"What do you want to do, really..."

I had my head in the room I was given.

Identity, let's split.

When you get here, you better get rid of the problem Yuga is worried about.

If I don't... I'm not going to be able to take it back.

No, it could already be.

There are definitely cracks in Yuga's relationship with Mikana.

It's bad if the relationship doesn't go in the direction of repairing it.

... and for that matter.



Yuga fell as she raised her pitiful voice when she opened the door of the room vigorously.

What will you do with this stalker brave man?

"Sit down."

"... Yes"

Yuga, who sat heavily, but his gaze is only right for the helmet.

Do you still give priority to who I am in this situation?

"... Now let me confirm the contents of this request. The request was for a honeymoon escort. I'm unmarried. I've never actually been to see what a honeymoon looks like. I'm not in a strong position to say... but can this be called a honeymoon?"

"... Mikana, you're angry, aren't you"

"If that's what you think, you're in the wrong room to come"

"Still, I wanted to move for a friend. Micah will be worried about the two of you, and you'll understand."

Micah would you understand... that's a dialogue I didn't want to hear.

I'm talking about whether it's okay to be whiny, even though Mikana understands Yuga so well.

There are many words I want to bump into, but will the words of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman reach this guy?

I honestly don't think you have to rebel or snort.

You'll need Yuga's friends here.

"... If you really think so, you should spend the rest of your day whatever you want. Request an escort. That's it."

When I finished saying it, I stuck Yuga out of the room.

Well, some action would be taken... but it would be empty like that.

Tomorrow, we go to battle.

"I'm gonna make you go on a divorce trip."

Go to bed with determination in your chest.

The bed was so soft that I could sleep well.

The next morning, I woke up earlier than everyone else, and I'm on my way.

Get out of the inn and change from Black Thunder Demon Swordsman to Yowki.

Sneak back to the inn.

Yorkie's persuasion would resonate more with my mind.

To Cecilia...... I will keep quiet.

We need to break in so that no one notices but Yuga for that matter.

"... so don't have the voices of Yuga and Mikana"

Turn to the voice.

There's Yuga trying to persuade her with a mixed look of Mikana and a rush to get her mouth pointy and ready to go out.

"I'm sorry, but I'm just going shopping with a woman today."

"What... no, I'm with you"

"I think boys should act like boys."

"That, see. As an escort..."

"Ask Cecilia and the Elf Knight, it'll be fine."

"But when it's just women, it's a lot, it's not hard. You'd better have a man."

"... do you think there's something wrong with the face I just said and I can't deal with it?"

"Uh... yeah, you're right"

It is a very hard sight to watch.

Those two are here on their honeymoon...

The moment my wife prioritized my girlfriend, not my husband.

Yuga was doing something similar yesterday, so I can't help it.

Then, vain of Yuga's persuasion, Mikana went out with the Cecilians.

Yuga walks back to the inn on a dripping and bumpy foot.

You're pathetic to watch...

"... go"

I just need you to have a sweet honeymoon.

"Let's say a word to Duke first"

I failed yesterday, and I need advice from around just in case.

Start sneaking into the inn so no one will notice.

Employees don't notice because it's every time.

... I'd rather be an assassin than an adventurer.

Arriving in Duke's room while considering an unlikely career change.

You have nothing to do and you're free, you can't move while sitting on the bed.

Do you even think about it? If you don't have anything to do, you should go to sleep.

That's not how it works, I'm at work.

Now, will you show up?


"Ugh... Captain? I hope you're not surprised."

"Bad, bad. I thought I'd talk to you before I push you to Yuga."

"Uh... is that what you're gonna do? You're not going to see me as a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, you're going to see me as a Yogi."

"Oops. You just have to reason that you've been here occasionally. I thought I'd say gatun.... I couldn't see him put it down."

"Look at you, that. I agree with you that Cecilia should distance herself from the brave now. Irene... just looked at me when she realized she'd lost her escape."

"Oh, you are"

"In that situation, then, you couldn't get help. I'm worried... it wasn't the air I could tell you were getting there, too."

Looks like you experienced the inside training ground while I was gone.

Mr. Irene is well...... all I can say is good luck on your own.

Now I have to preach to Yuga.

My voice, I'll tell you a general story.

"Right. I'm sorry, I wasn't there when it mattered. Leave the rest to me. Because I'm going to tell that brave man."

"Does it feel like you're splitting?"

"No, I won't variance. You're gonna be great and you're gonna grow up. Then you can't. Something similar will happen again."

What you did for me and Cecilia this time.

Not necessarily because it was us.

From now on, we have to think about things around Mikana.

"Sometimes you have to teach Yuga to abandon his position as a brave man."

"... if you're captain now, do it. Sounds good."

"Whoa, are you expecting me?"

"If you don't fix it, everyone, including me, is in trouble. Ma, the captain would do something about it, right? Something similar has happened before. So, please."

"Is that what you mean? Then, as always, will you try to solve it?"

Intentionally I headed to Yuga's room.

Get to your destination so no one can find you.

I carefully checked to see if anyone was around before knocking on the door three times.

I haven't heard back, he's apparently dead in the room.

As it is, I can smash through the door, but it annoys the innkeeper and is rejected because it will be a sermon course from Cecilia.

Then we'll just change course of entry.

"Come on!"


I tried to show up from the ceiling.

I tried to do something ninja chic, but it's narrow and dusty and it sucks.

I don't think I'll do it again.

Surprised at me for showing up all of a sudden, Yuga jumping out of bed.

...... the distance between the double bed pillows is away.

Because my heart is far away, and my pillow must have gone away.

"Youki-kun, why are you from such a place..."

"I was just asking you to come nearby. I was worried about something, so I came to see how it went. Cecilia told me what happened."

"What's the situation..."

"... don't worry about me and Cecilia. I'll settle."

"I heard that. But I can't leave you alone. Thank you for your help."

"Still, don't you have something to prioritize? I guess you're here on your honeymoon. Why don't you have a wife next door?"

"I think that's... because I'm more obsessed with the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman than Mikana. I rarely enjoyed it with Mikana. But that's why I took a long vacation."

"Yes, Ba Tsu"

I cross my arms to make a mark.

Originally, I've been claiming that the day I played with Mikana was a different date.

It must be an excuse for suffering, my eyes were swimming.

"The honeymoon won't be all right if it's over. It all comes back to me, including the process."

"Yeah, you are."

"Try to remember the wedding. Miller made me a mess, but Mikana was laughing. I guess I was happy to be tied to Yuga. So you seemed happy even when you were like that"

"Right... right"

"It seems like I've put up with a lot for a long time, but does it feel good to have you put up with it again this time?"


You haven't abused me too much, it must be raw and warm.

I don't know if I'm gonna tell you this much.

I'm leaning over, but I'm shaking my fist.

What kind of emotions are they directed at?

"The brave Yuga. Don't look around when it's for your people. You're an asshole who goes straight, but you're the one who doesn't hate me. But this time... no, we have to act as Micah's husband from now on."