Even though Yuga left, I can't be relieved.

It's too early to tell Soleil everything about the plan.

How to avoid this well-thought-out troublesome next lord.

"After all, what kind of gathering is this? The organizer, Mr. Yuga, has left. Do you hear anything?"

"All of a sudden, I was surprised a visitor showed up, and there's no way I'm asking you anything."

"That's right."

Hey, if you don't have anything to do in stages, let's go home. It's starting to get some air.

If I keep dealing with salt like this, I'll go home.

"I'm not here to visit Minerva either, so I thought I'd spare you some time, especially if there's nothing there."

"Oh well. You had a rough time getting kidnapped by Yuga. I'll pray you never do the same again."

It won't work, though.

I waved gently that I was going home like this, but there was no sign of me ever leaving.

Soleil was looking at me with a strange face... this is an unsavory one.

"... is it your fault? You seem to want me to go home soon. [M] Anything inconvenient?"

I've got a bad smell switch on.

"You. Now you feel bad. I got a crease between my eyebrows. Looks like you got a little strength in your fist, too. I saw you bite your lower lip."

What the hell is this?

I hope you don't check out people's fine tricks.

Do I have to remember that the next lord is such an artist?

I'm not good at belly searching or anything.

Well, I know I'm not good at it, but Soleil's a mess, so he won't stop coming.

"Something to hide… can happen"

"Is there something wrong with it if it happened? We wouldn't even be that close."

"Oh, I'm a little mucky. But you look different than when you were talking to Mr. Yuga. … is it Mr. Cecilia"

Since when has it become a horror development?

I think only now, Yuga, come back.

I want you to do something about this guy who's a pain in the ass.

"I learned that when I got to Minerva, too. Rumors of Mr. Cecilia and the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. What are you going to do…"

There's nothing I can do, because I'm the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

You can't just scatter.

"Whatever I do, I..."

"Wait. You don't have to say any more."

Here Caius the Savior waited.

Though Cupid of Love, can you stop this cutter eyeglass Soleil?

"I was wondering who you were earlier. I've seen him several times, but it's your first time, isn't it? I lost the momentum of Mr. Yuga and didn't have the time to ask..."

"I have a love consultation near a town called Brying, it's Caius. People call me the Cupid of Love"

"Is it a Cupid of Love, enough to be made? I mean, he and Mr. Yuga have had the experience of relying on you."

Nothing good, he said he talked to you about love.

Yuga was a different purpose at first.

"Exactly. You should also find someone whose heart is shaking and don't hesitate to visit me when your legs stop moving"

"Then I would have liked to see you sooner.... No, the results would not have changed"

You're talking about Cecilia, you're talking about Cecilia.

What, this guy hasn't given up, is he lying?

Are you still a competitor or this guy, should I count as an obstacle?

"I felt like killing you."

"It's your fault."

I whistled and lost my sight of Soleil.

It came out naturally, so you can't help it.

"Well, let's not worry about it. So, was it Mr. Cupid in love? Unfortunately, you're in my shoes. I can't marry anyone. Excuse me, but I was wondering if I could count on you."

"Ho ho. I mean, you think marriage is the goal."

"Yes, but something"

"I had a husband who had come to visit me to make the relationship better, even if it was a marriage I didn't want. Some of my husbands came to visit me in a panic that I was upset and pissed off my wife. Sometimes I wanted to make my wife smile, and some husbands were turning their faces bright red in the middle of a consultation.... troubles arise even after marriage. Well, I've talked about this... I don't know. If anything goes wrong, you should remember me, why don't you just talk to me!

"... I'll remember"

You and I wouldn't bump into each other if we had eyes.

Caius is a vegetarian, this.

Does Soleil feel unilaterally hostile to Caius?

Sounds like Soleil isn't compatible with Caius, though Caius wouldn't feel anything.

"But it's surprising that Mr. Yuga was consulting you in love. Ms Yuga seemed to accept that too in a situation where women were constantly around her. Although Mikana and I are familiar and thoughtful friends... Do you have a strong influence on this marriage?"

"You don't say strange things. All I can do is listen, push my back, that's all."

"So you pushed your back, and that's why you two got married."

"Even if he pushes his back, his legs only take one or two steps. It was he himself who decided to keep walking from it. She was the one who responded to that thought. No matter who's advised, we're the only ones who can make a final decision about love or marriage."

Soleil has no words for this either.

I don't know about dealing with Caius, but life experience is different.

I'm sure Soleil has been creeping through numerous training grounds, but you can't beat Caius in this area.

"Looks like we can just put it on your pace even if we talk about it any more. I have no choice, excuse me for this today. I'm looking forward to hearing from you."

Deciding he couldn't win, Soleil left behind a throwaway dialogue.

Because Caius was there, I could be deluded.

"Sorry, thanks"

"I did what I deserved. You guys are already trying to score a goal on your own. Not that I don't care what you're doing right now... but that's a goal, and then I'm going to listen slowly."

Caius is handsome.

"Then I'll let you go home. We need to remodel the coffin."

I wish I didn't have this...... awesome good smile.

"I know it's the result of figuring out a way to leave. Couldn't you have done something better?"

"That was the result of my troubles. I still can't stop worrying about what to do for her."

I have a suspicious laugh...... oh, my gaze noticed me.

"I've watched the look on her sleeping face for years. Laughing won't change her look. Speaking up won't return it. I can't get him to hold my hand and shake it back. Such a life went on......"


You're remembering a hard period, Caius closing his eyes and holding his forehead.

I was telling him that I had something to do with that situation.

I guess I blame myself.

... but it doesn't fit the conversation.

"Hey, Caius."


"And what about the coffin story..."

"I mean, yeah."


"Her troubled expression means I want to see it too!

"All right, let's go tick"

It sucks, this guy.

I thought it was serial, but it wasn't.


"Don't wait. That's just how pathetic Mr. Shea is."

"She knows about this, too"

"... Oh, really? Hmm."

You know you're in trouble, and you're in trouble... eh, what's that?

"I want to see all her faces. Laughing, angry, troubled... except for the crying face. how long I waited for her to wake up"

"No, I know that,"

"This is an act of love. 'Cause even my crap dodgy, she's gonna enjoy it."

"You're just listening to a couple flirting stories already."

"Ha ha, don't say that. Aren't you in a position to say something strong about me?"

"Ugh, sure"

Less lately, but it's on me to get Cecilia in trouble too.

Caius is not the only problem.

"I don't think I'd flirt with a kid I like. It's like that, even with the walls of the race."

"Wow... I know, I don't like it"

"That's what it is. Well, I hope we get a good report the next time we meet. Farewell."

Caius also left because of his backhand.

... I wonder why we ended up together today.

It was a tough day when I found out that being absent from scratch was tough.