"As my husband..."

"I've never been married. It's a weird story to slap me in the mouth. Split up about what needs to be prioritized."

I'm glad you're worried about me and Cecilia, but you're not.

You proposed until you filled the outer moat.

If they were going to make the wedding a mess, it would be beautiful.

Then show me Micana Love even on my honeymoon.

"... right. I was so desperate for today that we both planned this. I had a hard time adjusting my job. Not like this..."

"Yuga has a lot of patterns."


Don't look at me like I can't say anything.

I have to find out for myself before someone tells me.

"Ugh... I guess I'll be fine in the future like this. Do you think I can be a good husband?"

"I don't know."

I'll have to work on my own there.

At the moment, I don't think I can.

"Anyway, I have to apologize to Mikana..."

"Hey, you're going no-plan."

"Because you can't even leave it like this!

Yuga left the room without even listening to my stillness.

No, no... there's nothing wrong with going halfway there.


I tried to stop it with strength, but it was already late.

I flew away with the power of the Holy Sword.

"Hey, what happened?"

Duke came running.

I guess I thought something was up when I saw Yuga flying away.

"I flew in the middle of a persuasion. It's not good quality because it's futile."

"Right. What a shank.... I don't know if it's falling."


When Duke sees those pointing fingers, the light wings output diminishes and stalls, and there's a figure of Yuga crashing.

Is something wrong?

"You want to go?"

Roger that.

We headed to where Yuga fell.

"I was there... how the hell did my wings suddenly disappear..."

"Hey, you okay?"

"Ah, Youki-kun. I can handle it."

I hear the tree cushioned me.

"For some reason, my wings disappeared and I couldn't fly. That doesn't work."

Even if I try to fly, the Holy Sword doesn't work, and he looks strange.

... Is the Holy Sword willing?

It looks like you're telling me I can't help Yuga right now.

"When this happens, you're gonna have to run away!

"Wait, wait. I'm telling you, the no-plan tastes bad."

"'Cause even while I'm doing this, I miss Mikana."

"Who made you feel lonely?"

"That's... me, though"

"Uh, yes, yes. I don't know what you two are going to do when you start getting nervous. Sit down for once. To sort out your feelings."

Duke's word made everyone sit on the spot.

Though I think only one person needs to sort out his feelings.

"... no. I knew I couldn't stand still!

It hasn't been a minute and you get up Yuga, you're too frustrated.

Try harder to sort out your feelings.

"You can't, then. Just run without thinking. Does that heal your broken heart? A honeymoon is supposed to be a heroine with a husband and wife, but they're taking the heroine role for a man. It's almost impossible to repair it."

"... but I'm coming."

"You're doing well. Whatever you've been doing, you'll end up being forgiven for your sweet words and momentum. I envy you. I can't do that. Because if you think about how they feel, you can't do the right thing. If you don't just want to be forgiven, why don't you think about it and act properly?"

It's also unusual for Duke to say so far.

Either that or I feel like Duke took me for a role.

Did Yuga lose her mind when Duke's words stabbed her in the chest?

That was a pretty good blow.

"... I want to believe that we can still make it. I've been thinking about how we're going to behave. Will you listen to me?"

Yuga turns this way, spilling a thirsty laugh.

I don't think it's the look on my husband's face during his honeymoon.

I proposed it like a happy ending. Come on......

I need you to do your best to stay happy.

I have to ask you to do that.

"I don't know what kind of plan you have. That's the best choice you can make to Yuga right now. I'm gonna ask you to the end without saying anything."

Sit on the spot with an agua on.

Duke sat down like a boy, too.

"Thanks...... both of you"

Yuga opened her mouth and told her what she was trying to do......

Me and Duke didn't say anything until Yuga finished talking.

I was just listening, nodding yeah about Yuga.


"... that is. He wants to apologize to Mikana and be alone."

The content was simpler than I thought.

I was wondering if you would do something more flashy, not like Yuga.

"I was actually going to take the form of flying away and taking Mikana away as it was. I thought it would be better if we went a little harder."

"It's not good to have to."

"Then again to the sea..."

"You're the place I just messed up yesterday. You're gonna pick the same spot again."

"P, give me a gift..."

"Feels like fishing with things."

"It just seems like you're in the mood at the right time."

"Well, what do you want me to do? Wow!

Don't mourn so much.

I can't do it every time, and I kept doing it, and as a result, I was able to do a disturbing yuga.

I'm not talking mean.

It's just that I and Duke don't think it's a good idea for some reason.

You're tired of screaming, why - breathing on your shoulders.

"Damn, if this happens, it's a last resort."

"Can we use the brave man's last resort here?"

"The brave have nothing to do with it. I'm about to be run away by my new wife now. No, I'm her husband!

You don't feel confident and pity me......

I'm sure it means you're aware of it Yuga way too.

If I could be so desperate, I wish I had been from the beginning.

"Hmmm... for now, I can't even talk like this, so why don't you go where the three of us are? Feel like a sneak peek."

"Right. I'm not going to solve this if we keep discussing this with the three men. In conclusion, it's me and Duke, and I'm telling you, it's Yuga that actually works, so we have to work hard."

"That's not terrible!?"

"... I'm half joking. I'm responsible for this. I have to give it back to you."


"No, Youki-kun... no. Oh, my God."

What, he's reacting like a cum.

From a man... No, I'm in trouble for being taken from outside Cecilia.

"Look, I've decided to go, so I'm just leaving. I have a bad feeling."

Duke ran off in a bit of a hurry.

I guess I'm worried about Mr. Irene.

I wonder if it will be overprotective... I don't pin it because I don't know how Mr. Irene is being taunted.

If you do anything, go and you'll see.

"Well, shall we go too?"


We ran out after Duke.

Cecilia and the others are carriages, and we have a handy situation called feet.

Still, we ran for our destination.

Yuga was fast even when she couldn't fly.

That is why we were able to reach our destination in the evening.

"Ha-ha-ha... Finally, you're here"

"Oh, I will. Phew."

"I'm already full of creativity."

Three men, on the verge of running out of gas.

I just want to take a break, but it doesn't work either.

Because the town and the festival are bigger than expected.

A small festival could have stayed this way, but if Yuga stood out like this, it would be havoc.

"Wait a minute. I'm going to get something for the disguise!

If it's a festival, it's selling exotic objects and rare objects. There must be stores.

Don't be helpful with more disguise options.

Even though it's an emergency, I get excited at times like this.

Yes, a clear result.

"Face to face, you thought about it. You won't even know this, so you won't have to get attention. Thank you, Yoki."

"No, you're going to get attention in a different way. Something, this."

"No, I didn't think you had one."

There's definitely a reincarnator besides me, right?

The moment I found it, I thought it was creepy.

Matcha yukata with a little noodle, baked in one hand.

Nobody will think of this guy as a brave man.

I dress like a grey yukata with a fox noodle and a skewer on one hand.

And Duke said.

"Why do I have to carry so many weapons just me!

Duke couldn't take off his armor, so he weaved a borromant and put on a cloth bag with a hole in his eye from the top of his helmet.

Plus it carries a proper weapon called a wooden knife, an otaki hammer, a sickle and a Duke sword, a Yuga holy sword.

I might be able to give Yuga the holy sword.

If you're hiding a tree, it's in the woods, which means Duke will play the role of arms dealer.

"Then this is how we're going to leave. Look for the three of you."

"Yeah, I want to know what you're doing first. And how's it going?"

It became a strange picture of looking for a woman in three different colors: the fox, the little one and the rough giver.

This is in the middle of a honeymoon...