mouth.

There are things that even black thunder demon swordsmen can and cannot put out in their mouths.

Cecilia in my arm looks at me with her eyes.

My gaze is hard, but let's go through.

"Never let go, but hold on to me"

"Then don't you have to grab it"

"You don't understand, Cecilia. Because my talent will increase dramatically if I get stuck. And just in case it's dangerous."

"I think the order in which you say it is the opposite...... you seem to be the Devil Swordsman, so I decide not to care. Now if you'll excuse me."

I felt the force enter the arm that was turned around my neck.

Tensions are going up, you can do anything now.

Blue skies in front of you, an Adventurer's Guild to aim for.

"Let's go, this is the first step for me and Cecilia to remember. Hahhhhh!"

"Yo, Mr. Yowki. You jump too much, you jump too much!

The leap by the eye-fortified feet was amazing.

I've never jumped this high before.

You got too tense.

No matter how much he's disappearing, the impact of the landing can't be deluded.

If there were any people there would be no doubt that the ground would shake even though there was nothing there.

"This isn't good."

I was calm when I said it, because I already figured out what to do.

Cecilia in her arms doesn't seem to, and reprimands me with a hurried look.

"Why didn't you add or subtract!

"Because it was rising.... All right, shoot the wind magic forward"

Adjust so you can land in an unpopular spot with a magic shot recoil.

I managed to prevent landing in a place that was going to be noisy.

"Huh, that was dangerous."

"That was dangerous, it's not... I was thrilled."

"Because the heartbeat came through, I know. Be careful."

"... from the first step to be remembered, you can't see ahead at all."

"What are you talking about? This is who we are..."

"Let's make that happen"

"Well, let's go"

Now make a solid addition and subtraction and jump.

How will it react in the guild?

Well, whatever they say and what they do... make them try to get over all the obstacles.

I turned to my guild, laughing at which protagonist I was.