"Don't solve it all with this"

The Holy Sword went to Yuga.

I have nothing to worry about anymore.

"Mr. Duke. Look, I'll go rent a boat soon. We have to go rescue the brave men."

"Uh, I will. You want to feel the aftertaste now?"

"What are you talking about? The brave men are waiting. I'm hungry and waiting for you. Maybe he's waiting with nothing on!

Even though it's a new couple, it's zero flirting.

You two don't know the Holy Sword's gone.

Let me just tell you something and reassure you.

Otherwise, Duke is pathetic.

"I'll explain it to you both."

"It doesn't seem necessary."

Cecilia points to the sea.

A dazzling light was coming this way so that I could see without staring.

"Are you finally home?"

"I'm worried about Mikana..."

Speaking of which, the swimsuit was launched.

Maybe you should turn around for once.

Because Yuga is fast in vain, action must be taken quickly.

If I saw something I shouldn't, Duke and I would lose a lot of things.

Physical enhancement to use in times like this.

"Hey, Captain!?

Grab Duke's body and dive to the ground.

I'm not beach flagged or sniped.

I tried to hold him and he fell to the ground.

I think I'm sorry for Duke even though we just had a couple.

But if you look at it, you lose something more.

I can't change my belly on my back, forgive me, Duke.

"We hug each other with a man who can't see his face... I don't know what it means to act. You think a man will hold you right after you have a lover? The captain wants to spoil my memories."

"No, that's not it. It's urgent."

"From me, it's already an emergency. Get out of the way, will you?"

"No, soon..."


Yuga's voice echoes.

Your voice is fine for what you were in distress, was it just a loss to worry?

When I turned my gaze to the one with a slight voice, a clove of sea bread Yuga was holding Mikana as princess.

Where the hell did the clothes go?

"No, I'm finally home."

"Yu, brave man. You were safe!

"You're not safe at all..."

Micana freed from Yuga blurs in a laid-back manner.

The bathing suit is only worn below and the top is... leaves.

Did you substitute it as long as it was done?

"I wonder what those two are doing between men. What would happen if there was nothing between Atashi and Yuga?

Look at me and Duke. Mikana looks so subtle.

... Yeah, just where.

I got up quickly. As I was paying the sand on my clothes, Yuga smashed.

"No, you can't, Yoki. That is an act of betrayal of Cecilia!

The place quietly returned.

It's me, Cecilia, Yuga, Mikana and Duke on this occasion...... and.

"What, what, yeah, yeah!?

It is Mr. Irene, who does not know the circumstances.

Your actions betrayed me brilliantly...

"Duke. Please explain to Mr. Irene. If this happens, you can talk about me and everything. There's something I don't know halfway through, and it's a hassle to find out later and then explain it."

Instruct Duke as he quietly pulls out his sword.

"Roger that.... What is the captain going to do?

"It's settled."

Activate the physical strengthening and gently turn the neck and arms.

"I'm going to preach to that light-mouthed brave man. Because you won't know just by mouth...... I'll carve it into your body!

"Wow!? Sorry, Youki-kun!

"I'm sorry, asshole brave man."

Chase the escaping Yuga.

I hugged him by the sea and chased him with a man... I wonder what it is.

I feel sad, but I can't let it go because it's a matter.

Of course the chase with Yuga, who runs away, closed with my victory.

"I didn't mean it!

I caught Yuga and returned to the inn.

The first voice is this when I bring him to the room and make him sit up.

"If there was, it would be a problem."

"I told you."

"And now you think you're forgiven."

"I'm worried about you two..."

"How thin is my relationship with Cecilia in you?

What have I seen so far that I can make such a statement?

If I thought this was going to be a long sermon, Cecilia and Micana came into the room.

"Excuse me."

"What about Duke and Mr. Irene?

"I'm in the middle of explaining in another room. There were so many things going on in one day that I couldn't seem to keep up with the processing in my head."

"Oh, you say there's smoke coming out of your head..."

I hear Mr. Irene is currently panicking in a progressive fashion.

That would be true too, a lot of things happened to her all at once.

The brave man and his wife are missing, a colleague is a demon, a colleague confesses, a first confession, a first lover hugs a man, the Virgin Mary's lover's real name discovery.

You won't need any more surprises.

Though Duke can also taste time with his lover, it would be a complicated feeling.

"Well, we're done checking the current situation. Again... are you ready?

"Yoki, I'm scared of your eyes!

"Naturally. I'm sorry. It's not easy."

I still trusted you a little bit about Yuga and told you what happened.

That's the situation in less than a week.

There's no easy way to forgive me.

I was wondering how to do it... but there doesn't seem to be a curtain for me to come out.

I can tell, an aura full of mercy released from Cecilia.

I smile slightly and approach Yuga step by step.

The figure is exactly Saint......


"No, it's nothing."

The target was about to turn to me.

Danger. Danger.

We need to keep only Yuga in Cecilia's eyes.

"I'm coming, brave man"

"Hey, where are you going?

"Mikana. During my honeymoon, I am so sorry...... could you leave me alone with the brave man for a little while?


"Thank you. I'll get it done as soon as I can."

With Micana's approval, Cecilia grabs Yuga's root.

I wonder how it is, being dragged while Yuga is seated.

But it seems I'm the only one who's surprised on this occasion.

I've been dragged, too.

Cecilia can do that.

"I'll be back as soon as it's over"

"Mi, mikana......"

All Yuga says is his last resistance. He calls out his new wife's name and reaches out.

Hmmm...... Micah could have reached out too if the reasons had been different so far.

"Because Yuga is bad this time. Listen carefully to Cecilia. Because if I do the same thing, I'll bother you both. You should take advantage of this."

"That's the thing, brave man"

"Okay. I'm going to learn..."

He even lost his temper to resist if his wife told him to.

Yuga was dragged off very manly, and the two of them left the room.

This makes it an odd space to be alone with Mikana.

Yuga had something to do with it, but Micana had something to do with it...

"No. How was the deserted island living?

"You want to hear it?

"It might be helpful in the future."

"Ha... Well, I'm free until Yuga and Cecilia get back, and I don't mind."

"Well, please"

"Right. First......"

The first day was clear, so they had fun.

You two searched the ocean for shaved beds, and you said you two cuddled and slept at night?

I don't need that much more information.

The second day, when I woke up, I went to see the boat in the storm and said it was after it had already been flushed.

When Yuga took out the holy sword that was wrapped in cloth... he said it was just a sword.

Mr. Irene, you thought it was a holy sword and you wrapped it in cloth.

You stopped making me realize that care was, on the contrary, a normal sword.

Afterwards, the misfortune continued, apparently accidentally dropping the bag he was packing into the sea.

If I wonder what you're doing, the story is that it's the result of sheltering Mikana, who's about to fall.

Yeah, that's no choice.

Good afternoon.

You think Mikana used the knowledge she gained during her journey for dinner and found edible plants?

That won't eat you up or anything.

On the third day, they saw Mikana's expression and Yuga learned to rush.

The top of the line is me, annoying and not of great use in survival.

"'You can't stay like this. I'll take care of it. Mikana' and I reached for the sunny sky..."

"Said there was a holy sword in Yuga's hand"

That's what I'm talking about.

Brave man. That's all I can say.

Is it Yuga who gets stronger everywhere for love?

Impossible, but if I kidnap Mikana, will I become more powerful than me?

I got a little scared of Yuga.

By the way.


I haven't heard why the swimsuit was launched.

Should I not ask this?

But I guess Mikana also realized from my expression.

"Uh... swimsuits."

"No, the... sorry"

"I told you I was sheltered when I fell. That's when I unconsciously removed the Yuga one."


"I reached for the luggage falling from it, so the swimsuit was windy..."

"Is that possible...?

"Because there was, Atashi came back with a leaf wrapped around it!

No, I guess so.

The Yuga one...... didn't it evolve in another part too?

"Be careful in public."

"Tell me what?

To Yuga.