"Looks like Duke and Mr. Irene are in training."

"Sounds like it."

"I don't have any color."

Eh, eh, two people running and sweating in a hanging voice.

It's not a conversation between lovers.

I feel like Yuga exists at times like this.

Because that guy would wake up happenings that would involve him around.

I wonder if the awakening of the power of the Holy Sword will cause flirting events around.

You got my prayer. Mr. Irene said he caught up with Duke and hugged him.

Stay put. We both fell over friendly.

This could be...

"I fell, so I'll add you."


Labromance is not born.

The Duke one is too thorough.

I'll make you feel like a lover soon.

"... let's go"

"Was Mr. Duke such a trainee lover?

Cecilia tells me to think.

Seriously though. Was it so thorough?

... Is he training for the pretext of being with you?

I thought Duke wasn't that clumsy.

Let's take one skin off.

"Hey, Duke."

"Aren't you the captain and Mr. Cecilia? Like a date."


"Do that..."

I almost said you guys weren't either, but I enjoyed it a lot.

It's a gift to this clumsy ex-boyfriend who can't be honest.

Grab your head hard and put your mouth to your ear.

"Something, Captain. I don't want to be suspected of cheating."

"Who's cheating? Listen carefully. Apparently, the power of the Holy Sword is rampant."

"... what do you mean"

"Looks like Yuga can't control the power of the new Sacred Sword. Apparently, when men and women are nearby, flirting events are forced to occur. I thought it was dangerous, but I've been running away on the pretext of a date."

Well, I'm lying.

If Duke can't be honest either, he's going to have to be such a lame liar.

"... Are you serious?"

"Of course."

I'm lying to you with all my might.

"... ha. You got it, Captain."

Duke sighs small to get in the mood, or slaps his cheek.

I hear you've conveyed my intentions.

All you have to do is move on to action.

I heard a voice when I gently slapped him on the shoulder.

That's Mr. Irene's voice.

Turning hastily, Mr. Irene was pushing down Cecilia.

A big wave strikes you both as if you measured the timing there.

We were both wearing jackets but I'm surprised...

I'm having a lot of trouble reacting. Me and Duke both harden up.

Well, I guess you don't have to worry about that much because you're in a swimsuit.

"Ugh, sorry..."

"No, never mind. Sometimes they come to the sea."

Cecilia is just the way to handle it.

Duke quickly approaches to wake Mr. Irene.

I'm waking you up with my arms in my arms.

Parents and children, not lovers...... no, I guess older away brothers and sisters.

The colour... it's not exciting.

"Cecilia, are you okay?

Well, that's better than not reaching out.

Take Cecilia's hand and pull it up.

But now I'm falling behind because of the wrong force.

I was grabbing Cecilia's arm, so I got involved, and it would be a diagram as if Cecilia had pushed me down.

"... I don't know really well, but I made a mistake adding or subtracting force. I didn't aim for you."


"... why is Cecilia so calm?

"These are the kind of schematics that will eventually be made if the relationship between lovers continues. So that's what this moment was today."

"Am I the only one thrilled?"

"Come on, what do you think"

... What can I do to keep the conversation going?

If I wanted to make Duke a flirtatious air, I didn't know you'd come to me.

"Captain, keep kissing me. Kiss!"

"What, what... is that good, Mr. Duke? We'd better leave..."

"You don't have to be serious there. This is where we should be backing up. Now is the time to make sure you love me."

"When confirming love..."

Duke and Mr. Irene are thriving on their own.

Oh, Duke, don't shake it.

If you're going to kiss me, Cecilia and I are in the opposite position.

"The outfield is loud."

"Right. It's time to get up. I could just get Mr. Yowki in trouble."


I'm curious about that statement.

I was thrilled with Cecilia laughing like a prank.

No way, did you aim for him until you pushed him down?

It's unexpected behavior, who the hell did you learn to do this from?

I'll fall in love even more, won't I?

"I'll pay you back another time."

"I look forward to that time"

Let's have a surprise soon.

Because I regret not being hit.

"Captain, you've been hit."

"You're gonna get fucked, too."

"I'm not alarmed like a captain."

It's a statement that's licking Mr. Irene.

Sometimes, for a long time, I guess I get it.

I don't think Mr. Irene has anything to do with trying to stay alert.

'Cause I can't read the behavior.

"Confirm love, confirm love..."

With a bump and a grunt, Mr. Irene approaches Duke.

Duke is obsessed with his conversation with me and doesn't notice Mr. Irene sneaking up from behind.

Looks like we've been acting together for a long time, and I guess I don't feel like I'm in crisis when I'm forced from behind.

I'm used to taking care of him.

Mr. Irene sets up a raid on Duke who doesn't notice it coming from behind.

Grab and rotate Duke's torso and face to face.

Duke goes on alert at this point... but it's too late.

To fill the height difference or jump, turn your arms around your neck and feet around your torso to secure it.

Keep Duke's lips...

"You're passionate."

"Mr. Irene is aggressive."

Shortly after we started dating, they said they had a happy kiss.

Because I say make sure of love... not long to make sure of each other?

Mr. Irene will not leave Duke.

Is Elf's view of love different......

Duke is just about to let Mr. Irene go.

But I can't get my arms and legs off because of Mr. Irene's disappointing fixation.

Duke's tapping his shoulder, but it's ineffective.

He's got an inadvertent look and this...

"Let's get out of here. I'm sorry to interrupt you two."

"... should I leave you alone"

"I don't think it's a good idea for us, a third party, to be watching."

We need to make it a world for both of us when we get here.

That's why I decided to take Cecilia's hand and get away from the two of them.

Duke will struggle harder and harder from now on.

"I didn't know the assignment would be a fact"

"Did you say something again?"

"No, I can't be honest. Give Duke some advice..."

Explain to Cecilia that you lied stupid.

As a result, I was stunned...

"There is a good chance that Mr. Yowki's remarks will have some effect. As it turned out, Mr. Duke and Mr. Irene seemed happy, and wouldn't it have been nice"

"Duke was totally hit by Mr. Irene,"

Actually, Mr. Irene said she was a carnivorous woman.

"It's love again."

"Suddenly it was a good story"

"That's what I think it is"

When we talk about love...... it can be difficult.

It's not something we can talk about in Kitchen II with momentum.

If you're thinking about what's going on, there's just a good rocky place.

We sat side by side.

Only the sound of the waves can be heard.

"The storm was as mild as a lie until yesterday."

"True, I think so. I wish Yuga and the others had gone to a deserted island today. No, if it had been today, it could have been a storm today."

"I can't say enough about that..."

"Is that what Cecilia thinks?"

"It must be Mr. Yowki's influence."

"Well, I'm sorry."

A conversation I don't love, it's the usual kind of bickering.

No Cecilia tea or tea treats.

It's not enough... there's no such thing as that.

"Mr. Yowki. It is true that the power of the Holy Sword of the Brave is rampant."


Do you suddenly turn back my lies?

That's just a lie to keep Duke honest... oh, you mean that.

"Right, you're on a rampage."

That's what I say. I grab Cecilia's shoulder gently and pull it in.

Cecilia put her head on my shoulder without resisting either.

"... can I stay like this for a while"

"I feel the same way."

"That must be... a good thing"

I don't have a particularly colorful conversation. I was just looking out at the ocean.

This time is so precious.

Also, I wanted to come.

Now the two of us... I guess.

The honeymoon thus closed the curtain......

"Mikana, what do I do? I didn't buy a souvenir!

"I didn't even buy a sea urchin. I'll go get it before we leave tomorrow."

"If you two were spending time together, it would be nightfall at some point. I enjoy spending time with Mikana..."

"Yes, yes, okay, so pack your bags. Because if you forget something, it's hard."

"It's okay. I'll never let go of the most important thing."

"When I get my hands on it, I don't get to work."

Well, it's a trip till you get home.

When I got back to the inn, the lead player said he had gone home.

Although Yuga only seemed to be interrupting rather than helping.

"Duke. Doko no Suka."

Duke had disappeared for some reason.

What happened after that?

I just want to talk to you because it would be nice to talk to you.

"Oh, you have to be vigilant on your way home."

"Mr. Yowki, I forbid you to say anything weird."

"No, I can't predict the future or anything."

"In the carriage, it's enough to arm up and give it a big feel"

If I did what Cecilia said, nothing particularly happened for the two days back.

Will the event happen because I say something extra?

I'd like to think it's a coincidence.