Not that there's anything about winning or losing, but the excitement was when Yuga was the best.

I think you were right to just run away before you were surrounded.

He looks a bit like that, so I'm walking with him in disguise... hoping he won't notice.

It feels good for both of us, and I'd like to go back to the inn, but I'm looking for Duke and Mr. Irene where they went......

And to that yuga......

"I lost."

"No, I was happy with Mr. Yowki's words.... the knee pillow... let me think."

"Ah, yes."

I want to make that statement, something that I didn't.

"Look, just walk!

"Okay, Mikana."

Yuga, who is totally holding the reins.

Well, you kissed me unannounced in front of all those people.

"Heh, heh!

"... why do you sometimes turn away"

"It would also be emotionally unstable"

"It's a situation in Micana where there's no tidying up going on."

"I'm ashamed to be happy, but you must be mixing it up."

"It's tough until you get used to it, Mikana"

"Don't say it with a smile, Cecilia..."

Mikana seems complicated.

Hmmm...... but hey.

"Yuga will go on top of it where he gets used to it. You can't get used to it all your life."

Who says we can anticipate and get used to the future of the brave man who goes the diagonal of anticipation and continues to evolve?

Mikana looks at Yuga and stops for a few seconds on my statement... you're thinking about the future.

"You feel realistic, that opinion. I'm going to understand Yuga better than anyone."

"It's okay, 'cause I'm not gonna bore you!

"What's okay with you, don't get me in the mood in that place, right? You have to live in fright every day."

"Every day for Mikana, because I work hard"

"That's where you don't have to work hard."

You're putting out a couple unique flirting.

You can't have that conversation without being certain that we're going to live together.

... Why were you worried about those two, me?

"This morning's epidemic seems to be a lie."

"I agree. Just worry about it."

"Still, Mr. Yowki won't leave you alone, will he?"

"It's Cecilia. That's a word you shouldn't say."

As a result of our relationship, we're in this place.

Nothing will ever happen with this in the future.

It's a rude way to put it, but it's Yuga.

The days that will haunt you will continue.

With love, you can get over it, yeah.

"Oh, my God, suddenly you're so sweet."

"No, keep up the good work."

"I knew Atashi had to work hard..."

"It's okay, because I'll be there for Mikana..."

"Would you like to change the subject around here?"

Cecilia, Nice Follow.

I'm done talking about hard work, not hard work. What's the next topic?

"If you're Youki-kun, you'll never beat the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman!

This is it.

It's good to know who you are now.

Mikana is sending signals with her eyes, and Cecilia is nodding.

Let's do it.

"Hey, give me an ear."

"Ouch, it hurts, Youki-kun!

I'm putting my strength into it, so I guess it hurts naturally.

Totally, you're the one who says strange things.

"You don't have to pull so hard..."

"Shut up and listen because it's good.... Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, I am who I am"

Then why didn't you tell me?

"I taught you. I made a strange mistake revealing who I am. I'm sorry about you. So, the result of worrying too much about me and Cecilia is this honeymoon. Mikana asked me to shut up about who I am."


"I mean, I tried to figure out how much to prioritize myself over us."

"Oh no... so I was disappointing Mikana"

I got the look as if the end of the world had come.

Hey, if you keep it to yourself and you look like that, you two would be worried.

"Well, Mikana would have been satisfied with that. I got married after understanding that. When I saw how things were going, it seemed like my worries were gone."

"I'm not convinced!

Originally, you must have sprinkled it.

Talk about the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, where have you been?

Yuga's eyes... they're burning.

I'll do something now, I'll do everything I can. The aura is overflowing.

Hmm, then I'll give him an assist.

"... but I think it was a good memory that we walked the festival alone."


"I know, I guess it's not enough. There's not a lot of memories of the two of us even though our honeymoon is at a turning point."

I'm not talking about whether it would be better if we were alone for a long time.

It's also important to be satisfied.

"Micah might look satisfied. Yuga picked me up... you just won't end up to that extent"

Brave Yuga is the man who ever goes the diagonal of prediction.

I picked him up and went around the festival with him. So it's over... there's no way.

"Yuga can entertain you more, create more memories in your heart... that's what I think"


"Of course, I'm not talking about doing whatever you want. About Mikana... no. Think about the two of you, including yourself, and blow up your act. That would be a definitely good result."


You're impressed with my words. I've been holding my hands tight.

"Hey stop, if they grip you so hard..."

I wanted to say I would make a strange mistake, but it was too late.

Micana and Cecilia's gaze stings.

"You know, you can't take my husband."

"Mr. Yowki, I don't think that's a good idea"

"I don't know why!

Of course, it was like it was a joke and the two of them were laughing when they saw me out loud.

Hey, I don't want you to stop because this is a funny joke.

"Did I do something wrong?

"If you don't know, leave it unknown"

It's nothing. It's not the knowledge you need to live.

"Oh well... but I can't believe Youki-kun was the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman"

"So unexpected?

They think it's not my character.

It hasn't been switched on lately. Shall I turn it on?

"I can't believe I'm the same person when I think about Cecilia. It's not as soon as I know. Why didn't you know?

"No, that's a little..."

Yuga is reluctant to say.

What the hell is the reason?

"Yoki, you're not mad at me."

"Now you care about that. We've solved a lot of problems, so we'll see a lot of things."

"Oh well... actually. I didn't think Yoki was that strong."

"Ho ho."

"Look, Youki-kun and I won't tell Cecilia very strongly, and this time, the treatment from someone I know of him or Raven's girlfriend, the knight who's here with me... right? So... I don't think he's the same person."

"As long as it takes."

"... you're not mad"

Yuga asked terribly.

"I'm not mad at you.... It's just not good that you're being licked. I'm sorry we're floating around on our honeymoon, but we'll have special training when we get home."

"This... feels more intimidating than the Demon King. Experience like this, like it's been before..."

Shit, I'm too well.

That's it, I'm not going to let it go.

My gaze from Cecilia pierces me...... right!

"That would be... that would be when I did something and got a real sermon from Cecilia"

"... the situation is certainly quite hopeless."

"Remember that escaping, inescapable space. I don't think I'm going to go against it. It's overwhelming... you won't have to talk about it any more"

"I know... I know, Youki-kun!

They convinced me.

Thank you, Cecilia... and thank you.

Looks like I made the wrong choice.

Cecilia stood there with a very gentle look on her arms.

"... Mikana, I'm sorry I'm newly married, but you owe my husband just a little"


"Hey Mikana, I'm quick to convince you..."

No Yuga protests arrive and Cecilia grabs the root.

I can't run anymore.

"Okay, wait. I'll be right back."

"Mi, Mikana. Micanor!"

"Come on in."

A daughter-in-law who drops off her husband with no food on his face.

Come back safely, Yuga.

"... what, you're looking at me like I'm some other HR."


"When Yuga gets back, it's your turn next."

"Oh, I knew it"

"It's not natural. Cecilia just cared not to leave Atashi alone. You're the one who ran your mouth first, so you better be ready."

"... Yes"

It was the day I learned that I had to think about her and speak.

Oh, I hear Mr. Irene and Duke had nothing in particular.

You said you were talking about the security situation at this festival.

It's a colorless conversation.

We're alone in the hotel room.

"Well... overwhelming, what is it? I'd love for you to tell me the words that go on. What do you think, Mr. Yowki?"

"... excuse me"

Mutual understanding is important, you have to think before you speak.