It is the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman who does the request quickly and perfectly... but this request doesn't seem to be a glimmer.

It was Duke and Mr. Irene who were seconded as escort duty for Yuga and Mikana's honeymoon, Raven's credible knight.

Well, it's about Raven, so I guess I took care and sent over two of my acquaintances who were easy to work with.

I had predictions here, so I don't have any particular problems.

If you say there's a problem, it's Yuga's gaze.

It's a honeymoon you can only experience once, so you just have to flirt with people without worrying about them, and you're just looking at me.

Look at Mikana, not me, I'm afraid of gaze.

I don't remember anything at all...... I'm uncomfortable in the carriage and I have trouble.

"That's why I don't want you to come running over here."

"You won't have a choice. If I were in the carriage, the air would be heavy."

I came to evacuate next to Duke, who is your man.

If I were there, Yuga would stare, me, Cecilia and Mikana would pretend not to notice, and Mr. Irene would be seriously on guard from the carriage.

Then it's best that I'm not in the carriage like this.

Cecilia may be feeling awkward, but Micana will follow her.

The best part is that the two newlyweds are flirting.

Is that awkward for Cecilia and Mr. Irene?

"The view from here is idyllic and good......"

A blue sky with no clouds in the lush grass trees, when you finish your ears, you can hear the sounds of birds and rivers flowing.

Uh... peace.

"Hey, let's not start running away from reality."

"I wonder why we're so bothered, Duke"

"... I think the captain has graduated from a troubled period already."

"Is there a reason for that? As long as you're alive, your troubles won't run out. I'm still in the middle of worrying about how I can get the last five days done safely."

"I just have to work hard. Cecilia's here, too. So let me show you something good. I'm gonna work with you."

Yes, this time I'm with Cecilia and Duke I can count on.

I'm not a halfway cook two adventurer now either.

Finish the request quickly and perfectly, calling yourself a first-rate adventurer... a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

"Huh, right. I'm not alone this time. Even I have Cecilia, Duke, who is a powerful supporter. What do you need to be afraid of?"

"If that's how it goes, it's going to be okay."

"Oh, Duke. You got me worried. Whatever happens to Yuga, I'll put it in circles. And... make it the best honeymoon you'll ever remember!

"... you look like you're doing too well, so I'm worried."

"Which one, my man Duke?"

"You don't remember having such a suspiciously dressed boss."

"That's my man. With Duke, don't worry, I won't have to brake too much. I hope so."

"I don't like the way you expect me to..."

Don't fail to be vigilant when you're talking.

But without bandits or demons, the carriage went well.

The destination is a hot spring with the sea.

I can't get there in one day, so I'm supposed to spend the night in a village on the way.

I still don't see the village, but to take a break once.

"Hey, can you come?"

"What can I do for you, brave lady? I'm about to start a perimeter alert..."

"Come because it's good."

When I was taken forcefully, there was Cecilia ahead.

... I don't see Yuga.

"Hurry up or Yuga will be back. I'll ask you a quick question.... What are you doing?"

"I am a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman... a Class A Adventurer who does requests quickly and perfectly. I'm in the middle of escorting the brave Yuga for a nomination now..."

"No, it won't work for Atashi. If you look at Cecilia, you'll see. Not that Cecilia can replace a man that easily. Then I'll know you're the same person."

"Mr. Youki... you can treat me normally already in front of Mikana. Because it's completely broken."

Mikana's gaze is cold and Cecilia's gaze hurts.

Black Thunder Demon Swordsman It's impossible to continue in this situation.

I don't even feel the need to cut the wrinkles. If I get this far, the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman will be Yoki. It doesn't matter to Mikana.

"You know who I am... well, I'm the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman in this outfit. I'm not changing my attitude."

"That stinks. I'm worried about Cecilia's future. You're going to have a hard time."

"It's only now that it's hard. That's what we both decided... Micah would say that in the first place?"

"... so is that. Looks like Yuga's making a big mistake this time."

Mikana sighed deeply.

Funny, I told Yuga about who I am.

What am I mistaken for?

"I told him who I was."

"Pretty much, seems to be the wrong interpretation"


"What did Atashi hear..."

Let's wrap up Mikana's story.

The day I was supposed to tell you who I was, Yuga thought I was a fan of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman... how could that happen?

I didn't think Yuga should stay this way. Soleil, take Caius and raid my house...... this is well, I know.

So you heard my explanation and you're sure you broke up with Cecilia... not sure, idiot.

But I found a handkerchief with my name sewn in the shelf where the memorabilia were served.

I'm pretty sure I still like Cecilia... not yet, not all the time.

It seems soulful to compete with the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and let him know that Cecilia has a presence called Youki.

"... Now, how did you explain it to a runaway brave man"

"What about calling here and taking a helmet in front of you"

"That's the quickest. I have no choice... summon my husband. If my wife screams, he's coming!

"They'll be flying soon."

Cecilia seems to agree.

But Mikana is a face that doesn't float.

Yuga's love for Mikana is quite profound, so I think it's safe and sound.

"... I'm sorry, but you want me to keep hiding who I am and keep escorting you"

"What is it, Mikana?"

"It is certain that things will happen that are not good if the present state continues. A honeymoon because of it. You'll want to make it a good memory."

"What is Yuga going to do on that honeymoon? You're a little concerned, aren't you?... I have the feeling that this is a once-in-a-lifetime event. If... if there's anything like giving priority to the two of you and ignoring Atashi"

Mikana seems anxious to see herself first.

Isn't this an important phase that will shape the future of the two of us?

Cecilia also agrees that she understands a little about Mikana's feelings.

Am I making you so anxious... I'll take my time to talk to you later.

"Hmmm...... you mean you want to try yuga. I think it's pretty dangerous."

"Yuga is a brave man, so I don't think we have a choice to some extent. But there are times when I want to monopolize even Atashi. Because the wedding was so happy. And honeymoons..."

"I'd rather go on a safe path than take a bet"

When I tried to say it was good, Cecilia stopped me.

The eyes are lit with flames.

"No, Mr. Yowki. This is what Mikana decided. Follow your client's intentions."

"Cecilia... you're going to be a nuisance. It was bad air in the carriage."

I knew it was.

It didn't seem any different when I left.

But that won't break Cecilia's will.

"It's fine. Because I want to work together as a friend of Mikana, not as a relationship between an adventurer and a client. Mr. Yowki is good, too."

Does the option of saying no exist?

If it's for Yuga and Mikana, it's not a bad idea to cooperate.

I am anxious about the area because Yuga's behaviour is unpredictable......

There's Duke, and I can handle the whole thing.

We need to make it memorable, not memorable.

"Pfft, let it be. The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman spares no cooperation. Don't hesitate to say it. Let's do most of it and show it to them."

"... then, please"

This is how he dared to take Yuga's rampage.

Was this choice correct at all?

Will the last five days be unforgettable memories or memories?