"Demon Swordsman, Demon Swordsman"

The battle against Yuga was decided, and Cecilia called me if I was stretching and unwrapping my body.

"What are you going to do? As it is, I think it would have been better to turn down the battle with the brave and leave you alone with Mikana."

"You're both here now."

"There will be no good with that!

Mr. Cecilia, you have a strong end.

Well, not newlyweds.

The two of them now have a couple drinks where Mikana drinks 20%, Yuga drinks 80%, and Mikana helps Yuga stretch.

No, I know you want to compete, but come on... think about it.

When Yuga drank it, it was zooming and sounding.

There's no atmosphere or flatulence.

By the way, Mikana, who was in front of Yuga, had her eyes round.

"Mikana, I feel so powerful. I'm so soft... Mikana, are you listening? Hey Mikana...... Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!

Mikana is pressing Yuga's back with her chilled eyes.

That's pretty harsh.

"We followed you on those two honeymoon escorts."

"Yes, I am."

"It's been like that since my first day."

"So if that's what you think, how did you get the battle!

Has Micana's giddy feeling contaminated Cecilia as well?

"Well, calm down, Cecilia. I had an idea and I got this fight."


I thought I'd help you make memories for those two.

From Mikana, I can only remember her honeymoon memories of her husband being obsessed with other men.

You should hit your hand early.

"I'm going to jump Yuga's stock around here. I won't lose to Yuga...... I win with my dirty hands!

Speak dignified and lowest.

If this is also for Yuga and Mikana, this time it's my kindness to be thorough with the villains.

"Dirty hands......"

"Oh. So I manage to make a story and stick those two together"

"... will it work"

Cecilia is particularly worried.

The actions of the brave Yuga cannot even be read by the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

But I'll make sure it's done.

"I have to do it. This request is for a honeymoon escort. We're not on the verge of divorce."

Motivated, it's a battle, Yuga.

Cecilia was worried until the end, but I made a fist grip and headed to the sea.

"Hey... wait, what's that outfit?"

"What a swimming outfit."

Duke and matching wetsuit, black underwater glasses with a neat cover all the way to the head.

The measures are adequate so that the mouth can be hidden.

Anyway, I guess I had the intention of seeing my face if I brought it into a swimming battle.

I'm sorry to hear that, I've taken care of it.

"... well, let's go"

"Well, even if you say brave people can beat me."

"It's okay. There's Micah, and this holy sword will help us."

Yuga's waist is equipped with a holy sword, which he says with a smile.

Wait, you don't want the Holy Sword in competition.

"Lord Brave, can you accept that wearing a sword means there is obstruction to the opponent?"

"No way. This is competition. There's no obstruction."

"Or so it is."

Should I respond on an ad hoc basis even if I do something?

It's something the women are thrilled to see which one wins during these matches.

Well, what about our women,

Cecilia, I'm thrilled to see if anything happens or not in another way.

Mikana, doesn't it matter if it's a good fight?

There's only a couple drinks left at the bottom of the glass. I'm drinking.

Mr. Irene was... buried in the sand.

Probably did, no, you're definitely Duke.

It would be a decision to have trouble getting new problems in the middle of the battle.

"You can't afford to look around."

Yabe, it was Yuga who was observing the women.

... This place looks like a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, let's just say I turn it on.

"I was just watching Cecilia watch the end of the battle. Cecilia is helping me. I don't feel that way. Let me tell you, there's no way a brave man can lose, whether he's against you or not."

"Even I have Mikana. Give me a hand... that? Mikana!"

Looks like your daughter-in-law is more important to drink up juice than the end of a fight like this.

When Mikana notices Yuga's voice, she reacts to the extent that she gently waves one hand.

"………………… I'll do my best for Mikana"

At first, my face was stiffened, but are you okay, brave man?

Well, if my childhood daughter-in-law reacts like that, just give me a break.

But I have no sympathy.

I guess you do the same thing.

"Well, I'll give you a signal."

With a crack in Yuga's heart, the battle is to start.

... well, we'll do as we're told.

Stand in the starting position and focus.


Duke's arm drops down with his voice that he is going to go.

Yuga swimming in gorgeous form through the sea.

Is brave correction working here, pretty fast?

Meanwhile, I mean...

"Well, let's hurry"

It magically freezes the ocean and slips over it.

Because you can afford to make a path that people can pass, don't taste my magic.

"Hey, not sloppy!?"

Pull out the swimming Yuga and head to the landmark that Yuga floated.

What's wrong, this is a fine operation.

"Lord Brave didn't say a word about swimming. This is part of the operation."

When challenging a battle, you have to make sure you check the rules.

Behind you is Yuga with a surprised look, exactly what he did.

If you think it's cowardly, you can think of it.

I'll keep playing the villain of winning no matter what you do.

You fought and defeated bravely, let Mikana comfort you where you are.

And then I can't beat you if I don't, Lord Brave is good at whatever he does... I want to think I'm happy to have such a husband.

Brave man, shouldn't I show you more like a husband......

This brings it together well...... it should!

Follow up with Cecilia and Duke would work well too...... I thought so.

"Why, you're flying!

The Yuga one, he used the power of the Holy Sword.

Wings of light are growing and fast approaching.

Wings of light in sea bread......

"There are no rules against flying in the sky!

Is it okay for a brave man to say such a sensible thing?

It's an unexpected thing, if Yuga wins like this...

"Mikana, I won."

"... you won with the help of the Holy Sword."

It could be like that.

While stocks continue to crash as they are.

I don't know!

"This is how fast I mean it!

Activates physical strengthening parallel to the magic that is freezing the ocean.

Adjust it so it doesn't get too out-of-the-box.

"You can't lose. Huh!

Yuga comes after him with a roar.

Shit. I need to score a goal fast.

Goal in a hurry...... the result.

"I'm with you!

Duke's decision made the place quiet.

Well, what happened in this battle?

First of all, I'm the inventor.

"Mr. Demon Swordsman. Let's talk more about each other next time, and then move on to action."

Cecilia's credibility has diminished.

I can't help this, I'm sorry I didn't read Yuga's behavior and speed.

What happened to Yuga next......

"Mi, mikana...... sorry. I didn't win."

"Yes... that's all the errands? Then it's time for you to slow down in your room."

"Oh, I'm going back to my room."

"Yeah. It doesn't look like we're gonna have anything to do here."

It's not the noise where the stock is plummeting.

Yuga flutters on the spot without stopping Mikana from leaving.

I feel pretty sorry for your hindsight.

This is an unsavory situation if we don't do something about it.

"Mr. Duke. Brave men and black thunder demon swordsmen were amazing. I'm impressed."

"Do you? It sure was fast."

"Yes. I was so excited to watch. Fighting like it's not weird which one wins...... is that the two of us for real? Me, I'd love to see you two fighting again!

Mr. Irene speaks to Duke with a sparkling eye.

Apparently, Mr. Irene's ratings have increased.

... what to do with another woman's liking!