I need to hear more about the situation from Duke, just the neck.

"Mr. Yowki, isn't that... Mr. Duke? Why is it just the neck?"

"Oh, I don't know either. We need to get back to the inn and listen to the situation."

"No, no, I need your help right away!

"You want us to know what's going on in this situation?

It's a storm, it's cold, it's windy.

Ignore the twitching Duke...... what shall I do?

"Why don't you see from the innkeeper that I didn't have anything when I left, but when I got back, I had a helmet?

"You're not going back to war, are you?"

I'm talking about whether you even hunted down martial arts.

If they peek into the helmet, it is out.

"Shh. Evacuate in the shadow of a rock where there is a slight rain storm."

Me, Cecilia and... I moved to the rock shade with just my neck duke.

Honestly, it's not completely shy because of the wind...

"It'll be fine here. Duke, what happened?"

"Uh... let me start by explaining where Irene and I are gone"

Duke, just the neck, spoke of what happened in the morning.

"Just before I went to bed yesterday, things went wrong with Irene. You didn't answer anything when I asked. If you ask me, I'll tell you I put a normal sword in the wrong boat, not a holy sword."

The killer, Mr. Irene.

Well, I wasn't sure if I had prepared an important holy sword. Yuga's bad too, so it's hard to blame around there.

"As far as I'm concerned, I thought the captain would do something about it, so I encourage him to be okay... but I'm no longer leaving a note in a slightly blind gap"

"In the gap where I took my eyes off... Who is Mr. Irene?"

You think I won't be stealing Duke's eyes?

I wouldn't have been alarmed either.

It's hard to think about getting out of Duke from what I normally do.

Cecilia's surprised, too, and she must have a similar idea to me.

"I feel like going in again if there's a hole in the note that was left... But I don't have a hole, so I'm going to go to the cave and reflect. If it says anything, it's gonna pop up."

Me and Cecilia looked at each other and sighed loudly.

"Don't jump out on me, please."

"No, it was late at night and I was planning on bringing him back soon. I will. Irene's legs are faster than I thought. I always run in the Knights' workouts... but it's a record update."

Awakening or yuga in the earthen pit.

"It's not a record update. So what's this situation?

"In the end, it wasn't until we caved in, did it? So if I persuaded you that... the cave would collapse, right? The sea water also floods and Irene grates it out. I'm the only one who can't fix it, so if it's just my head, there's a gap that seems to get me out of here, so I'm here to get the captain."

This storm is unlikely to bring out witnesses.

If they saw it, well... there was one more sea mystery. I think I could also mislead it in a targeted way.

"But hey... fuck off"

"Well, you missed it. But I didn't have time, so I was wondering if I could help. It popped up without much explanation. You're feeling shaken up."

It's easy for me to say. Is it good?

... I'm talking about Duke and I guess I've already made up my mind.

Then don't say anything.

"I largely understand the situation. Show me to the cave. I'll help you."


Ask Duke to show you to the cave.

When we got to the scene, Mr. Irene's voice came from behind the collapsed cave.

"Mr. Duke, Duke."

Looks like I've read Duke's name many times.

"Duke. He's coming back. I miss you, I miss you. You can't talk without your neck!

I'm having some kind of cute panic.

My neighbor Cecilia is smiling, too, in a circumstantial situation.

"Anyway, we have to do something about this rubble. Let's magically fuck Dawn all at once."

"If you do that, this cave will collapse!


"There's a hole in there that I put my neck through, so I can't spread it."

Duke gives instructions with only his neck.

Let's do it.

Impossible for a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman...... nah!

"Well, I guess this is it"

The reinforced arm was screwed and adjusted by the magic of the wind to make a clean spiral hole.

As soon as the road opens, Duke's neck flies into the hole.

Were you quite worried about Mr. Irene?

"Uh, I'm finally back in my body."

"Uh!? Mr. Duke, the first voice. That's not much."

"No, no, I'm tired of just moving around my neck. Because you float with magic. Good, good."

"It's not good. I suddenly call for help. - I don't know what to say, but I'm going without an explanation. How thoughtful I felt..."

"Yes, yes, I'm sorry. Let's get the hell out of here."

I hear a conversation that sounds like fun because we're close.

Funny...... I haven't really touched on Mr. Irene's pursuit, about his neck.

She seems angry about leaving herself alone and going somewhere.

"I don't think it's terrible to leave a woman alone in such a dark cave!

"Isn't Irene starting to crawl into the cave? It's like I'm involved. I'm not alone, I left my body behind."

"It doesn't make sense to just be left with your body. He wouldn't reply if I talked to him, and if he rocked his body, he reacted."

"I knew you'd shake it. I didn't see you, so I wanted you to stop. I'm anxious, so I can't see and shake my body."

"I don't know, that's not true! Because I... can't just move around my neck... right?

"... that's what you do"

"I want you to tell me. About Mr. Duke. I... want to know about Mr. Duke"


I'm about to start something.

You're not here!

I don't know when it will collapse, flooded and my legs are cold, storm outside.

I might smash the seriousness, but let me get this straight.

"I'm leaving you!

"Come on, let me get ahead of you, Irene. We're getting out of here. There's Cecilia, too, and that voice could leave us for real."

"What, but Mr. Duke"

"Eh, nothing. I understand your reply. I will only allow it. Come on, reply!

"Okay, Mr. Duke!

What is this Army-style conversation?

Mr. Irene, have you forgotten that you're more senior than Duke?

It would be nice if it were in person.

Take the two of them out of the cave safely with the hourglass forward.

I knew it would definitely get wet in the storm outside.

And not long after a breath, I discovered something I didn't like.

"That... is the boat Micah and the brave man took."

"That's right."

A boat was flowing down the coast.

You look blue. Mr. Irene leaves it to Duke and Cecilia to check the condition of the boat.

There's no hole... there's no hole.

Was the rope used to keep the boat connected?

Did you cut it or a thousand?

I wonder if it's unlikely to overturn.

When I went back to the three of them because I checked the whole thing out, Mr. Irene was sitting back.

"Ha ha... what shall we do? This is my fault, isn't it? Because I put a normal sword on the boat by mistake. What are you doing following me as an escort?"

Pretty depressing.

No, no, he said it was quick to assume the worst.

You don't have to have a holy sword Yuga...... yeah, Mikana is with you and it's okay.

"Please cheer up, Mr. Irene. The brave man and Mikana are safe."

Cecilia crouches in and takes encouragement to match Mr. Irene's gaze.

"I know we were traveling together. We ended our journey, exposed to threats other than these storms. That's not how brave you are or what happens to Mikana."

Cecilia's words and gentle grin brighten Mr. Irene's face.

At a time like this, I don't think Cecilia's any better.

"So don't worry, Irene..."

Cecilia's words were extinguished by the sound of an international strong wave.

Zapan, something dances through the universe with the sound of

That was... that swimsuit Mikana was wearing.