"Hey brave man. Get in the carriage now. Hide yourself before something happens!

"Mikana, please hurry up. Why do you feel sleepless? Please walk tight. I'm flustered."

"Hey, Irene. The cage you're carrying... I got it from the villagers. Isn't this animal skin or bones? I'm on a honeymoon escort mission to build weapons and gear. I'll give it back."

We've been in the mood since morning.

Yuga calling in the flag, Mikana not normal driving, Mr. Irene unable to read the movement.

I can't believe this is so hard... I don't have time to rest because I have to follow the three of them.

Really...... what should I do?

"Hey, this is it even though we haven't reached our destination. What happens when we get to the sea? What happens in the hot springs? I'm worried I'll be able to sleep safely."

"I hope you don't ask me. I'll just have to follow up anyway. What happens if you fail..."

If it's enough for Yuga to know who I am, it's nothing.

From me, it's like it's already awesome.

But we definitely need to avoid ruining our honeymoon.

Marriage blue, I don't want you to get to know me.

Until we stick together, we got a little consultation and there's no way we're gonna break it or anything.

"I hope my interest in me slips away soon."

"But a brave man is such an easy man to carry things around. I don't have a lot of contacts, so I don't have a minute there right now."

"Maybe not."

"Eh. Well, I don't know what to do"

"... will become. Now I'm the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. Try to make the impossible possible. There's also Duke and Cecilia. I'll stop it as gently as the Yuga runoff and roll it over your palms."

"We're in a rolling situation right now..."

I know I have a bad feeling about it.

That's why it's not good to give up from the start.

The three of us need to finish our honeymoon smoothly and without any trouble.

"Anyway, I'm going to have to ask you to make good memories. The atmosphere is important. I'll use the props. Help me."

"It's unusual, you look ready. The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman is going to count on you."

"Naturally. The request is quick and perfect. I'm sure the service to my client is natural."

Couple drinks, floating rings for two, matching hoodies, etc.

If we leave the rest alone, we'll get moody and flirt because we're newlyweds.

It's an escort, but let's make it feel like watching from a pretty far off position.

This is what the operation looks like.

"Duke, your job is to steer Mr. Irene. When you're no longer likely to be held back, head there because there's a cave nearby."

"What are you going to do in a cave?!?"

"You could just make a safety check or something, for a reason. I can't read Mr. Irene's behavior at all. Possible mood breaks"

"What kind of mood break is that?"

"If I let you carry a couple drinks, won't it overflow or make a hole in the floating wheel? Don't you sneeze when you kiss?"

Hakushi, if I did anything, I'd smash it.

... No, I don't have much contact with Mr. Irene. Is that too much for you?

I have a thing for Mr. Irene. From Duke, maybe it's not funny.

"... I'll tell you where the cave is later."

"Is it possible"

Mr. Irene, it could be a yuga-bound delicacy.

Nothing happened on the road after that, I was able to get to my destination.

It just seemed quiet before the storm to me.

"Then you're free to move from here."

The nightmare began with this statement by the brave Yuga......

"Oh, my God, what do you think"

"Please stop because it really does"

I was noticed by Cecilia, who changed into a swimsuit.

I wonder how happy I would be if I could enjoy the ocean peacefully on the beach.

But I can't, I can't.

"I'm dressed like this even in the ocean because of circumstances..."

Black Thunder Demon Swordsmen can't be in swimsuits when they say they move freely.

They say everyone around them is dressed...... Ah, Duke is a wetsuit.

Well, still, it would be a good outfit for the ocean.

I'm the only one dressed in a hot, misplaced outfit.

"I'll keep my perimeter on alert, so why don't Cecilia play too?"

I changed into a bathing suit because of it... Oh, I wove a hoodie.

This isn't going to play. Is that an appeal?

"I'm not here to see you this time, I'm here to work. You can't let us get distracted.... because we don't just push demon swordsmen."

"... n"

I silently pointed my finger towards the sea.

"Duke, time for a long swim has arrived. This is also part of the training...... Ah, my leg. I got my legs on... I got help... BOTH!?"

"What are you doing!?"

Mr. Irene, you're panicking with your legs.

It'll be fine because Duke went swimming to rescue him.

Well, what you're trying to say... is that they enjoy the ocean so much.

"... sounds like fun"

"Really. I wish I didn't look like this either."

I'd like to play cakkauf with Cecilia in my swimsuit.

"Shall we come someday too"


"You'd be jealous if you showed up like that. Mr. Duke and Mr. Irene are very close."

Mr. Irene was scared - ooh, and the beautiful girl shows off her ruined crying face.

Meanwhile, Duke is stretching Mr. Irene's legs with comfort.

That's why we're not dating, so it's weird.

"The Duke one, I hope it succeeds"

"What are you talking about?"

"Uh, Duke told Mr. Irene."

"Not yet, those two weren't dating, were they? I'm surprised."

Cecilia seemed to think the two of them were dating.

My breath is perfect, and I can't help but mistake it.

"You'll be willing to set up a battle on this trip"

"... do we need support in this concurrency"

"No, Duke will be fine. That's not what he does. Mr. Irene would accept it, even if it were you."

"Look, Irene. Now I'm going to swim with this."

"Isn't this a floating wheel? Mr. Duke, I can swim properly!

"... well, I'm going to go for another long swim"

"Okay. This is a workout too, isn't it? I'm coming!

In a good mood, Mr. Irene swam off without a floating wheel.

This flow is that, it would be a promise.

"Ahhh, Duke. Help me!

"So I told you -!

Duke headed for Mr. Irene's rescue, the second time with a floating wheel in one hand.

I guess those two are right about that.

"Sounds like fun"

"... will it be okay? I'm worried, so I'll take a look."

I think it's okay, but I also like the fact that you say you're worried at times like this and run over on a small run.

... If I told Cecilia directly, I wouldn't know what to say.

"Let's keep this about brain love. Now, what are the two protagonists doing...... hmm?"

Funny, all I see in my eyes is the sight of Mikana in a swimsuit sitting in gym under a parasol.

Where did my husband go?

"Demon Swordsman."

When I was called and looked back, there was a brave man.

Hoodies look great on sea bread for a handsome man.

As dazzling as the sun...... and most girls would think, Yuga was glowing today.

I envy Micah that this refreshing young man is my husband - what a level of voice he would raise.

One of Yuga's hands held a couple drinks I had prepared.

And you know what I mean.

Come on, show off your newlywed Icharab.

"If it's good, why don't you come with me"

"... what?"

"No, I thought you weren't dry."

I mean, you're talking about drinking with me.

Couple drinks with me, the man.

"I have a table here just fine. Put a drink in there for me."

"Yeah, okay"

Yuga put a couple drinks on the table.

All right, you're ready.

"Take off your hoodie."

"Oh, why?"

"Just take it off."

"Okay, I get it."

Reluctantly, Yuga takes off her hoodie.

Why did you take it off, because Parker is not guilty.

Sea bread can be wet, but Parker won't like to get wet.

This is my kindness.

"Get out of my power."

"What the hell..."

I gave you my advice.

Well, let's get back to you.

I grabbed Yuga's hips with both hands and put some effort into my legs.

"Who drinks? Bogus!

As it were, he threw a bar toward the sea.

Yuga drew a beautiful parabola, raised a large water splash and landed in the sea.

"Hey, what? What happened! Mr. Duke, come and help us quickly..."

"He's already here. You're holding onto a floating wheel, aren't you? If you break out... Look, off the floating wheel..."

"To whom should I be attached… this is a troubling situation"

Seems the influx of Yuga caused a secondary disaster.

I also can't figure out who Cecilia should support... no, there's something to follow.

"……………………… ha"

Micah saw Yuga disappear, and she sighed heavily.

Cecilia, I need you to follow up quickly!