"No, I'm glad you fit in safely."

In the morning, when I woke up, Duke came to visit my room for this one word.

I think it's too early to say it's fit in safely.

First, even though it is because the Yuga and the others have solved it......

"What about you?"


"Don't shut up."

"No, yesterday was a little out of time for the festival. Irene can't have too many people. I'm not sucking on something, but it's a detonator from me."

"You're not the same type as Yuga"

Well, then you can't make a mood.

It would be nice to be confined to a confined space.

This is the only way to force us to be alone... Oh, my God.

"Well, do you want to prepare"

I lay my hands on the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman Set.

"... you don't have to go out of your way to dress up like a brave man anymore."

"What are you talking about, you. There will be Mr. Irene. Besides, this request was received by the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. I'm supposed to be wrong."

"Uh, as good as it gets. You can't just leave Irene on a boulder."

"... because you should know as little as possible about who I am. It's not that time yet."

The change of clothes was completed while I was talking to Duke.

It was great for Yuga, and now I don't have to waste my gaze on it, so I feel comfortable.

"Come on, it's breakfast. Let's go, Duke!

Roger that.

I took Duke out of the room.

"What are you doing today?"

"The appointment is pending, Duke. I don't know what's going to happen. I'll do my best in a situation... that would be top notch work"

"Really, I'm going crazy because I'm different, but can't you handle it?"

"Unfortunately, I am now the Demon Swordsman of Black Thunder..."

This is what the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman always does.

When I ran out, Duke stopped saying anything more.

"Well, I left the room. We are no longer allowed to be alarmed. Attract."

"You don't even know what's going to happen if you're not out there yet."

Duke feels like he doesn't know what it means.

That's sweet, then you can't handle Yuga.

"Right. Look, there was a yuga in just the right place"

He hasn't noticed this one, he's been walking in a good mood since morning.

"You just look like you're walking, so nothing happens... it's third-rate to think"

"No, no... that's crazy. I don't know what kind of prefetch you're trying to get when you're just walking."

"Right... it'll be a battle when I get back to my room"

Sneaking behind Yuga, he walked into the room as expected.

"Well, I'm pretty sure Mikana's in the middle of a change of clothes."

When I said it, I heard Mikana coming from the room.

"Predictable. I don't know what kind of development awaits after this."

"It's good to be a couple, Yuga's excuse begins"

How could you be so angry?

"I do feel that way, too."

"For some reason...... it's Yuga who runs even more extra here"

"I bought it, thinking hard that I would look good on Mikana because of it... what!?

Yuga blew out of the room.

Looks like they threw a pillow at me.

"He said he picked it out and bought it... something"

"I don't know. I just need a little more information."

Watching it go, the door to the room closed.

Looks like they locked it too.

You shut me out perfectly.

I wish I had stayed disappointed, but I think I noticed this one.

You waved at me.

"Hey. You've made me look a little embarrassed."

Yuga is, haha, grinning and scratching her head pounding.

Not a bit, is it?

Totally, now what did you do?

"What did you do when you said you were finally settled? The request is for an escort. The repair of the couple was not included in the request."

"Oh, haha... right? Phew..."

Look at me. You're laughing.

Looking at the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and laughing is... disrespectful.

"What's wrong with you?"

"No. I honestly didn't think well of it until now. I was wondering about your relationship with Cecilia. I won't even take a mask, Cecilia. I thought you were absolutely fooled or threatened. When I found out it was Youki-kun... heh"

I laughed again.

All right, let's slash it.

Duke stopped me where I put my hand on the sword on my back.

It's not a good idea to make a scene in the hotel.

It's good to be out there as long as it takes.

"I'm supposed to be escorted. I'm terribly motivated to kill from that escort."

"You're responsible for what you've invited."

"That's why. Well, don't worry. When I wake up, I'll arrange for you to stay on my wife's foot."

The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman has full after-sales service.

"I'm glad you did, but maybe not now. Micah's in a bad mood."

"I know that. Anyway, I guess I was excited to see you change and hugged you, and you zeroed out a drink and bought Mikana's wrath."

"That sounds like a specific deduction."

"Uh... were you peeking?

"Am I hitting it!?

"Pfft... I can easily assume this kind of thing if you put a black thunder demon swordsman on it. But it wouldn't be perfect. Brave Yuga's actions should go above my imagination...... don't they?

That's what Yuga did.

"Yeah. It fits that you hugged me and zeroed my drink. So, not only did Micah bring the zero drinks, but it took all the change of clothes. I bought it at a store nearby to apologize, but it didn't seem to bother me."

"You went shopping alone for clothes for women."

You're doing pretty high hurdles.

I think it's an acceptable act because you're a handsome brave man.

I can't do it, if you're a regular.

"Of course, I bought underwear."

"You're a brave man."

You're a brave man.

It's true, Yuga is a brave man.

I thought you should borrow it from Cecilia.

"... right"

With one word of this Duke, Mikana's total dressing extermination case closed.

Yuga bought the clothes, yeah... you were too temperamental.

I bought clothes that would make me want to ask if I was going to the party.

... I decided that Mikana was the right size, but I was whining but didn't hear her.

Yeah, this is what happens when brave men become husbands.

I almost got a thirsty laugh, but I caught it.

Bring the brave Yuga and Duke, breakfast at will.

Breakfast and bip treatment in a large room rental.

It was too late yesterday and I was eating it personally.

"Yeah. That would happen."

Micah apparently borrowed clothes from Cecilia.

It is a hard decision.

Yuga, on the other hand, has a look like why.

"Mikana, what clothes did I buy...?

"You can't wear it. Where are you going to party?"

It's your best opinion.

"Micah came to visit me in a dress, so I thought something was up."

"That's right. I couldn't help but walk dressed in a sea inn. Totally..."

Micah needs to be in a good mood.

Are you okay with this even though we made up?

"So Lord Brave. I'd like to know what's going on with your plans today."

"Oh, yeah, yookie... it wasn't. Black Thunder Demon Swordsman......"

Hey, you're pretty much right already.

Yorkie, it doesn't make sense to stop it, because it's awesome.

Attention is drawn to Mr. Irene, the only one in this who does not know who the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman is.

"Hey, what is it?"

With all due respect, Mr. Irene asks this way.

Yeah...... I haven't noticed at all, this guy.

'Cause they teach you that eating when you can and gaining strength is basic as a knight.'

Duke's supplementary information flew in from the side.

Mr. Irene was faithful and helpful in his teaching.

No, Yuga, I'm kidding.

I want to piss you off...... oh, I'm pinched from Micana and Cecilia.

Maybe you're paying attention in my place.

You're seriously pissed off for what you two look like because you're in danger.

Yuga, who deserved it, was set to give a double sermon.

Well, I'll be back soon, because I'm a brave man.

"... So, I'd like to ask Lord Brave again, what are your plans?

We're already at the turning point, please.

"Actually. Micah and I are going to a deserted island."

... I thought you were on your honeymoon and asked where you were going.

Did I ask the wrong question?

No, Yuga's expression is bee.

Why did that happen……,

"Because I didn't make any memories. There, you two can play as much as you want."

The word alone is emphasised.

Well, that's what a deserted island would do.

Because there's a shipwreck flag, and it's Yuga.

I don't know what Mikana would say.

"Atashi... if what Yuga would say"

It is just consent.

What, are you going to be shipwrecked?

"From here on out, I'll show you how Yuga can entertain you.... and because Atashi is anxious to do something wrong on his own, you can listen to me once or so."

"Mikana...... ok. Then let's get ready quickly. You're gonna help me, aren't you, guys?

I don't like it, I don't know what to say.

So the brave couple are going to a deserted island.

You won't be shipwrecked, but Yuga can do something about it.

Help you get ready while you don't worry.

I finished packing the boat for the two of us with food, clothes and anything else that might be needed.

All you have to do is go, perfect.

Then I'll go, and the brave couple traveled with a refreshing smile.

And the next day, a storm came.