Yuga and Cecilia returned while talking to Mikana.

It's not like going. It's not dragged, it's walking properly.

Cecilia's grin is no different than it was before she went.

Haven't you come to a satisfactory form yet?

If you're wondering, Yuga has been bowing her head in a beautiful right angle position.

"I sincerely apologize for letting my mouth slip so easily this time knowing it was an important secret!

It is a proper apology.

It's a natural response, but what is this way of apologizing?

Cecilia won't break her grin next to Yuga.

I mean, I guess so.

"It wasn't long after I promised to keep it a secret, but this body... even though I was coming on a trip with my new wife, it was also due to the fact that it was completely floating. Sorry for the inconvenience."

I wonder who, this.

Micana is confused by Yuga's appearance, which I have never seen either.

I... Cecilia, I feel like I said something.

Yuga's apology didn't end until Cecilia's grin disappeared.

You're smiling all the time on the side, aren't you?

I've watched Cecilia fly over and over as Yuga bowed her head.

I guess it's to make you fully reflect.

Me and Mikana were looking more at Cecilia than Yuga was apologetic.

Maybe Mikana thought the same thing about me.

Oh, I still don't have enough... holy shit.

Then Yuga's apology went on and on.

As much as I think three times that's enough......

"With all these vows, you won't do anything wrong anymore, will you? Dear brave man."


Finally, I have forgiveness from Cecilia.

Mikana is so sweet, she ran over to Yuga, who was totally stunned...,

"Reflect properly!

I was chasing after him.

Well, that's all I did.

"Is Mr. Yowki good?

"No, I..."

It's kind of like preaching to me in this situation.

Yuga's on her honeymoon for some reason too... hmm?


"Tomorrow, isn't it your day to go home?

All three of them solidified into one of my casual words.

honeymoon I also wondered what would happen before the trip.

When I opened the lid, I let go of my wife and started with a husband obsessed with another man.

The bond returns at the festival even as cracks enter from it... Unmanned Island Survival from.

Two knights who came with me went missing and stuck around.

Now in a sermon to a brave man who broke his promise fast.

This is the honeymoon digest between Yuga and Mr. and Mrs. Mikana.

"So far it's a memorable honeymoon."

You won't forget if you have children.

That's what happened when I talked to you when I was older...... so much stuff is packed.

"... not yet."

But that doesn't satisfy this brave man.

So far, it's a honeymoon that I still regret.

"I won't finish it yet. It's only daylight. We've got plenty of time to do something."

"Honestly, Atashi is sleepy..."

If you were on a deserted island for two days, you'd be exhausted.

I'm yawning and stretching my back.

Even though I said I'm going out at noon... shouldn't I take a shower and freshen up first?

I wouldn't have needed a shower in that storm.

Yuga sees how Mikana is doing and thinks about it.

Not running here is a good rating.

We can't expose ourselves to any more irregularities.

Now, what kind of answer does Yuga give?

"Okay, I've made up my mind"

"What are we going to do?

"Let's let our bodies rest now. You said Mikana was tired, but you can't take her around with me."


How much is Yuga's concession worth to get into an inspiring scene with this?

I'm in a world just for the two of us, so I can't get bad press.

Well, it's Yuga.

You have a good cock, don't you?

"Let's take a bath and take a futon before bed. Then eat a little rice..."

"Right. I'll leave it to Yuga. I'll forgive you no matter what happens when you get here. Don't bother people."

"I know. Cecilia told me a lot. Let's be alone. You don't have a problem making noise there."

"Aren't you going to rest?

"Not until you get some rest."

We're here, Nah.

I decided not to scratch.

In a grand snuggle, they left the room.

Rest and then make noise...... can you manipulate the timing of making noise to brave Yuga?

I doubt it.

I wonder if I can control myself well.

"I'm worried that weird forces won't work because I think I'm awake."

I feel like I should keep a close eye on you.

But Cecilia, who is supposed to say that you usually do, says nothing.

He's putting his arms around me and sending me a gaze that I'm not convinced of.

Did I say something to touch?

"Isn't it time for us to be good?


"... when you spoke to the brave man earlier, right? That was a tough one on a deserted island. We talked about how hard this was."

"Well, I guess it's because I've done a lot of unfamiliar things"

"When I got through it, Mikana told me with a smile that I couldn't keep my head up."

Did you talk in love during the sermon?

I wonder what kind of story did that happen... and my gaze on me, what does that have to do with it?

"I don't think you can come to the sea very often, me."


"I don't think it's going to be easy to create an opportunity to walk outside. So... why don't you go out for a little while?"

"Let's go"

There's no way I'm turning down Cecilia's invitation.

Yuga said... I'm going to take a bath and sleep, and then I'm not supposed to go away.

Micana relationship is all about the trouble you cause in the inn.

I'm curious what you said about Yuga's noise... but you're not getting weird flags.

I'm worried, but I don't know if I care.

Now think about enjoying your date.

Get dressed in your bathing suit and take a walk at sea.

"It's good to relax without swimming."

Me and Cecilia both wear swimsuits, but they weave their jackets.

My gaze is... man, I want you to forgive me.

I wish I had come with the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

"What's wrong?

"The swimsuit looks fresh..."

I've been wondering about the contents of my jacket.

No matter how many lovers...... it's not a good idea to be too honest with each other.

"You should be watching me in my bathing suit."

"Because that's when the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. Because I'm a yogi now."

"You change so much"

They laughed at me.

I regret it, so I'll try to attack you from here.

"Well, Cecilia's cute."

I said, I said it, me.

Cecilia's reaction…….

"Oh, really..."

Suddenly he missed his face.

I don't think it was bad.

I want to walk like this while being moderately flirty.

But it's my destiny to get in the way at times like this.

I have a client in the sea......

When I say someone, it's Mr. Duke and Mr. Irene.

Apparently the panic has already subsided.

Looks like Duke explained it to me well.

Chasing each other in swimsuits is... flirting.

"Five more round-trips!

"Please wait. Duke."

"I won't wait. I always panic too soon, Irene. I need to train you to build your mind."

It wasn't what I thought at all.

It wasn't a chase between lovers, it was a training for ghost coaches and apprentices.

Is that okay with you, Mr. Duke?