"Why is this happening..."

I was leaning my neck in the dining room.

Only me and Cecilia are in the dining room right now.

I woke up in the morning and waited in the dining room, but they wouldn't come, so I went to my room and it was a mushroom.

If you're going out, say something.

"You're in trouble. Master Brave and Mikana are not back, either. I can't believe you went out without saying anything."

"Outside, why are you going out? What are those two thinking?"

The storm continued yesterday.

Dating weather like this...... no.

It's hard to think of Duke as going out without permission.

I don't know because I actually do.

"Mr. Yowki didn't hear anything from Mr. Duke, did he?"

"You haven't heard anything. I couldn't afford to talk to him yesterday."

The board game was too hot to create a world for both of us.

Make two worlds for different reasons.

We were staring at each other like this guy was a good competitor.

No, look at each other in a love romance way.

You guys are supposed to be a couple, not rivals.

"That's right. I'm no longer involved with Mr. Irene either."

"You two were roaming the inn together."

I was watching the two of us fight at first.

But I won. I lost repeatedly, and there's no sign of it ending, so I walked out of the dining room.

"Well, there wasn't much to see. I'll be right back in my room, talking to you."

"Because even at lunch and dinner, Mr. Duke and Mr. Irene were rigging about the strategy of the board game. I don't think I told you anything unusual at that time."

I agree with Cecilia.

Then why did the two disappear?

And why aren't the Yuga and the others back?

"The Dukes are a mystery too... and so are the Yuga. Come back with your wings on the Holy Sword."

"You're not enjoying being alone on a deserted island in a storm like this, are you?"

"I don't think extreme survival from a mistake is something we experience on our honeymoon."


I'll never forget that honeymoon.

"There were all kinds of weddings too..."

"I was born under a star like that, Yuga... Cecilia, will you stop looking at that kind of thing?"

I can't even tell you about people, I can see you complaining with your eyes.

Well, maybe I am.

"As for Mr. Yowki, we'll discuss it later."

"Are we discussing this!?

"Now you're talking about the brave men."

"That's right."

Forget how we'll discuss it later.

What do we do about the four of us?

"Even if Yuga and the others are on a deserted island, where did Duke and Mr. Irene go?"

"Can't you even look for Mr. Yowki?"

At least I'm not in this inn.

I can't go out and look.

"This storm, then, is pointless to enhance your sense of smell and hearing."

My investigative skills aren't helping, are they?

"Now let's see if there's any information left in the inn."


Cecilia and I will find out where there seems to be some clue.

First I checked out the room where the two of us were staying, but there was nothing particularly disturbing about it.

I had a bag, but fishing for personal effects is just a little bit.

I thought it might be left on the table in a letter, but there was no such thing.

"Don't you have any other idea, Mr. Yowki?"

"Hmmm... if those two have anything to do with it, I wonder if the rest is there"

I headed to the room with Cecilia.

"What is this?"

"Hey, I'm sorry I messed up because I was in a hurry to get ready"

In the room I showed you, a room with disguised goods, etc. used at the festival yesterday.

I have prepared everything and left it here.

"Really? But you've prepared a lot."

"Well, we didn't have time."

"But this isn't working. We need to make sure we clean up. It's a rented room."

Apparently, the tragic state of the room in which things were placed in a mess is unforgivable for Cecilia.

Yeah, you don't have this, do you?

"Sorry, I'll clean up soon"

I'll act as soon as I decide.

Something familiar when you separate things quickly.

"This is..."

"What's wrong?

They don't see me because I'm shady in Cecilia behind me.

I look back slowly...

"It's not a fake, is it?

I showed Yuga's holy sword.


Cecilia is also stunned.

The moment I found it, I couldn't figure it out, so I opened my mouth and stopped.

Yuga's holy sword that was buried in the weapon.

Now what's it about here......

"Speaking of which, you deposited your weapon with Duke yesterday. Including Yuga's Holy Sword."

I told Duke to do a rough job as an arms dealer.

Who asked you to clean up after that?

Yuga told us about the deserted island right away, so we were all busy.

"But now you know how the Yuga's not coming home."

"Yes. You didn't come back, you couldn't come"

"Oh. Yuga without a holy sword is like a useless holy sword at the earliest"

"That's too much to say..."

"I don't think it's wrong as an assessment. This is totally yuga carelessness."

"That's right..."

I guess Cecilia knows there's an irresistible part of it, too.

I don't strongly disagree.

Because it's true.

"Well, if I sneak up to the Yuga's and deliver the Holy Sword, it's resolved. I don't have a clue about the Dukes."

"Yes. Where have you been?"

"Anyway, it might be better to have solved the Yuga's. I'll bring you this."

Flying through the storm is a little resistant, but I can't help it.

Let's put it in the boat. It might be unnatural, but I can't think of any other way.

I'll drop you off.

"No, it's a storm outside, and Cecilia can take her time at the inn."

"You do it because I want to drop you off. Mr. Yowki goes even in the rain, doesn't he? Let me at least drop you off."

I could not convince Cecilia, although I resisted because it would get wet.

I've had a lot of resistance.

If I catch a cold, I'll be in trouble, I gave my reasons why I might make a mistake... but I lost.

I don't know, my reasons were all the best.

Are you two leaving the inn for the coast because I'm weak or because Cecilia is strong?

I'm worried about the future if I don't get stronger.

"It's windy and rainy."

"Oh. I was talking yesterday about whether it would have stopped a little if it was tomorrow. I'm not stopping you."

The waves are absurd, and I don't think something's mad at me.

If I had thought about that, something would have fallen off the coast that I care about.


I was rushing over... picking up a familiar helmet.

"Aren't you the captain? Good ~"

"It's not good!

Was it Duke after all?

The helmet was prepared by me, so I immediately found out.

But why is it just my neck again?

"Explain briefly what's going on."

"Irene and Shipwreck"

"You guys too!

I knew they were in distress.

Of the three couples, two were shipwrecked.

It's not an event that happens during your honeymoon...