Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to explain it even more to the brave.

Usually I would have felt like... complaining on the front porch.

But I decided not to put it in my mouth just because I feel good today.

That's all. I mean, what happened yesterday was good.

"Is something wrong? Your mouth is loose."

"Oops, bad bad. A little... be thoughtful."

"What is it, it"

Soleil comes at me looking creepy, but I don't care.

To that extent, I want to say if I thought it would work for me right now.

"Hmm, it's a nice house inside."

"Sort of. It's my castle I got so hard. I'm going to take care of it."

"Ho ho. Sounds tough to manage alone. Wouldn't it be a bad idea to harden yourself up? I can always talk to you if you need my advice. Ha ha."

"Caius, I'll only accept your feelings."

I have nothing to talk to you about right now.

Even so, I'd go to Cecilia, not Caius at first.

Have you guessed something from my expression?

I was gently slapped on the shoulder when I said it was enough to be done.

That's the cupid of love.

Now Caius will be good to see with our side...... the problem is.

"Youki-kun, sit down"

This brave man, his own house.

Sit down, that's my dialogue.

"Uh, sit down appropriately. I'll make you some tea."

Yuga goes through and quickly gets to preparing her tea.

Not that I'm used to it... but I put four cups on the table without endangerment.


"What's wrong?"

"Yuga, this"



What I gave Yuga was a bill for a new table.

I destroyed it last time and left.

I took note of the price when I bought it and kept it.

"Ah... the day before"

"Oh, because after you left, I went shopping. It's been tough bringing it home alone."

It wasn't really that hard, but I'll tell you that I had a hard time.

I don't think so, but I'd be in trouble if they did the same thing again.

Let's take care of the furniture.

"Oh, I'm sorry...... Now."


"You're a brave man, aren't you? I don't know what the circumstances were, but I didn't know you were going to break the furniture... shouldn't you be careful?"

Soleil gives Yuga a light sermon.

It doesn't matter if you're brave, you can't break people's home furniture.

Whether Soleil is in charge of Cecilia Pozi, Yuga has become smaller.

"Yeah, I'm reflecting. Sorry, Youki-kun."

"Well, I hope you'll be careful in the future.... So what have you come to do today?"

I normally just asked about the requirements.

Yet when I was in Yuga, I changed from the attitude that I was... and bumped into hot emotions.

"That's right, Youki-kun. I wasn't convinced the other day!

"Ooh.... and my face is close!

Don't express your excitement about something else because you can't beat the table.

If I don't have that hobby, I'll throw Yuga away.

Uh, I'm surprised.

If you suck, you can't take it back... give me a break.

Still, make it a table where you can pay for it with gold, because no matter how much your heart's wound is paid, it won't heal.

"You almost kissed me."

"Don't say it! Disgusting."

"Yo, Youki-kun. That's too much to say..."


"No, I'm sorry. I'll be careful."

You've got a lot of anger, now.

Dangerously, the first kisser I ever kissed in my house was about to become Yuga.

You can't help it if they tell you, it's not chest cum, it's chest bug.

"So, what's the point?"

Hands crossed, face guarded, lightly traumatized.

"It was. Youki-kun. I knew you were wrong. Or is that really good?"

"What's good about that?"

"About the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman."

"That explains it."

I don't have a problem with who I am.

Instead, I'm carrying things well.

I don't see anyone wandering around me without jamming me and not even telling me who I am.

I was walking around Minerva in the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman state, and there are people following me, but they're all scattered.

It doesn't work for me, and I'm taking care not to look.

How come Yuga is coming to complain in such a situation...

"I think we should discuss more."

"No, you won't need it"

"Isn't that what you decided to worry about by yourself, embrace it? I think we need a third party opinion."

He said he was holding it in by himself... you're telling me my cook II was that painful.

Though I think I've shown it a few times.

Not if you're talking about me hating it and holding it.

It's not something I've decided to do alone.

Hard to say it's in front of Soleil, so I pull Yuga's ear.

"Ouch. Ouch! What!?

Ignore the summoning Yuga's ears and talk secretly.

"Don't worry. This was decided in consultation with Cecilia. It's not like I'm running wild. As a result of the discussions between the two of us, we're deciding and acting. Please, don't take more care of me than you have to."

That's all I'm saying, you'll be silent already.

I'm out of use, so let go of Yuga's ears.

Yuga had a surprise look, why?

"Are you done talking to me?"

"Hmm, sort of. Maybe this guy's in trouble, and he wants us to work together."

"Exactly. Occasionally, I came to Minerva on business, but I was caught walking in town. You don't want to travel in the sky again."

I'm laughing, but my eyes aren't laughing.

Sure, with me, Yuga's got wings on his back.

The way it was transported... it would be with me yesterday when I carried Cecilia.

Sounds like Soleil has been sacrificed instead of me...... dunno.

I got a letter saying it was an emergency, too.

"Letters… arrive"

Caius' residence is an abandoned castle, isn't it?

I need someone to carry me there.

"His friend brought it to me."

"Uh... of Yuga's friends"

Caius, that boy who put Yuga up for a crusade on vampire suspicion.

I think it was a shot.

How is that old couple, don't worry about it?

"Oh, yeah. I haven't finished talking to him yet. It's hard to navigate."

Shot, I'm not that interested in your romantic situation.

Looks like he's reflecting, but Grandpa said he wouldn't do it.

You should also know as a study that you have unfulfilled love.

"Frequently you ask me what to do with enthusiasm. I advise you to approach them in a way that doesn't bother them."

"You're not telling me to give up."

"Isn't that rude to them? There is no easy way to tell someone who is in love to give up. Coming to talk to me is a sign that that's all I'm worried about. The name of the Cupid of Love will cry."

"Oh, my God."

"He's mostly reflecting too... well, I'm in the middle of something that's about to change. Until the consultant makes a satisfactory resolution, I will see."

"Cupid in love is tough."

"I like what I do. I never thought it would be difficult. It's just that lately, I've been having problems with it."


"I was wondering what features I'd give you next in the coffin."

"Oh, you know..."

Doesn't carrying it outside the coffin create an option?

If you two are making up your mind, you won't say anything.

Before this, I didn't think it felt like I loved going in a coffin the way we talked about it.

Caius looks like he's having fun, and I guess he better not stop.

All I can do is say weird things and keep your mouth shut so Caius doesn't flash,

"Function in the coffin? I don't know why you're talking like that, but can I help you?"

"Well, let me hear it."

If anyone is in trouble here, will the skills to reach out be activated?

Caius listens to Soleil and takes notes as he hammers.

Soleil would come up with a decent proposal, but it's Caius who takes it and how he remodels the coffin.

I'm not here on this occasion...... sorry, Mr. Shea.

After finishing my sincere apology, I went to Yuga, where I left my gaze.

Already, you understand.

I mean, I'm staring at the shelves, but are you after the shelves next to the table?

Among them are memorabilia.

If you break it, it will mean Yuga the Demonic Yowki VS Brave in Minerva.

"Hey Yuga......"



When I spoke, I was suddenly grabbed on both shoulders.

This was an earlier pattern......

"I believed in Yoki."

"Ooh. Well, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah. Youki-kun would be hard too. I'll try my best. See you later."

"No, it's not hard, it's hard.... Hey, wait. I'm trying, man!

Yuga jumped out of the house without even listening to the stillness.

I only have a bad feeling about that.

"Oh, Mr. Yuga has already left, hasn't he? Even though it was Mr. Yuga who told me to get together. Did you recall anything urgent?"

"I hope so..."