Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

We ran into him on our five-year anniversary shopping.

"Happiness, would you like to finish the shopping Sophia asked you to do first?"

"Well, it's better if you do what you're asked to do sooner rather than later, because you won't panic."

"... spare, hold"

"Because the captain is good at sticking his neck in things he doesn't plan to do."

"… Agreed"

It's also Mr. Youki's strengths to take good care of him...... they both seem to be struggling.

I have a similar experience, so you know how it feels.

"Well, shall we go?"

I'm going to finish shopping as I look at Happiness's notes.

As far as notes go, I didn't have a lot to buy that far.

We will look at the price and quality of the product as we go around the store and proceed with the shopping.

It's been a long time since I've seen and bought products myself like this......

"I don't know... you're shopping for something good without wasting it. I feel like I know all about shopping."

"... master"

"I don't think it's that amazing."

"That's what people who can say."

"… Agreed"

As far as I'm concerned, I was just shopping as usual.

"... on a date"

"Happiness. That's a forbidden question."

"... it's not about efficiency when you're on a date."

Mr. Youki will pull it off when you go out with Mr. Youki in the first place.

"Think about it, the captain's thinking about it, isn't he? Speaking of which... The captain once asked me a question about what to do with a date."

"Did that happen?"

I don't think Mr. Yowki has ever heard of me......

Happiness sounds like her first ear, too, tilting her neck.

"Oh, isn't it impossible to say I'll explain it with my mouth? Back then, captain. Well, if I did, I would have stayed where I was."

"… Agreed"

"Well, for Cecily's sake, it's a pleasure from Cecily..."

"You don't deny it."

If you were moving for me, I'd be happy to.

However, if I was bothering you around, it would be another story.

"Happiness wouldn't you be glad to hear that Mr. Raven is doing it for you too..."

"... intense, agree"

"Wouldn't you?"

"Oops. I have a feeling this is going to start a conversation about women. This place is in a remote position..."

Happiness grabs his arm and stops Mr. Duke from trying to escape.

You're an escort, so you can't run, can you?

"Let go, Happiness. There's been a lot of pink flowery conversation there lately. I want you to give me a break for being sweet."

"… Rejected"

Mr. Duke is trying to escape, but it looks like Happiness has no intention of letting go of her arm at all.

Is it also twisted, though Mr. Duke seems to easily shake Happiness off.

I'd be in trouble if I let you get hurt, so I guess that's the thing.

If you keep making noise like this, you'll get attention from around you, and it's time to stop it.

"Happiness, you'll be mistaken for staying like this"


Happiness gave me a surprised look and the arm I was grabbing together was released.


Despite being suddenly let go of his arm, Mr. Duke stepped on without falling.

In case you fall... it's a big case.

"Act discreet"

"... I guess so."

"... acknowledge"

I'll take the two quieter and keep shopping.

I just finished buying the stuff Sophia asked me to coarsely and was checking to see if there was any leakage.

"That's not the captain."

If you were looking at me and Happiness and the notes and the stuff you bought, that's what Mr. Duke said, pointing at you.

There was indeed a figure of Mr. Yowki there.

Looks like he's talking to an exotic guy who's coming to the merchant.

"Is this... a coincidence"

"... a miracle"

"In the meantime, shall I speak up"

"No, no, I'm just gonna check on you."

Mr. Duke will stop me.

It's something you shouldn't steal...... both Mr. Duke and Mr. Happiness have a bad look at each other.

Wouldn't it piss me off if I could?

"Look, I'm gonna be quiet."

"... approaching"

The tail has begun to follow me within my thinking.

I'm done shopping and... a little bit would be nice, wouldn't you say?

Though I'm sorry for Mr. Yowki, I'll follow you so you can't see this one.

Looks like Mr. Yowki didn't come here to do the shopping for a purpose.

Look at the products arranged on the rug and repeat the move to the next store.

This is Mr. Yowki, who kept doing that, but he finally seemed to find something that attracted his interest.

I nod to my hands many times and talk to the store people.

"What the captain has is armored, isn't it? Do you want to buy armor now? I'm magically strengthening my arm, so I don't think I need it."

"… Agreed"

"I don't think there's any harm in wearing protective gear, even though it can be strengthened."

Mr. Youki also had an idea and must have decided to buy it.

"Ah, the blade came out of your armor. Maybe that's why. Captain, I like that."

"... smile"

There is also a Yowki in my eye who is shaking to see the blade coming out of his armor.

... I was wondering if I could buy Mr. Youki if I needed one.

"Oh, I bought it. I feel like I've made a good purchase and I'm making it very easy."

"Right...... very satisfied look"

Mr. Yowki, who got the armor, started looking for things in the next store.

Now I seem to be focusing my interest on exotic flying tools I've never seen.

"Captain's willing to change his profession to an assassin."

"... mystery"

You two are saying that, but I know I'm not for those reasons.

Perhaps you are purchasing from the desire to try it because of the cool things in Mr. Youki.

"That's like Mr. Yowki's hobby. You're not shopping that expensive, and you won't have to worry."

"A hobby... Mr. Cecily understands."

"I have a hobby, too, and we need to understand each other there. If there is pushing or excessive scattering, the story is separate. When we're going to live together, there's a need to discuss it."

"... cohabitation"


Apparently, your mouth has slipped.

Is it caused by a relaxation of your mind, which is not good?

"If I do, I'm talking about"

"Wow, you're totally out of words. If the captain were listening, he'd be happy to jump."

"... absolutely"

"Did you say something so weird"

Happiness just said one word to my question, being realistic.

...... so much so that it doesn't sound like a joke in my relationship with Mr. Youki.

Looks like I can now understand what Happiness put into her short words, too.

This is something you should be happy about.

You can't help but be too happy and your face turns red, can you?

"... jeez"

"Hey, what is it, Happiness?"

"... silent"

"Send me a meaningful gaze. I don't think that's it. Tell me what you were thinking."

Happiness is a strange face even if I ask.

If you look closely, your face is pointing at me, but your gaze is sideways.

I'm not used to these situations so I'm having trouble...... but they're still sweet at a time when I'm calmly thinking about how to handle them.


"What's wrong, Mr. Duke?"

"Uh... no, it's nothing"

"... suspicious"

I feel the same way about you, Happiness, that's suspicious.

You two will turn your gaze to Mr. Duke, but you won't say anything.

My gaze never swims... it's crazy.

Don't you have to worry about the captain more than I do?

"It's okay. If you're Mr. Yowki, look."

When I point my finger at it, I'm starting to color in another store.

It's a store close to where we are, did they notice?

"Well, the captain would be fine."

"Yes, that's right"

"All of a sudden, I want you to tell me what you think about the current captain."


"I've heard similar things before, but I was wondering if you have any special thoughts because your trust in the captain is thicker than you thought."

"Special thoughts…? Right now, I'm in a situation where I can't walk through town without this sneaky form due to complicated circumstances. In the meantime, Mr. Youki is acting with a view to the future. When I say I take responsibility for myself, don't throw it halfway out and act. Maybe not when it comes to special thoughts...... I trust you about Mr. Youki"

"He's there, but I need a word in a shorter language."

"... please"

"Even Happiness...... right. Mr. Yowki, let's keep up the good work together. Is this the place?"

You may be ashamed to say it face to face.

In a nutshell, that's hard to tell.

"Um, you wanted to show the captain what Mr. Cecily looks like now."

"... Too bad"

"Then ask the next question…"

"What, you still have it?"

"Yes. Next time I'm alone with the captain..."

"Stop it!

Mr. Duke's shoulder was slapped.

It could have been dangerous if it had been my head.

Well, you knocked it on your shoulder because you know the circumstances, didn't you, Mr. Yowki?

"... out"

"You didn't leave. I thought it was about people."


Happiness shakes her neck silently to the side, making a wall with both hands toward Mr. Yowki and retreating one by one.

"Stop that blatant rejection, 'cause it's gonna scratch."

"What, does a captain hurt you?"

"What do you think I am?"

"... not worthwhile"

"Mr. Happiness, you know what I'm talking about, it"

Happiness confidently gets her thumbs up all the time.

Seeing such behavior, Mr. Yowki snapped his fingers around Happiness's temple...... is it okay?

"Don't you have to stop it"

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. It's the usual."

Mr. Duke is calmly watching the two of us.

... right, the four of us, including Seek, had a special bond.

"... it hurts"

"I did my best. Don't worry, don't call your boyfriend."

"... Ha!

"No, don't... So, what are you doing?"

Mr. Yowki looks at me and asks.

It's unwieldy... relieved.

"You noticed, didn't you?"

"No, because I notice"

"Was the disguise sweet? Could it be scattered around?"

"I don't think so. I don't feel weird. I'm just saying I'm gonna notice."


"You were shopping, weren't you? Can I mix it up?"

"... not allowed"

"Why not? I'm Ceci..."

"Mr. Cecily."

"Ah, well. I'm asking Cecily. It's good."

"Sure, that's good."

"Alright. Look, Cecily told me it was good, Happinessoo... ghhh"

Happiness's relentless blow has entered Mr. Yowki's flank.

As always...... what is it?

Even as we were shopping, the offense between the two of us continued.

I'm a little envious of you while you think it's useless to stop.

Sounds like fun...... all three of you.

Happiness putting on a little bit, Yoki putting in a scratch, and Duke watching.

You seem to be watching the amulet now, Captain, and I can hear Mr. Duke wanting you to buy it.

Looks like Happiness got bought as a result of joining us.

"Yes, Cecily's share"

"Thank you"

"Thank you for your generous captain."

"... thanks"

"Right, right. Thank you... wait a minute"

Mr. Yowki went back to the store when he looked like he remembered something.

I bought another amulet and left the store.

"If I told you I only bought the three of you, it would make Seek fuzzy."

"Sarasu, Captain"

"... hiuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

"I wonder what. I don't feel praised by you."

As always, the three of us are having a pretty rousing time.

... Me, you haven't forgotten, have you?

"Mr. Yowki is sweet."

"What, oh. Thanks?"

Mr. Yowki, as a little confused, is leaning his neck.

That's weird, I meant to compliment you.

That's strange, was there something in my way of saying it?

I'm curious, but more than that, what do you do after this?

"I have some luggage, and I think it's time to go home"

"I will."

"... acknowledge"

"So, do you want to go"

Mr. Yowki started walking with his luggage, naturally.


"What's wrong?"

"This is a bad flow for the Captain."

"... sucks"

"Seriously. Sorry, Cecily."

"No, that's not true. Um... I'm free today. Why don't you stop by when you get to the mansion?"

"Let's go. Let's get some tea and sweets."

"Captain, I'll split it five."

"... for all"

"I know what it is. Do you want to go to the usual store?"

That's what I said. Mr. Yowki takes my hand and walks out.

I stared at my arms because they grabbed me so naturally.

That's what I say......

"Mr. Yowki, you've changed."


"Looks like it was my fault after all"

"No, no, he said he cares. Tell me."

It's a secret.

Pull Mr. Yowki tilting his neck, and I'll take the lead.

You still don't seem to get me ahead of you because you can't solve your doubts.