Blowing winds, unstoppable thunderstorms, wild waves.

It is a storm, no matter how you look at it.

No, I thought these patterns were gonna be stormy.

So, I just feel like I really didn't know it was coming...

This is what happens when you wake up in the morning.

"Aww... it's amazing out there, but are the braves okay? I'm worried."

Only Mr. Irene is tempered.

This girl, she's a good girl.

I guess my hands tremble enough to eat breakfast.

I saw how it was. Duke is putting on his apron quickly.

Consideration would be given to keeping clothes clean.

But isn't this more like a parent or child than a lover?

Well, now it's about Yuga.

Um, I don't think you need to worry so much.

"Don't insult the power of the brave. There's nothing to worry about in this storm."

You'll fly home if you have to.

Even if you can't use the boat, Yuga has wings.

Even in a storm like this, you'll come back with a princess holding Mikana.

"Mr. Irene. Because brave men also have long journeys. I've done some wild boarding in these weather. Micah's here, so it's okay."

That's what Cecilia said when we were traveling together, so it's okay.

"We'll wait here for the two of us to come home, that's all."

It just gets a lot wet when you go out in a storm like this.

I have nothing to do but relax.

I wonder if I'll even study how to sit down that looks big.

"Captain, Captain"

"Oh, my God, Duke"

Sounds like a secret story, I've been whispering it in my ear.

"What do you think will happen to the captain after this?"


"No, I thought the captain would know what would happen after this. See, you're used to this kind of thing."

I don't want to get used to it.

Stop saying things like you're used to trouble.

I don't like it and get caught up in it.

I'm just always in a situation where I have to stick my neck in.

I'm not bad...... should be.

"Well, it's okay to predict. I want you to tell me."


It's a situation left over from a deserted island.

"In the meantime, the boat may not be at the Yuga's anymore"


"Likely to be flushed"

The rope that was connected was broken or overturned, that's why.

"And then we're out of clothes, and we're both snug with leaves."

"I don't know how that's gonna happen."

"It's only a possibility. And then we go into a cave, and it's cold to start a fire, so we both have hugs and go to sleep... something like that."

"Uh... that's what's gonna happen in the end"

I'm not married, so it's nothing nasty or anything.

It is the difference between a place to sleep in a cave or on a bed.

I'm talking about keeping a cackerwoof.

The voices of Mr. Irene and Cecilia say that the two men are having a secret conversation.

That one shows a lot of excitement in Girls Talk...... not there.

Cecilia looks at this one with a troubled look.

You're asking for help, I know that.

Honestly, I'm not used to Mr. Irene's opponents, so I'm anxious, but it's for Cecilia.

Let's try our best.

"I'm sorry it was so exciting just the two of us. What are you talking about?

"I was listening to the brave men's journey!

It was Mr. Irene who responded with his eyes sparkling.

Ooh, that's a great momentum.

"I'm not really worried about you guys, so I'm starting to get interested in what difficulties the braves have been going through. This time it's a deserted island, but I guess I've traveled in other harsh environments..."

As long as it's done, you know... you know what?

"Hmm, that's a black thunder demon swordsman who's been creeping through numerous training grounds. I'd be interested, too. So come here..."

Attempt to pull Cecilia's right hand and take her out.

"Oh, it's sloppy. You're going to keep the story to yourself. That's not going to happen."

Mr. Irene grabbed Cecilia's left hand.

It becomes a diagram of pulling together without giving way to each other.

No, no... I'm usually the guy in the middle position.

"I don't mind these situations because I'm used to them in orphanages..."

Squeeze with the look Cecilia gave up.

I guess I'll experience it until I get used to it.

Do you mean popular people are hard?

I hear you really think about them better off letting them go first at times like this.

When I give Cecilia to Mr. Irene......

"Pfft, you can't give Cecilia away if they say it's a woman. Don't think you can easily break my bond with Cecilia."

"Wow, I was about to talk to you first. Anything sideways is sloppy!

Returned in True Argument.

I thought Mr. Irene would be able to say something.

I can't believe you calmly put a scratch in it.

I thought you'd be deluded from your usual image... what am I going to do?

"Look, Irene. It's coming this way."

"Mr. Duke. But I..."

"There was a board game at the inn, so we competed."

Where did you bring it from?

Duke is holding the board game and grabbing Mr. Irene's shoulder and inviting him.

It's like chess.

Can you catch Mr. Irene with that?

"You showed me the elf's brain. Well, if you're not sure, it's good..."

I'd say something nasty.

But do you want to ride such an understandable provocation?

"Mm-hmm. That would be good. Take it and stand."

I got in.

Muki, and Mr. Irene head to the table to intimidate Duke.

Duke went to the table while he scolded Mr. Irene, too.

He stood just turning his face and snapping his thumb.

That's just Duke.

I took Cecilia out of the dining room within the moment.

"Thank you..."

"After all, was the story of the journey tough"

"Yes... because I didn't want to imitate it like breaking my dreams"

That's all I'm saying.

No, I guess it was enough to say that.

"In fact, what would it be like to talk?

"It's going to be Nojuku, isn't it? First of all, I'm the cook."

I know that.

And then you think Raven was cooking wild dishes made by the Knights?

"Mr. Raven had a lot of knowledge of edible weeds, so he was sourcing food."

"What are the roles of the two of you currently in distress......?

"Mikana is on fire, the brave are on perimeter alert..."

Can't you survive?

"Well, you won't die..."

"It doesn't matter if it doesn't develop by the time it takes to live or die. It's my honeymoon."

Because during their honeymoon, they are also responsible for the two of them who decide to go to a deserted island.

"Well, you'll be back when the storm subsides. If you have to, you can fly Yuga. The princess said she was going to hug me and fly away."

You can trust the power of Awakened Yuga.

"The problem is, Mr. Irene. How shall we delude ourselves? You can lie about it."

Even Mikana got married, and she would have improved her cooking skills than she did at the time.

If Yuga is for Mikana too, it's because he's a brave man who can power things up.

He said he could make excuses later even if he had some stories.

"Really? … If that's what Mr. Yowki says, let's try it"

I thought you'd disagree...... is that good?

"Maybe you wonder why I wouldn't disagree?

I'm the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman now, how did you read your mind when you didn't see your face in the mask?

"Because there was a weird time. I wonder if that's why Mr. Yowki stops. It's easy to understand, isn't it, Mr. Yowki?"

"... at all. I didn't know even the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman was any match for Cecilia. Don't you have enough training?"

"There are a lot of places I can't beat Mr. Yowki, either."

"Which is a lot less hostile. Next time, we'll look into it."

"That battle doesn't seem to end, so without"

"Then every day means battle"

"That would be tiring....... but I also feel like I've been getting more mucky lately. Heh heh, maybe you won't back off."

...... I hope that day doesn't come.

"Well, shall we return?"


After the consultation, I went back to the dining room... something is going on.

We both have bees in our eyes.

I can't tell you the exact thing because I don't know the rules of the board game I'm playing... it sounds mutual.

Duke was a counselor when he lived with the four of us.

Happiness, it was Duke who was working out the time and strategy to go hunting with Seek.

What about that Duke and each other... by Mr. Irene?

"Hey, Duke"

"Captain, I don't want you talking to me right now."

"Oh, excuse me"

They're concentrating.

I didn't know distracting behavior would fit into a nasty battle.

"Mr. Irene, the..."

"Excuse me, I just need a moment"

"Oh, really?"

Mr. Irene feels the same way as Duke.

I wonder if I can leave these two alone now.

"Let's hope Yuga and the others are safe."


But the Yuga's never returned without prayer.

The next day, Mr. Irene and Duke disappeared from the inn.

... Shipwreck?