Request form with client written Yuga.

Maybe someone of the same name made the request.

The world is huge, I'm sure it is.

"Brave man, I've come to sign up for a favor. It was a hassle to make a little noise."

I didn't know you'd make a scene just because you showed up, that's brave,

If it's there, it's better than me.

"But those with brave titles are likely to be able to work things out on their own. What happened to bothering to make a request to the Alliance?"

"That's right. The brave ones also have mikana. Looks like you can solve it on your own even if you have any problems..."

You two can only think about it and tilt your necks.

"Well, if you look at the requisition, you'll see. Here."

"Oh, right. Perform quickly and perfectly, no matter who the client is."

Say the decision dialogue and then receive the request.

Cecilia also peered in from the side.

Well, the request is...

"Escort mission…?"

"Sounds like the type of request."

I haven't seen the details, but I'm pretty sure it's an escort.

No, you don't need an escort, you're a brave man.

You're supposed to be the guardian, not the guardian.

Why did you ask for an escort?

Read the requisition carefully to confirm the requisition details.

"Well, that's enough."

"That's what happened."

"Well, there was a raid at the ceremony. I guess this is what happened."

The request was definitely in escort.

He wants me to come with him as an escort on the road because he's going on a honeymoon.

I don't enjoy honeymoons because of the large number of escorts, so I want to go with a few elites.

The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, who showed up active at the wedding, wants to ask the minded Cecilia, who was having a party, to escort him.

I envy honeymoon...... I hope it explodes.

"You're thinking of something bad."

A harsh word from Cecilia.

Stupid...... how do I know if I can't see my face in a helmet right now.

You can't just admit it like this, as the Demon Swordsman of Black Thunder.

"Pfft, the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman is always a poker face. You can't possibly read my thoughts."

"With certainty, I'm telling you"

"What's the rationale?"

"It means you can tell even if you can't see your face. Are you not convinced?"

"Let's just say this battle is my loss"

Sometimes it is the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman who takes a clean defeat.

I honestly told him I was thinking.

Clayman was softly watching us exchange like that with his cheekstick on.

"Isn't this a hassle? You know, the lady gets along a lot."

Say it with a smiley face, or you can take it as a challenge letter.

The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman has been challenged by everyone.

"I'm used to it already.... Well, if you just find these interactions cumbersome, I'm not spending time with you like this."

"... I heard. It would be nice if I was dumb or totally young, in a public place without any shame. Shit, I'm going back to work. I'll go home early today and do a lot of things about the house. Don't surprise Sophia."

You guys, let's do it - the lazy decree sounds guild.

From there, Clayman's Double began.

The usual unmotivated saggy eyes are the eyes of a serious man.

No futile moves at all...... the guilder's instructions came to perfection too.

This is what Clayman meant, the sight he hasn't seen in a long time.

"Hey, I've already processed this document. Take it to the vault!

"Send a liaison to the Chamber of Commerce Guild..."

"Schedule a beginner's course and determine the instructor…"

"Report on the Human Resources of the Neighborhood Alliance..."

The guild rushes when Clayman takes it seriously.

Clayman is calm while everyone says he's horrible.

If anyone's available, I'm giving them work instructions right away.

Of course, don't stop yourself.

"Ciel, good for you. You've always been a customer. Don't break your smile. Handle the complaint when it arrives. If anything goes wrong, call me."

"Yes. Copy that, Deputy Guildmaster."

Should I not give this motivation from time to time?

Everybody's getting there feeling like they're doing Clayman's move.

This place is going to be a battlefield, the requirements are done and we should probably get out of the way.

"Well, shall we go and listen to our client?"


Cecilia also left the guild where she accepted and headed to the Yuga's house.

Yuga talks about who I am.

Confirmation of the request would be facilitated.

"This is Yuga, who made the request."

I visited the house and Yuga came out.

Were you planning on going somewhere, dressed for some reason?

When I was guided into the house, I sat face-to-face and confirmed the request.

... is to be the first person you meet, right, this.

"The request is exactly what the request said. I would like to ask the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and Cecilia to escort us so that we can enjoy our trip in peace. Just in case...... what a rude way to say it to both of us, but I'm also talking to the Knights Commander Raven to arrange for him to send two credible knights. It lasts five nights and six days, and two days is the day of travel."

... Who is this guy, is he really Yuga?

Usually this would convince me to be the brave man who saved the world.

A polite explanation, a gentleman's attitude, what happened.

But now I'm the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

Let's not pinch personal feelings, let's just talk about work.

"Request for escort, I do understand. Whatever happens, I won't let you two get in the way of our honeymoon. You should enjoy your trip with confidence."

"Well, the dates are as I told them. … definitely come"

Don't feel empowered by the last word.

honeymoon with Mikana, would be an indication of our desire to ensure success.

I've been working with a lot until we got married, and when I get here, I'm gonna give you a honeymoon escort.

So don't look at me like that.

I'll do my job well.

"But I wonder why it was such an attitude"

"Right. It was approximate to me, too. It's a discussion at the brave man's house, so I don't even think I care about the eyes around me."

On the way home, I tried to think of Cecilia, but I don't know the answer.

You think I'm nervous because it's my honeymoon?

... No way, you're not up to something.

"Do you think this honeymoon will end without anything happening?"

"... it's our job to make sure nothing happens for both of us."

"Yes, but... that can include what to do when the escort is exposed."

"Of course it is. Because it's our job not to cause problems."

"No, but come on"

I can't read Yuga's behavior, and her behavior is so messed up that she's tough to stop.

Did my anxiety and trouble go hand in hand with wearing a helmet and not being able to hide it?

I got a word from Cecilia about the mood.

"Mr. Demon Swordsman. The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman... what was it"

"Do the request quickly and perfectly. I'm not complaining about taking it on."


I reacted.

Because I'm a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman now... yeah.

It feels amazing how Cecilia is holding my reins.

"After all, Cecilia is the best and most powerful partner you've ever had."

"Take it as a compliment and get up"

"I'm getting anxious about my future standing"

"Why is that?"

A situation where you still have a full head.

It will haunt your mind even more at a later date...... this is a certainty.

How well you do it is key.

It's okay, Cecilia's here.

"Let's do our best and make it a memorable honeymoon"

"... shall I call it a reminder"


I've only got a bad feeling about it now.