Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

We went shopping for our fifth anniversary.

"What shall we do today?... Also, I hope Mr. Youki comes with patience"

After the wedding of the brave man and Mikana, the rest of the day because of it, while the rest cannot be taken inside.

I miss having to spend some time alone.

I dared to make a statement that I was dating Mr. Demon Swordsman, but the engagement story didn't entirely fit in.

I wish I had the means to contact you easily, but you suddenly had an appointment today, didn't you?

"Excuse me...... lady. Are you okay? I was looking out the window and sighing."

"Ah, Mr. Sophia. Excuse me, just..."

He seemed to be in action because he missed me.

You shouldn't, when and where someone might be watching, so you have to be careful even when you're alone.

"... I understand your lady's feelings. We'll hurry up to Youki's house to let you know."

"What... it"

I just wanted to ask you, but Mr. Youki may also be working hard as a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

What do you call it at my sudden convenience...

Mr. Yowki won't say no when asked, and we'll get it done to the end, so we can also think of fatigue accumulating.

"Mr. Sophia, it's fine. I'm going to take my time reading today."

You're not discouraged because you don't know who's going to tail you out, either, are you?

Then we're going to have to act in the mansion.

You also need to rest your body, and this is it for today......


"What is it, Sophia..."

They suddenly held my hands.

What's wrong, I've never seen Mr. Sophia like this before.

I just saw the look on his face and I could see he was rooting for me.

"I... am on your lady's side"

"Thank you. Sophia always helps me… I'm comfortable once again saying I'm on your side"

"Ma'am. At least let's go out. I thought it would make you feel better."

"I'm glad Sophia feels..."

"I know. So I'll take care of it."

but Sophia grabs my wrist softly and takes me out of the room.

Where are we going?

And what the hell are you gonna do about it?

Even though I was doubtful, they took me very seriously.

"Lady, forgive me for such disrespect"

Mr. Sophia bows his head deeply and apologizes.

My current outfit will be the cause when people ask me why.

Eyeglasses on a shortcut wig with bright brown hair.

And...... Happiness, I'm wearing the work clothes the servants are wearing.

If you look in the mirror, there was a servant figure there.

You won't have to worry about going out and being Cecilia Aqualein.

"I know a lot about disrespectful behavior, such as dressing a lady as a servant, but this is all I have in mind..."

Mr. Sophia comes down disappointed.

For my sake and Mr. Sophia must have thought and collected these things for me.

"Mr. Sophia, please raise your head. Sophia is going to make me feel better."

"Lady...... thank you"

"It's up to me to thank you. So can I go out quickly?"

"Right. Can I put on Happiness just in case? It may also stand out that a servant shops alone. Above all, it could be dangerous for your daughter..."

Mr Sophia's persuasion has led me to accompany you too, Happiness.

You're welcome because you two are more fun than one.

Please be careful, Mr. Sophia dropped me off and left the mansion.

"... helper"

"Are you a helper"

"... this way"

It was the Knight's Dorm that came with Happiness's guidance.

I had somehow imagined it before I came.

Perhaps a helper means Mr. Raven or Mr. Duke.

"... call"

Happiness left a word and proceeded to the back of the knight's dorm.

What am I supposed to do if the lobby leaves me?

I feel the gaze from the different knights.

There's a maid standing who's not usually around, so naturally, right?

It may be rude to think you're uncomfortable... but will Happiness come soon?

"... can I have a moment"

I was called from behind, and when I turned around, there was Mr. Raven.

I understand with Mr. Raven in his voice, but if you talk to him intimately, you'll lose your identity, what shall we do?

"... there's a little noise when a maid I don't know stands. I want to know which mansion you're from, so come here."

This is Mr. Raven's helpship, isn't it?

I shook my neck vertically without speaking and followed Mr. Raven.

It was in Mr. Raven's room that I was guided, and now I can take a breather.

"Thank you, Mr. Raven"

"... Oh, Happiness asked me to. Tell him I'm busy with Duke right now."

"Are you Mr. Duke?"

"... they're letting them disguise themselves. It's like a yolkie thinks."

Sure, disguise is something Mr. Yowki usually thinks about and goes about.

You're dressed to be lost in deciding if you're right, but you're often helping, aren't you?

"... you must have learned a lot in relation to the captain and his men. I guess Yoki knows a lot about Happiness that I don't."

"I hear we've known each other for a long time.... are you jealous?"

When it comes to Happiness, Mr. Raven's expression changes from time to time.

I'm still in a hurry.

This reaction is also a sign that you care about Happiness.

They love you, Happiness.

"... you're jealous"

"I think that's a testament to thinking about Happiness."

"... I think it's a small vessel for a man to be jealous of this."

"I think it's better than being close to a man other than yourself but not having any emotions"

Still, we need restraint, but let's not say this one word.

"Excuse me. Hello Cecilia."

"Ah, Mr. Duke... what's that outfit?"

This is Mr. Duke who came into the room, but he wasn't the armor helmet he usually sees.

I thought the outfit was butler clothes, then my neck was...... and I was wearing a mask with a hidden mouth and it seemed to be sewn together with my shirt.

You're wrapping up more stalls, this is going to mislead me about my neck......

"... it's dangerous"

"I think so too. I'm worried about what happens when you move hard in that state."

"Yes, it sucks. It's not fixed. If you jump, your neck will bounce subtly."

That's a pretty dangerous condition.

Wouldn't it be catastrophic if it were to turn around?

"Well, if you have to, you can magically manipulate your neck. You'll be fine, you'll figure it out."

"Hey, will it be"

"I've been away in my spare time, too. Irene and I don't have time off, so we don't have anybody to go to. Mr. Cecilia and the escort of Happiness, welcome."

Mr. Duke is on board...... what shall we do?

I saw Mr. Raven for advice.

"... I know it's okay because Duke's here, but we're not getting to the suspicious guy."

"... yeah"

"... if you get involved even though it's weird, say you're a servant of Cecilia's mansion. If you make him realize there's a hindsight, he won't do anything to keep him on track."

"... yeah"

"And then, yes... go with care"

"... work, cancer"

It's not a good situation to get in between.

It's a good thing we're close.

"Uh... there are times these days when those two look envious, not at all"

Looks like Mr. Duke cares a little too.

Happiness bid farewell to Mr. Raven, who doesn't seem to want to let go properly, and we rolled out to town.

It's been a long time since I've walked without worrying about people's eyes.

"So, Ceci... I don't know what to call it."

"Cecily, please. This is the kind of name Youki used to think about."

"… Understood. This, a buyout note"

"A buyout note? Isn't it normal to work? Happiness, Mr. Cecily's breathing today. Bye."

Is that a buyout note, Mr. Sophia must have made you have it.

As far as notes go, you're not going to solve it in one store.

That's Mr. Sophia's consideration, not to have trouble with your destination.

"I went through the buyout many times when I was adventurous. Let's go."

"... hard-workers"

"Uh, speaking of which, the captain told you that Mr. Cecily was having a hard time at the party. You know, the men struggled a lot."

"Sometimes it was fun back then. Besides, I haven't had a lot of experience with buyouts and stuff, so I think it would have been nice to have been trained."

Because buying out at the Mansion is the job of Mr. Sophia and his servants.

It was tough at first, but Mikana taught me a lot, didn't she?

"That journey made me grow up."

"... good luck with something"

"… Applause"

"I was usually just going to have a memorabilia. Why do you both work so hard?"

When I say that, the two of them look face-to-face and subtle.

I don't think there's an element of thinking that deep in what we're talking about.

"Hey, I've heard from Raven about Mr. Cecily. Mr. Cecily for the rice, Mr. Cecily for the money, Mr. Cecily if you get hurt, Mr. Cecily for the brave ass wipe, and all the others Mr. Cecily..."

"... overworked death, on the verge"

"Both of you, stop looking at that pitiful..."

It's good because it's been a good experience for me.

It takes longer than expected for a brave man to buy and rot expensive ingredients that won't be sunny, for Mr. Raven to go shopping, or for Mikana to rub them with a woman who uses her eyes on the brave man...

"It's been a really... good experience..."

"Hey, Mr. Cecily! I'll stop looking at the sky with a distant eye. He's coming back."

"... return!

I was immersed in memories, but they shook my shoulders from both of us back to sanity.

"After all, Mr. Cecily looks like a hard worker!

"… cover"

"Right. We'll take care of whatever happens today to keep Mr. Cecily out of trouble."

"... I understand!

I appreciate you both feeling motivated, but today is a normal day out.

There are no brave men or Mr. Youki, and I don't think I'll get into any trouble.

... This is rude to both of you, let's withdraw.

"I don't know what it is. Let's not make a scene."

Roger that.

"... acknowledge"

Shopping begins with two people you can count on.