A little power is amazing.

Looks like he's turning off his brave powers as well as Yuga's handsome ones.

Nobody comes by, so I'm free to move.

"You don't have to make a scene because of Yoki. Thank you, thank you."

"Oops. I'll take care of the disguise. Because I've been doing this for a long time."

"... you're not convinced"

Rough it up. They don't like arms dealers.

I think you look great.

"So, what do we do now?"

"Let's find the three of us first"

"Right. I'm worried something's happened to both of you."

"Why are you worried about something happening?"

Well, I guess it's because Mr. Irene has that kind of attribute.

It's okay because Cecilia is here... I don't think so.

Cecilia has been a good follower since something happened, but I don't think she can get around to dealing with it beforehand.

It's a situation where only Yuga doesn't know what it means, but don't you have to explain it?

"Still, how do we rendezvous with the three of us? This crowd."

Duke's right, people, people, people around.

From this, it would be a tricky move to walk around and find the three of them.


"Right. The three of us should split up and look..."

"That's not true. What are you going to do if you don't have the means to contact me? Just more people to look for."

So, what do we do?

"... Yuga, I'm talented at finding people. Why don't you call me?"

Of course, I don't have that talent.

One thing is magic that no ordinary person can do: enhance the senses.

I can see you're complaining to me that you can believe me by saying that from Duke's perspective.

Don't worry, if you're Yuga now......

"Maybe it's a better way than looking in the dark clouds. It's just me failing, but I'm going to succeed this time.... I'll try to believe your talent."

I believe you.

I'm sure Duke has a subtle face in his helmet.

I'll leave it to you. I'll activate the sensory enhancement and search for the three of them.

"Okay, I can see you're over here."

A fox leads the way, followed by a rough one.

Feel but ignore the gaze from the wrong people.

No way, you wouldn't think a little one was Yuga.

"I feel your gaze, but you don't seem to notice me. Guys, I'm just gonna take a look, but that's it. Thanks to Yogi-kun."

"What are they... Am I the only one who sees this as a stop to getting involved?"

Ninety-nine of Duke's hundreds have come up with opinions that are likely to say they are right.

You know perfectly well, Duke, I'm sorry I picked you out, but that's what I'm feeling.

If they whisper after you leave, I'll notice.

"Oh, yeah?"

One out of a hundred people was here.

"... well, thanks to that, I'm free to move like this, so it's a good idea"

"Oh, I guess so. After all, my chosen costume wasn't wrong."

"That's what I'm gonna do."

A word of giving up mixed up came out of Duke.

... Well, fine.

Results Aurai, which captured the three in sight as they relied on smell, hearing.

"That's amazing. I can't believe I could see you so soon if you followed Yoki. The disguise is perfect. I wonder if this kind of work is right for you."

"I don't want to get a job in intelligence."

If I work out of there, my secrets will be explored first.

If I slap you, you'll come out, so I want you to give me a break.

Only when the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman can follow me is enough.

"That's right... those clothes aren't the same as they were when they all left. How did you get dressed?"


They should have been in private clothes when the three of them left the inn, but now they're wearing yukata.

You wanted to dress for the festival.

Hmmm...... I wonder why.

"More than that... is it my fault that Irene seems angry?"


It does look like Micana is saying something to Mr. Irene and Cecilia is in a reasonably good stop......

It doesn't look like Mikana is gutted, but don't worry about it.

Hey, let's hear the conversation.

"Ha... Really, that sucks"

"Fair enough, Mikana. I'll keep you around. Mr. Irene didn't mean it either."

"I can't believe you fell on your way home from taking the initiative to buy a drink. Well, it was the water that helped me buy it on purpose."

"Excuse me, excuse me. Minerva has lost sight of its beloved and consumed natural waters!

"You can drink as much as you want when you get home. What do you do when you buy water from a town you live in?"

"Su, su, excuse me ~"

... Mr. Irene, water choices are just like Yuga's.

"What do we do, Captain? Irene, you didn't do anything weird."

"Uh... sounds like you've sprinkled some water. So it looks like the three of us are getting dressed together."

"... how do you know what Youki-kun is talking about?"

Shit. Ah.

I talked about what I eavesdropped in front of Yuga by audible enhancement.

Duke is holding his head down with his hands together.

... I'll just have to delude you.

"Actually, it's me... I can use lip reading."

Pretty impossible excuse, but I have to force myself through it.

"Heh, yeah. I can use it a little too, but I can't read it perfectly. Lip reading for tracking. I knew it was for intelligence."

"You can use it, too!

"I mean, it's available, Cecilia, Mikana, Raven only. You see, during the battle, we used to work together only with eyes and mouth movements. I don't know what you're talking about, but I think you can imagine what you're talking about when you look at your face."

Sounds pretty limiting, and if you look... it's like anyone can do it.

No, maybe it's what I cultivated because the time I spent passed the dead place for a long time.

Well, it turned out to be misleading, so be it.

"Oh, that sounds suspicious."


Duke is right, a quartet like Chara surrounds the Cecilians.

You're the one with the numb... I can't forgive you.

"Yoki, I can't keep an eye on you like this."

There is an aura of anger coming out of one.

Are you going to rescue me like a husband?

But is it okay to keep wearing it like this?

I don't even know if I forgive you, but I'm leaving with dignity.

"Do you want to keep going?"

"... yeah. Micah wondered if I should be playing with the Cecilians a little more. The truth is I have to smile... Mikana, because it sounds like fun. So let's go."

"Right. Don't be ridiculous."

"It's okay. 'Cause I'm gonna go like I'm not brave."

Yuga thumbs up all the time and runs with her crotch.

As long as it's done, no one would think of that as a brave man.

"Duke, we're moving too."

Roger that.

Well, do you want to work?

I chased Yuga and ran out.

Oh, I wonder what's going on with the Micanas.

You said you weren't going.

"Uh, it's Yi. We're local people?"

"You're travelers. We'll show you the festival."

"Excuse me, but the three of us are going to go around today, so I'm just going to take my feelings and put them down"

"I can't get through. Let's go, together."

"Oh, you know. Excuse me. I'd like to ask you both not to get your hands on me."

"No, no, he said he wouldn't give a hand or anything like that. You're worried? Good, good."

You naughty bastards.

If you're upset, give it up.

I'll prepare words for them.

Save props at a nearby store just in case it helps.

When I was getting ready for the props, Yuga joined the Micanas.

He was grabbing the arm of a numb bastard who was about to tangle in Mikana's arm.

"Hey, what are you? I was just kidding. I'm having an important conversation with these girls right now."

"Yes, yes. Don't interrupt me."

Yuga says nothing.

Do you think you can speak out?

I'll follow you there.

Me on the fox side, too, when I open a fan with one hand, it says there is no tolerating persistent numbness.

I wrote it on the way out.

"We were just inviting you to show them around kindly. Can't you stop me from making a painful mistake?"

I'm gonna pull - or I'm gonna tell you to shake your sense of justice.

I'll draw more attention to your thoughts.

It's out when you grab my arm and try to force me out.

I flip the fan I had.

The letters written are guilty.

Ha!? and the numb bastards raise their voices but guilty is guilty.

Force me to take out a woman I hate, I won't tolerate it.

"There were reports of travelers being bothered -!

"Don't take your wings off too much at the festival!

Well timed, the rough giver brought the knight running.

Yes, inside now.

I'm Cecilia, Yuga's Mikana, Duke grabs Mr. Irene's arm and runs away.

It would be troublesome if the knight asked about the situation.

All three of them followed me without any particular resistance, so I was helped.

Maybe you know who you are.

"Oh, you know. Thank you. I'm not the only one who can handle this... Ugh..."

Mr. Irene, you haven't noticed.

I'm thankful for the rough guy style of Duke.

Duke looks complicated... I hope you realize that.

"... thank you for helping me where I was in trouble. Thank you."

Cecilia, who is as inhuman as she wishes.

What, someone else's shaking it?

In the meantime, I opened a fan with this that said it was resolved and showed it.

I've got different versions just in case, right?

I'm sorry about that on the back.

Cecilia would mean that's good, she snorted.

"Hmm...... thanks"

Yuga, thanked by Mikana... left.

Even though it's a crotch, it's a fast step.

You mean you're not willing to splurge who you are, then I'll give you a ride.

I followed a little one by showing him a fan that said I was sorry.

"Is this a good idea?"

"I don't know. If Yuga wants to do this, why not? Let's hang out a little more."

"Irene, you didn't understand me..."

"... hang in there"

Give Duke a word of comfort.

Yuga was waiting for me when I entered the alley.

"No, it's good to be able to save the Micanas naturally. It was good until I grabbed my arm, but I was wondering what I would do if it was too bad. You can't make a scene out of exercising your powers. Thanks to both of you, thank you."

"Mm-hmm... right"

"Let's do our best to make sure the three of us have a fun and safe festival at this rate. Of course, don't lose your identity."

The two of us are already screwed.