"No. That's still what I'm talking about. Yo!

What do you mean?

Sure, that's definitely the swimsuit Micah wore. But that was just launched to the coast.

There's no need to panic.

"Calm down, still a knight"

"I'm a knight. A knight, though! I can't calm down. Because... well, my swimsuit..."

Mr. Irene, I'm crying.

I need to reassure you quickly. That's pathetic.

"Totally your kids are in trouble because this is it"

"Oh, a child. I'm not a child. Why am I your child!

Where did the crying face go, her cheeks swollen and puffy and cute and angry.

If you don't know, I'll explain.

"I'm wrong at the point where I mess up about this much. If you're not a child, calmly analyze the situation. Guess the possibilities from the bills you're given."

"Possibility... guess?

"That's right. Newlyweds, deserted islands, storms, unable to return...... swimsuits were launched in this situation. I mean, now Mikana and Yuga...!

"Shall I keep my mouth shut around there, Devil Swordsman?"

Cecilia stopped me before I ran out.

When I go into a stop, I slap him with a harrison, pull his ear, but Cecilia's not.

A smile that won't let them say whether or not, that's all.

If Cecilia says anything to you and you do this, you have to obey, absolutely.

"I can't believe the swimsuit has been launched... isn't it quite possible for the swimsuit to be flushed?"

"Oh. I hear you're wearing a bikini and going up..."

It's been flushed up and down the set.

So am I... hey?

"Demon Swordsman...?

You just guessed by the gaze directed at the swimsuit. Caution enters from Cecilia.

Isn't Cecilia getting more sensitive to me every day?

I don't think it's my fault.

Do you even train without my knowledge?

I'm very curious... but I need to get this thing sorted out now.

"Awww... what next time a big wave comes along? I'm scared. Because of me...... brave man, even though I'm newlywed. I was able to make up with Master Mikana because of you."

Mr. Irene's depression has increased.

I'm sure Yuga and the others will be fine.

That's the swimsuit... because it's a sign that Yuga did something to it.

I'm not convinced to explain it.

Mr. Irene has a shallow interaction with Yuga.

"Fair enough, Irene. Mr. Cecilia and the captain know more about the braves than we do. You two are gonna be okay, so just calm down."

"That's right. It's not something for a pompous Knights like me to worry about, is it? I'm talking about another worry than that. Master Brave and Master Mikana. He was ordered to play an important role as escort for the two honeymoons. I won't be at the end of the book when I get home. Neck if you suck...... neck?

Tilt your neck. Mr. Irene solidifies.

Apparently, he remembered Duke.

You got there a lot from negative thinking.

"Ho ho ho. I can take your neck off."


You can go out of your way to show me where I can take my neck.

Don't treat your neck like a ball.

Mr. Irene is screaming when he sees Duke's neck jumping over his hand.

What a space.

"That's what I'm gonna do."

"That's not what you do. Explain it properly. I don't know why.

"I look like a demon. Durahan."

"I can't believe Mr. Duke... is a demon. Oh no..."

Mr. Irene leans down as incredible, shaking his neck over and over again.

"I'm not a person... that's what I'm gonna do"

"Please don't explain that appropriately. properly...... I want you to explain. Why is Mr. Duke a knight when he's a demon!

"Ma... that's going to happen."

Duke takes a look at me.

Yeah, I'm the reason for that.

"I thought you were up to something."

Sure, there's something about Duke that's a ruse.

I don't think about things that don't feel right about falling in people.

"Hmm, you don't"

"It's a lie. Sometimes Mr. Duke is mean. I'm your witness."

"Do I look like the kind of guy who's up to something really bad?

Duke grabs Mr. Irene's back of the head disappointingly and brings his face closer.

Hey, aren't we close before we go out?

"Ugh... I don't think so in that sense. Mr. Duke is not like that..."

"Look, isn't it? That's what I'm gonna do."

"No, no, I'm not convinced."

"What's the problem? I'm a demon, but I'm not up to anything weird. I want you to stay close. This is how I feel."

"Well, that's... I'd like to work with Mr. Duke, too. Sometimes it's mean, but you can count on it. Sometimes it's mean!

"I don't think I have to tell you twice, hey. Oh, there's one more thing to say."

You're telling me here, isn't it better when we're alone?

Outsider participation and situations in the storm are not good.

Cecilia is holding her mouth down with her hand, too.

Are you trying not to understand the look on your face?

I'm a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, so it's irrelevant.

I was wondering what to say, and I squirmed softly in Duke's ear, Mr. Irene.

My hearing enhancement didn't help in this storm, either, and I don't know what you said.

It's a confessional dialogue that only the two of us know... okay?

Cecilia's snorting silently, and I'm already saying I'm good.

"You're not going out with me. You know... What, are you dating? With me!?

Whoa. Something unexpected happened.

You can't repeat it, Mr. Irene.

This isn't a foreign language class.

Duke's face is caught off the math, too.

In the meantime, me and Cecilia...

"Let's just say we haven't heard anything."


I decided to shut up and look at the sea.

I can't hear anything, because it's a storm.

"No, I don't think you have to repeat that there. Well, it sounds like Irene."

"Well, what is the mother's eye watching the child? I'm a better senior, Mr. Duke."

"Yes, yes, Irene is great."

"Isn't the way you put it thrown? I hate Mr. Duke like that."

"Hmm, would you?... So you're saying I was shaken."

"Huh?... Ha! That's not what I meant. Mr. Duke follows us subtly and plays with us on holidays. He's also a worthy person to rely on for his sword archeology... it's better if you like it!

Is Mr. Irene someone whose true intent would be to leak if tempered?

He said it all at once and went home to me, turning his face bright red.

I'm smiling......

"All right, I got an acceptance."

Duke in a small, gutsy pose.

I guess I'm relieved.

I was sure it would be okay to watch Mr. Irene's attitude, but I can't be relieved if I don't hear from him directly from his mouth.

"Aww... this is what confession looks like. It's my first experience, so I don't know what kind of face to look at Mr. Duke."

I forbid you to hide it.

It was Mr. Irene who tried to hide his expression with both hands, but Duke grabbed me by the wrist and held me back.

Duke guy, did you even turn on the weird switch?

"Hi, you're a coward, Mr. Duke. I always hide my face. To habit!

"I do it for a reason."

"Even I have a good reason -!

"Isn't the look on the face of my favorite child who took my confession for the rest of his life? If you don't keep an eye on it, you'll regret it."

You're saying something amazing.

Though that's true.

Cecilia looked at me at the same time.

... You didn't need a mask on this occasion.

I feel a little sorry for myself.

That's not how I feel. The storm has stopped on my back.

I hear the weather is blessing them both.

What a convenient thing.


Suddenly Mr. Irene screamed out.

"Look, the storm is stopping. Let's pick up the brave ones."

Mr. Irene is pointing to the deserted island.

Yuga and the others... I don't think I need to be in such a hurry.


"What is it, Mr. Yowki?"

"I'm Black Thunder now..."

"Isn't it good when you're alone? Mr. Duke doesn't hear you. Isn't that good, Mr. Yowki?

"Yeah, well... right. Well, again. It's an atmosphere that solves things already."


"Though it's clearing up. You think Mikana's pretty stressed out, too. I'm feeling down, I'm feeling up, I'm repeating myself."


"That's when I think Yuga will show off his bravery."

To put it all out, the holy sword I had brought with me just in case began to shine.

Cecilia seems surprised... but I guess so.

When the glow subsided, the holy sword was gone.

"No way is the light now..."

"I guess I went to Yuga's. I really don't know Yuga or that sword."

You know, on your honeymoon, you blossom.

What a brave man.