To respect Yuga's will, we moved with a body that was broken but not broken apart from Mr. Irene.

That said, there were things like happenings happening in a row...

Mr. Irene is told how about a souvenir for his boyfriend, and he's forced to recommend a business meeting to a gap that's bright red and upset his face, an open-air shopkeeper.

Seeing Mr. Irene reacting to the word boyfriend, Duke couldn't hide his upset that it was me or me.

You look like a rough guy, so stay dignified.

Excessive push and sell ban, I've put down a fan that says:

A mysterious religious group that has persevered in its attempts to draw Cecilia in.

Talk about how it won't matter to the festival.

I was anxious to find out who Cecilia was.

What about religious groups soliciting the Virgin Mary?

Well, I did everything I could to stop it.

No soliciting believers, I threw a fan at him that said.

Cecilia looked at this one just a little bit and smiled at me, so the job satisfaction is amazing.

I feel like skipping.

"I wonder if I'm enjoying it properly. Seems like a lot of things get tangled up."

"When we get here, it seems better not to be shady. You just have to put one on each of them."

"That's what I'll do. There's a limit to just doing it with the captain's fan without speaking up.... Anyway, other than Irene, it's not working."

My last words were so small that Yuga didn't seem to hear me.

Isn't it enough for a girl to look around already?

Mikana sighs when she looks around.

That, you're definitely waiting for Yuga to come out.

"I shouldn't have gone another way. It's a good time."

"... is it good?"

"He said he was nagging. What do you want?"

It should be filled with desire to rush.

I can't see your face because of your face, but I'm sure you have that look on your face... I believe.

"Irene seems to be at the limit, so why don't you go?... it's not cool to wait forever for a woman as a man."

"Oh, yeah.... Okay."

A little tense on the cheek to get in the mood.

I don't want it anymore, so I guess I should take it off.

I have glasses for disguise, and put them on...

"Oh, you're getting numbed again!


He's gone.

Just keep walking like this, all right?

What should I do with the glasses I was about to offer?

"Hey, this will fit round...... right?"

"I can do it. I don't think I can go looking at you two like that."

I don't know why, I've been hooked.

What a festival.

A floating young man would think that if the three beautiful girls were walking together, chances would come.

If I think about it normally, we'll all notice.

Mikana had blood on her head, and Yuga stopped, but she couldn't.

Duke had no room to go in, Mr. Irene said...

No, all I can think about is the dodgy scene.

I know it's rude, but I have a strong impression, so I can't!

I'm sorry Duke......

"In that case... I wonder what discomfort I felt"

"Earlier, what are you bumping into, Captain? We're gonna meet up."

"Ah, oh. Right."

Duke rushed me to the four of you.

When I got there, I was just in the middle of getting rid of a numb man.

"Just now, what the hell, you. This kid was talking to us first. Don't come in from the side."

"... it's you guys who are coming in from the side"


"Do you think I have a husband whose wife is being numbered and who can shut up?"

Wait, wait, wait, wait!

Take a look at that dialogue before you say it.

What the hell, the wild horses are coming together.

I think it stands out.

"Oh, husband?"

"That's right. Shall we go?"

Yuga takes Mikana's hand and takes him out.

Without resistance, Mikana walked out to match Yuga.

I guess I'll settle for one thing with this.

"What, what, are you married?"

"Actually, I think you're getting old."

"Seriously. You didn't notice at all. You were like a child with water hair or a Virgin Mary and you were the type. I'm shocked."

Oh, I found one of the ones who stepped on a mine.

For Cecilia and from me, what I'm saying now is landmines.

Quickly, I decided to stop.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

He's surprised at me for showing up all of a sudden, but I won't explain it.

Word on the fan is, no landmine treading.

If I tried to throw this at you, Cecilia would say a word to the numb man.

"Let's make an effort to grab a woman's heart. You should start there. Now if you'll excuse me."

After all, it seems that the sin of stepping through a mine is heavy.

Show off the smile that Me and Yuga showed you when we did bee teasing.

The numb man had lost his hips and was bowing his head to Cecilia, who was leaving.

This is a trauma confirmation.

I went after Cecilia with further words to the fan, softly handing it over to the man, writing that I polished myself first.


"Is that Mr. Yowki? Have you lost your identity to the brave man?"

"No, I decided I was here by accident."


"I knew it felt like I was being bullied."

"On the contrary, it stands out, in that. Mr. Irene didn't seem to notice. Not only are the Knights at this festival, but these wonderful people are looking around, and they're talking with their eyes open."

"That would have... had trouble reacting"

"Neither me nor Mikana know what to say..."

"Duke was in shock without you noticing."

"I guess."

The conversation between the two of us walking looks as usual.

Then let's hear what you were wondering.

"Cecilia. I need to ask you something."

"Go ahead."

"Something bothering you?"

Cecilia's steps stopped.

This trip was remarkable for not being like Cecilia in any way.

I was hoping maybe, but it's more and more shitty.

"... I want to go where no one is"

"Leave it to me."

It would be easy for me to find a place where no one would be at a festival venue with so many noises and people.

I pulled Cecilia's hand and led her to a place where no one was.

This park is a short distance from the festival venue.

He said he had confirmed that there was no one around him.

I sat down because there was a bench just fine.

"Well... now there's nobody and there's just the two of us"

"Really?... First, it's about this one. Sorry for the inconvenience I caused you because of what I did around"

Excuse me, I'm going to bow my head.

... Why does that happen?

"No, no, Cecilia hasn't done anything wrong."

I'd rather leave it empty.

"No, I wouldn't have wasted my days if I'd gotten more into Mikana's consultations and handled the brave man well."

"Isn't that the Yuga's problem?"

"Even today it is. I could have assumed that if the three of us went out alone, we would be able to speak up. If it stands out about us badly, it is visible that it will make a scene and ruin the trip. Yet to go around alone with a woman I..."

That's not what I want to hear.

I understand Cecilia's reflection, but the question is how Cecilia can no longer be in the same condition as usual.

That's where I want to know, how about a question attack on Cecilia right now.

I think I'm going to cry now... not so much, but I can't say I'm in good shape.

This is the time to show a man, he can't even see his face.

I leaned softly against Cecilia's shoulder.

"Doesn't this calm you down?"

I'm not used to it, so I heard about it.

You'll lose your mood if you ask, fool or I will.

But Cecilia relaxed and said yes, she affirmed in a whisper.

Apparently it worked, good.

Don't you have to escort me?

I made a joke...... I mean half of it.

"It's not supposed to work."

"That's right."

"But now I want to be alone, the Micanas"

"Oh well. Then I guess it's good."

"Yes...... because I want to do a little more like this too"

"I agree, too."

Maybe we don't have to talk about it.

"Mr. Yowki."

"Well, you don't have to force me to say what I don't want to say."

"You can't do that.... I didn't like the fact that Mr. Yowki and I were the only ones keeping secrets from everyone. You're like a child, aren't you? But something special about just the two of us... I thought it was important."

I wasn't thinking that deep... it was something to think about.

I was going to look right at Cecilia, but I was going to, just say.

Cecilia was taking us both seriously.

If I knew how Cecilia felt like that......

"Cecilia, turn around"

Take the fox's face and stare straight into Cecilia's eyes.

Cecilia closed her eyes without saying anything.

And I... kissed Cecilia.