Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I asked about your ex-boyfriend's troubles.

"What do you do these days"

It's been a long time since I've had lunch with Duke.

Lunch for two guys...... you're used to it already.

Couples can be heard around.

I'm almost there too...

"It's my fault you're across the street."

"No, no... was it on your face, me?"

"That was already blatant."

Ya, yep, you did something bad to Duke.


"That's good. The captain's in trouble right now."

"No, it's not me that's in trouble."

"Isn't it tough? I'm making a scene right now. You're using a lot of nerves."

"Well, yeah"

The one who wants me to reveal who I am is coming after me.

It's easy for me to escape the chase, but every time.

Because of that, there were a lot of informants around Cecilia.

If you're with Cecilia, you'd think you'd have to face it.

"If there's anything I can do to help, I want you to say it. We need to work together."

"Okay. I'll count on you then."

"... neither Captain nor Raven have been fooling around lately. I'm glad it's less common for me. I miss you somewhere. I have feelings for you."


Duke's gaze is the mother who feels the child's growth.

I used to have a hard time getting Duke to talk to me and help me out.

Raven would have heard of considerable stupidity, too, because only Duke knows the circumstances in the Knights.

But we've been trying to get over it on our own lately.

From Duke, he said he was happy and lonely... yeah, that's crazy.

"Duke. Without your help, I would have let Cecilia down, bought her anger, and been preached to. I owe it to you to be here."


"... well, like this"

"I'll ruin it if I say so."

"No, I don't think we need to be touched or anything."

I don't feel any particular need.

Speaking without expression, Duke was laughing lightly.

"Ha... sounds like a captain"

"After all, why did you call me today? You wouldn't call me pointless. Is that it, love counseling?"

Do you think Mr. Irene and I are not doing well?

After the big runoff, you don't know what happened.

"No, actually..."


Will Duke talk to you about romance?

Well, I have her, too.

I can say some advice... No, let's not get on with it.

For some reason, Cecilia's braking in my brain.

Even if I'm not here, Cecilia's got my back.

... don't worry about it in the future.

"I thought it was time I gave Irene my identity."

"That way. Well, you weren't."

It's about Duke, so I thought you were still talking.

We're getting along so well.

Waving your hand to the side, Duke, but you seem to have something to think about.

"No, you're mostly suspicious. Why are you making excuses for taking me to different places and asking me why I can't have the sea and hot springs?"

That's what I'm talking about.

You can't go where you have to put your face on.

Even if the ocean can be managed with a swimsuit, it's definitely not.

I don't know what to do with a hot spring or anything, but wrap a towel around my neck.

What are you gonna do down there, down there?

I guess Duke keeps putting in no because of those circumstances, too.

But hey......

"There are so many opportunities for the two of us to work, and I think it's time to get to the limit."

"But isn't that with the other knights?"

Even if it's Mr. Irene who's acting the most, even the other knights are at work with him.

"I can't believe none of them care about my face. Well, if you ask me, you're worried about me so much, you're asking me back about my face."

"Just ask back and you'll be convinced."

"I'll be fine. I dropped my hips deliberately, and when I said it with my upper eye gaze, I almost blued my face and ran away."

"You're a bad one."

Who is trying to take it to the deployment that it gains?

I'm sorry to hear about the knights and the knights around.

"I haven't done it lately. It's a lot of damage to me."

"Well, I guess so."

What's so sad about having to give a man an upper hand?

"And then Irene will see the scene. It was so hard when they misunderstood me weirdly."

'Cause I don't think about it and I don't set up an operation.'

"Hey, you were your captain and your captain. What a bright red face it took me so long to explain to Irene..."

"Why are you jumping on me there?"

I wonder if you can stop calling me suspicious without me.

What kind of captain is that?

Whoa, I hope you don't get suspicious, I'm a Cecilian.

"Well, it feels tough, honestly. The captain and Happiness are trying to move forward, and I need to keep going."

"... you can't do it"

If you're trying to fit me and Happiness... you should stop.

That's not what you do to someone.

When it didn't work out, I regret it.

"What are you talking about? I didn't push you. Mostly, I called the captain because I made up my mind. I'll confess soon. Try not to bother the captains."


"In case I disappear, I want you to go to Raven's then. I'll leave it to the captain to dispose of the luggage and stuff. I'll pay for it here."

Duke takes his seat just saying he's done his errands.

... It's not a good idea to say escape.

"If it sucks, come to me."

"Yes, sir. I'll leave that word in the corner of my head."

Duke left the store.

He's ready... well received.

Whatever happens, I'm on Duke's side.

Hope it works out like it did in Happiness.

I have to do what I do.

Duke won't want you to care about yourself until you leave him alone.

I left the store believing Duke could do it.

And a few days later......

"I didn't know you'd bother to direct us to make a request. You have a visitor who knows. If you make a request to us quickly and perfectly, you're sure to succeed. Ha-ha-ha... oh, hon."

I was visiting the guild to get a request with Cecilia.

If you try to get a request from Clayman, as usual, oh, my God.

He said he had a client who had sent me and Cecilia a request for instructions.

Me and Cecilia have a ten percent success rate in Minerva, and we are as responsive as we can to our customers' requests, and our names are widespread.

Oh, I put pressure on my client for saying goodbye and all that nonsense... Cecilia did.

I was smiling and asking what it had to do with this request to end our relationship.

Does it have anything to do with the relentless relationship to the client who was behind it, even this Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, so much so that he trembled?

I'm still on track, but forced to end with a grin from Cecilia lying next to me.

That's my partner.

"Ooh... that's it. That'll help. They're holding the reins. You can stop it before it's too much."

"Cecilia is the best!

"What are you saying out loud"

I just shouted my love in grandeur.

I feel the gaze of jealousy from the adventurers around me.

Yeah, make an effort before you get jealous of people.

You're going to be the jealous side, not the jealous side.

"... only when you're young can you do that. When I get older, I can't think about what I'm talking about right now. So say the stinking words while you're young. When you get older, it's a good memorable story."

"You say good things. Ok...... kufu"

Also, when I tried to scream for love, I was stabbed in the flank with a cane.

I didn't have that much power in me... it looks like they poked me through the steeple.

"Ok...... not. Stop this as it will be a guild nuisance any longer. Mr. Clayman, I'll tell Sophia what I'm saying."

"No, give me a break about that. On the day Sophia gets told that story, my execution begins in front of my son and daughter."

Clayman's complexion turns blue at once.

Well, you know, my oral complaint presentation in front of a kid or whatever the hell.

I never want to be hit.

"We're here for work, so please hold on. You'd better nominate us, wouldn't you? Can I talk to you about who the client is at what request"

"Right. It's not good to keep your client waiting. Explain, please."

"Oh, there you go."

I told you to give me an explanation, but I didn't expect you to give me the request.

"Hey, you're relinquishing your job."

"You'd be quicker to go talk to him in person than I would."

"What... what's up, Cecilia"

"Mr. Demon Swordsman. The client…"

Peek into the requisition Cecilia has.

The request form name column said Yuga,.

... you have a feeling of trouble.