If you're dating a man or a woman, I'll kiss you.

I found out about that in a previous life book or something.

I think so myself.

If you ask me if I'm at a thrilling age, I'm not, even the age of my last life is no-count.

Yeah, if you care about that, no. If you care...

"It's been a long time since you two walked down the night lane, so it's exciting."

Is it on purpose, Cecilia, that you're going to get excited quickly?

I'll be conscious, me.

Thanks to the face of the fox, the expression is hidden.

"Shall we keep going around the festival?"

"No, no, we're here as an escort, and we'd better be near those two..."

If it's not good. If it's good, Cecilia's got her arms tangled.

What, I don't understand.

"Just a little bit."

It's not against the rules, is it?

There's no man who can't fall from his first kiss.

"Oh, well. Yeah, I can check the position of those two anytime, too, and can I have a minute? A little bit, just a little bit."

"I'm sorry I said all I could."

"No, no, it's okay. Yeah? Are you okay? But those two will be fine, okay. Brave men and wizards, newlyweds."

"Do newlyweds have anything to do with this?"

No, you don't.


Cecilia laughs at me even in such an otherwise loving conversation.

The fox face is doing a really good job for me.

If I hadn't worn it, my face would be loose.

"Well, would you like to go just for a moment"


Tension is high before you go, Mr. Cecilia.

As much as my expectations seem high, I'm worried that I'll be able to do well.

"What's wrong?"

"What, why?"

The fox's face must be hiding my expression.

"... because I think that if I'm with Mr. Yowki, I'll be fine no matter where I go or what. You don't have to feel weird, go easy."

I thought you were an angel.

At the same time, I thought the future might be tough.

I can't believe the timing is perfect when you're hiding your face... can't you hide anything from Cecilia anymore?

You see the future laid on your ass.

"Well, is that good too"

"What is it"

"Talk over here. Let's hang out."

Pray in my heart not to get caught up in anything weird.

Did such prayer go through?

"Mr. Yowki, why don't you hit the ball"

"I've never eaten this sweet, fluffy treat before. Delicious."

"Even skewers don't sell in Minerva."

"I bought some noodles too...... does it look good on you?"

Very well, I can hang out without anything happening as scary...

Has Cecilia never enjoyed these festivals purely, shabby and amazing?

I'm whimpering about who I am, but there's no sign of that.

I normally have a date.

I'm walking in a yukata, face to face, grilled corn, with my girlfriend in one hand.

This situation is… a date.

There's something behind it, and I guess I can't help but think Cecilia's turning her hand again.

Not only was the journey so far a long but also a series of difficulties......

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing too happening, upside down anxiety"

"I used to root for a lot of things, but I didn't do anything this time. I don't think it's a good idea if there's nothing. Let's have fun at a time like this."

Certainly Cecilia is right.

Cecilia will be busy when she returns to Minerva, she has eyes around her, and she won't be able to date in vegan condition.

Have fun when you have fun...... right.

"You can have a day like this."


"Well, do you enjoy the festival purely"

Looks like my eyes lit up.

I was going to solemnly proclaim a couple exclusive events, audience-participating events, locally specific events and anything that might catch my attention around me...... it's banned.

"All right, let's go, Cecilia!

"Mr. Yowki, name!

"Ah, yabe."

Fortunately, I didn't get any attention.

He was cancelled by the sound of the festival.

I knew you had to be a little wary.

Be moderate... moderate.

But it didn't taste good to be in a couple exclusive events.

"Why are you here?"

"Hey, I wanted to leave you memories"

There were Yuga, Micana and his wife as participants.

You're not a couple.

"Events like this can whisper a grand love for Mikana."

"That's not the character, you..."

"honeymoon, I'll bring love to my new wife, I will"

"You have other participants, take turns"

I don't know what you're gonna do, but whatever I do, I feel like I'm gonna be sumptuous.

Yuga, you have a lot of tension in the gallery because you're so full of who you are.

You know, I'm in here, you know, tough.

I don't feel like I can fight it.

"Are you running away? Youki-kun and Cecilia are hiding their faces, so this is your chance. Your rival, the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, must be watching somewhere. Hit Cecilia with pure thoughts!

Even though they told me to bump my thoughts, I just bumped into you.

I don't care if they call it an appeal to the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman... it's me.

The alternation would not tolerate Yuga or the gallery.

The fox face is helping me, and I'll try.

"So, what are you doing..." Eh!

There's a sign standing on the stage that says shout out your love for her.

It's a festival, and is this kind of holding preferred?

You're going to put her in front of you in this crowd.

"I like her, who always prepares morning, noon and evening meals as a matter of course -"

"I like you every day, insignificant good morning, no good night."

"When I got home late from work, I didn't drink late with a girl while sharpening my knife, I like you!

Third man, the bad one!

Oh, there's a girl waving so much in the crowd.

That's the girl, for sure.

"Look, we're in order, so if you're distracted, it's Yoki's turn."

"I know what it is. Well, look at that."

It's my turn to say it before Yuga does.

Listen to my cry for my thoughts on Cecilia.

My turn turned when I was solidifying my resolve.

As the gallery caught my attention, I stepped forward and screamed.

"I like her for being by my side -!

I told you, a simple, easy-to-pass cry.

Something subtle happened when I looked around.

If you wonder why, I can hear you say it's normal.

It's normal, it's not a message for you guys.

I just have to tell Cecilia.

"Uh... I'm so happy with the knee pillow you gave me before,"

I put a fox face on it. That's all I said. I lowered my head and lowered back.

I'm jealous of you, you fox bastard. I hear you yelling at me to come down here, but I ignore you.

I did it.

Come on, try more cursing than I do, Yuga.

"I cannot express my gratitude to Mikana in words. 'Cause you talk too much, and my throat dries up."

What are you saying with a serious face, you brave man?

The gallery's stuck, too, I was hoping you'd say something amazing.

"So I'll show you in action. Look over there."

That said, Yuga pointed behind the gallery.

I'm being followed and checked, but there's nothing there.

I've often looked at it... but yeah, I knew there was nothing there.

"Yes, pay attention here!

When I turned my eyes to Yuga, I was tangling my fingers with Mikana, about three seconds before I kissed her.

Stupid, I can't believe I couldn't tell, even though I was relaxed.

"If it doesn't look possible for Mikana, I'll try! This is how I felt about Mikana in action."

I kissed him right in front of the public.

As the screams and curses fly, the gentle kiss just to touch ends.

"This is how I feel!

Yuga raised her right arm and shouted.

... without even knowing that Mikana, whose face is bright red and purple trembling, is making a fist grip.

Of course, Yuga was beaten as soon as he was cheered.