Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to make a lover's declaration in the guild.

Me and Cecilia stand in front of the Adventurer Alliance.

Already in the spotlight...... not what I found out.

I went down to an unpopular and appropriate place to unlock magic, and I walked all the way here.

At the earliest, I don't care about people, etc.

I haven't put my arms together or even put my hands together, but the distance between me and Cecilia is close.

This is all I'll ever guess.

Of course, some people don't understand if they don't put it into words.

I'll prove to those people after they get into the guild.

When I saw Cecilia lying next to me, she shook my head silently and vertically.

"Well, let's... let's go"

I opened the door with momentum.

My gaze gathers at us, and eventually it gets noisy.

I'm just saying I'm not interested in that kind of gaze, but I walk ignored.

The place to aim is set.

"I came to take the request. You two!

It was before Clayman's reception that I decided to pose.

Clayman didn't change his expression, even though Sierra in the next seat said it was solidified.

As usual, he handled it like that.

"Ooh... you two. What kind of request would you like? No, it's not like me to ask for a request or anything. That's good, now."

That's why we can do it, that's proper customer service.

When I received the requisition and checked the contents, it was just a simple town help.

Cecilia's checking the requisition next to me, too.

My face is close... and Sierra shrugged a little.

Ho, you can take that as meaning you care about me and Cecilia getting along.

"Is there a problem?"

Mr. Sierra pretty much meant to squeal to an extent that he couldn't hear around him.

But it's pointless in front of my enhanced hearing.

I'm not abusing Mr. Sierra, but we should be well informed here.

I'm sorry, but I'll have you hanging out.

"What, you know, I..."

"Your face is so close now, you squealed. I'm sorry, but I don't miss the slightest whine. That's what black thunder demon swordsmen are for. You should remember."

"Ha ha... ok"

"My name is Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. who, as you will know, will carry out the request quickly and perfectly. And my partner will know without introducing me. But I dare to introduce you. Heart-friendly Saint who acted as one of the brave parties...... hon. Cecilia Aqualein!"

During the introduction, silent pressure flew in, so I couldn't say enough.

I think it's good because it's Cecilia's charm there too.

Now, how long are they going to show off their dumb faces with their mouths open with Pocahontas?

Only Clayman is getting his cheek cane and sorting out the paperwork.

"... after all, wasn't that statement suddenly radical"

"I need about this kind of impact for the first time. If that's the case, I don't care if someone comes out and thinks they can break it in between. Well, it's not me who allows you to break in where you came out."

"I wonder if this is a place to rejoice"

"I was going to give you an exclusive appetite. Usually I suppress it...... and it would help if you could take it"

I can say anything right now.

The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman is true to himself.

Usually...... let's not think about it now.

My name is Cecilia Aqualein, the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

"You usually put up with it"

"Well, the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, when you're tentative, you should behave accordingly."

"Am I an unreliable woman enough to put up with my lover?"

"...... Huh!?"

I almost had a vegan voice by accident, but I managed to stop it.

I got a real counterattack.

I didn't know this would happen... they're waiting for my reaction around them.

I'm used to being noticed, Black Thunder Demon Swordsman should not be wolfed in a place like this.

I received a challenging letter from Cecilia.

Then why don't I take care of it?

"You don't understand, it's Cecilia. You are a very attractive woman. [M] That's why we have to keep it down. I don't want to be a beast. Well, for what I normally suppress earlier, think what I was accumulating has leaked."


Huh, you won.

"But it's not good for your health to accumulate by yourself. I will always consult with you… I am your partner."

Am I the only one who got shot through by Cecilia's words?

I don't show much, I stiffened to a whine that faded out...

The adventurers around you are also solidified, because you have never seen Cecilia like this?

I don't know if it's okay to say dere...

However, it is certain that this space was surrounded by silence.

"Ooh, reception is not a place to flirt. If you want to do it, do it differently, in a different place. You guys are holding your hands, too. Get to work, get to work!

Clayman's words moved those who were solidifying.

I didn't know what I did would be as stiff as this.

No... that's not it, I can't do it, I'm calm.

I need to maintain the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman somehow...... cum, hehe, ha-ha... good!

"Dangerous, dangerous. Absolutely, I want you to realize more about your charm. Look, the adventurers nailed Cecilia just by looking at their current tricks. Shouldn't you weigh yourself in there?"

"... Really? Let's just say this when we're alone."

"............................................. Right"

Isn't Cecilia better than me?

I think we were talking peacefully when we were discussing it.

There's a series of petrified states, and Clayman will pay attention to them again.

"Well, let's go"

"Yes, that's right. Then disturb me, and I'm sorry. Excuse me."

"We'll be back!

"Whoa, good luck with that. Hey, come on, get back to work. How dare you reduce my work!

It's really an encouragement to be around Clayman.

When I laughed small, I pulled Cecilia's arm and left the guild.

Leaving the building does not change the gaze from around.

Does it matter if it gets noticed?

I don't know what you thought, Cecilia squeaked pompously.

"Have you done too much?"

"Come here and reflect."

"Yes. Than Mr. Devil Swordsman. I wonder if that... appealed too much. How could I have said and acted like that when I should have stopped it at first? You're not like me."

"I was happy."

Oh, I'm purely glad you appealed to me in public that I was your lover.

Enough is enough for me to overdo it, because I was advising you to.

"There are no things to reflect on, etc. Humans, honesty is best. I can scream love on this boulevard."

The word shame doesn't exist to me right now.

What, shall we even dance gracefully in the middle of the square?

"... I forbid it. I'm asking you now. I have to work."

"Oops, I was. The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman needs to fulfill his request quickly and perfectly. We have to do what we do before we flirt."

This is not a date.

It's also a request from the Alliance, so hold on.

After you do what you do, yeah.

"Just because you're done with your request doesn't mean you're flirting."

"It's not now that I decide that. We decide when we finish the request... Come on, let's go. Can you get to me, Cecilia?

"This is still one of the brave parties. The Devil Swordsman is the one who should be careful not to be overfollowed."

As for myself being heard about the brave party days, I do think so.

"I can count on you. That's right, Cecilia. But I also have my pride as a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman"

"Let's prioritize collaboration over pride here. We're partners."

All right, let's throw away the pride.

"Okay. I didn't know it was so comforting to have a partner. I think I can do any request right now."

"Right now, all the requests I've received are of low rank. But I believe it's good for Minerva to accomplish these requests properly"

"Then let's go and be thanked by the people"

I did all sorts of requests with Cecilia.

Around the town to advertise, finishing the request perfectly.

It was enough for Clayman to complain too soon.

Much of the rumor would have spread in just one day today, but not yet.

Achieve on a continuous basis and spread the word.

We have to proceed with the plan carefully so that we don't lose who I am.

However, as rumors spread with Cecilia, there was no way this man was just watching silently with his fingers around him.

A few days after Cecilia and I started our activities.

"Youki-kun, it's tough!

A brave newlywed Hoya Hoya came to my house.

... I forgot, how do I explain it?