I was feeling the wind now.

I magically disappeared. I'm holding Cecilia, flying through the sky.

Picnic with Cecilia's special lunch box.

We were accompanied by children last time, but this time we're alone.

"Didn't you have to bother to grow horns and wings"

"Hmm, I was in the mood to fly with Cecilia today"

I look like a demon now.

Cecilia doesn't really like me to look like a demon.

Um, you haven't looked good in a long time.

I was spilling it, so I thought it was traumatic.

Then I'll rub my head against the ground.

"There was a way to jump from roof to roof, as usual, wasn't there? Why are you doing this today?"

"Well, the... because I wanted to move quickly, I guess. Because I feel like I'm on the move and disappearing. It's my date, and I wanted to take it slow."

Simple story, it's faster to fly.

"Was it? … thank you"

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

"... Still, please accept the word"

"This is rude"

Find a place where there will never be people while we have a conversation.

He sought the best place to be alone with full use of hearing, smell, and vision.

And we got there.

No one comes and keeps an eye out, where you deserve a picnic where you can feel nature......


"Why do you apologize?"

"No, the... this is the only place I can find it"

Right now, me and Cecilia are near the Dragon's Nest.

Looking for unpopular places and wondering if mountainside is good, leaving Minerva.

I'm glad I flew in conversation with Cecilia until I found a green mountain.

I thought it was a lot higher mountain, so the dragon is flying.

I tried to turn back, but Cecilia found the little dragon injured.

When I treated him, I was thrilled, and the boss dragon told me to slow down, so both me and Cecilia agreed.

It's a nice view, but it's a dragon's nest, and the dragon is flying with Wyburn.

I can hear Anger and Gruvo.

There's a line of their meals today a little further away... and yeah, I'm so sorry.

"Even though I said all I could, Mr. Yowki responded. Please don't apologize. Instead, I apologize for what I said."

"No, no. It's been a long time since I've had a date. It's like this battlefield."

"The encounter was also a battlefield, and could be just the right place for us to show off"

Cecilia started laying the sheets she had brought when she laughed a little.

I laughed because I was followed, too.

Would it be good if Cecilia could be satisfied here?

"I'll help you, too."

It's impossible to just let Cecilia do the prep.

The two of us worked together to complete the installation.

"Here you go, it's tea"

"Whoa, thanks. … it tastes the same."

It feels stable, really.

I sat across the street, and when I saw the side, the forest was spreading.

Ignore the flying dragons, it's a good view.

"That's good. Sometimes...... something like this. I haven't had much time to slow down lately."

"Cecilia, I don't know if you're still moving."

"We're still here to talk about our engagement, so we can't take time off. It's getting smaller than before."

'Cause for that matter, you're flying around with me and my guild doing me a favor.

After all, Cecilia hasn't had more time to rest.

There's no need to get tired.

"But not like before. Even though I'm not willing to get engaged, just dealing with them is a nerve thing. Now we're moving for our future… this is an investment in our future"

"Ooh. That's right, Cecilia"

"Because Mr. Youki's cooperation is mandatory. Good luck."

The feel of a hand strongly gripped by Cecilia represents her motivation.

Shit, adorable... it's burning.

I can feel it if I don't do it.

"Absolutely. I'll work harder than Cecilia."

"I'll do better than that Mr. Yowki."

"Then I'm on top of it..."

"I'm more than that..."

"Then take that further up..."

Say which one works harder.

We got a story for each other, and we got settled.

I can't believe this is going to be an argument, and I'm so out of breath.

I laughed when I thought so.

Cecilia was laughing at me too.

"No, I don't know why I'm not going back one way or the other"

"You're both stubborn."

"Really, I am."

I guess this is the one where lovers talk to each other.

No, I'm not aware of that.

Cecilia would, too.

Because we've become lovers, visible changes don't happen immediately.

"Also, let's go on a date when we have time"

"Then, please."

I heard gruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Apparently some Mr. Dragon replied in my place.

If you ask me if I'd be grateful, so be it.

"... I'll find a place to date quietly by the next time I go"

"I'm fine here, too. If you're with Mr. Yowki."

I'm so happy with that word... not that.

"If I can be alone with Cecilia too, anywhere is fine. Still, I want to think about it properly as a boyfriend."

"I see. But if you say that, you'll expect it. Is it good?"

"I'll take care of it. No..."

You got a lack of confidence, your voice at the end of the story got smaller.

Do it right, me.

Isn't that when it happened?

"Well, if this is on me..."

"With the usual Mr. Yowki, please"

"... I'll do my best"

A restraining order was issued for Kitchen II.

You're a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and Chef II is on time.

"Great. We have some travel time, and should we go home"

"Is it that time already? Fun times pass so fast."

"Right. But I'm off. I'm going to try again tomorrow."

"Me too. Hold on."

It's not just dangerous for me to hold it, so I need you to grab my arm.

I'll never drop it, but I'm worried about you.

"Nice to see you home, Mr. Yowki"

"Oh, wow."

After all, I'm thrilled when they say it on the upscale.

Your posture is good, too, so it's superfluous.

Ordinary mind. Ordinary mind... take a deep breath.

"Okay, do you want to go"


I spread my wings and flew.

Don't come anymore, or come again?

I don't know what that means, but when we flew, we heard the dragons.

"I wonder what he said"

"Right, I'm curious"

"Next time I come, let's ask the boss dragon"


The two of us are going to be here again.

I wonder if Cecilia liked it here.

Lots of dragons, but the view is good and the air is delicious.

We can be alone...... yeah, well, we can be.

It's not quiet, but I don't care about people's eyes.

I don't hate bickering at home, but I also need to go out like this.

If I had thought about that, I would have heard a loud voice coming from the mountains.

"Everybody says to come back."

"... you know what you were saying"

"Boss Dragon, read the air. Ahhh!

You heard me screaming, boss. I'm feeling the wind with my wings from the dragon - and I got a reply.

That's not what I meant!

"Damn, it's not tight in the end"

"Mr. Yowki, Mr. Yowki"


"I'll put this in."

Something Cecilia took out of her nose stuck in my pocket.

I wonder what it is, a touchy handkerchief.

"'Cause you always get it."


"I sewed up my name. Just in case you drop it, just so you know it belongs to Mr. Yowki."

I would never imitate losing what Cecilia gave me.

You sewed it for me...

"I'll take care of it."

Returning to Minerva and sending Cecilia safely to the mansion, I returned home.

Handkerchief has my name sewn beautifully, stiff to so much joy.

When I look at the handkerchief, I skip in the room and sing my nose.

I was totally floating.

Remaining in a cerebral flower garden state, the next day.

"Youki-kun, I brought a helper. Let's have another discussion."

Yuga came again.

I can see Soleil and Caius.

In the meantime, you explained the situation.

Now, what are we discussing in this face?