A lot has changed since I got back from my honeymoon.

First, Duke and Mr. Irene.

The combination remains the same, and Minerva is guarded by friendliness.

As always, Mr. Irene seems to get tangled up and every time Duke goes into arbitration... it doesn't change.

The problem is when Duke owes Mr. Irene.

If you bump and squeal out that this is love, a red flag.

You think there's a big thank you in the middle of the day?

Leah, I thought it was a treat, but from Duke, it seems tough.

You think if you delude me more than you can imagine and there's a gap, you'll jump at me?

You like that posture.

Mr. Irene, you don't think you can get away with it inside because he's working out more than he looks?

That's a delightful miscalculation.

Yuga and Mikana next but... no change.

I haven't been able to talk to you about this.

Well, you're no longer worried, and you're flirting.

Me and Cecilia were bored on our honeymoon, but now it's peace itself.

I'd say there's something a little different.

"I'm sorry to bother you"

"Sneaky, sneaky"

I made myself transparent in the darkness and did my best to keep my perimeter on guard.

The mission is to invite Cecilia home.

With my eyes around me, I've made this mission a success many times.

I also went back to Cecilia today to infiltrate the mansion and invite her.

"Well, I'll make dinner,"

Cecilia walks into the house and puts her hair together and wears an apron.

When Cecilia came to the house, cooking dinner was no longer the earliest rare sight.

Shopping with me...... is just solemn, with Cecilia instructing me to go shopping or Cecilia bringing it in from the mansion.

But Cecilia's also headed straight home from work without a break.

Why don't we start with a slow bickering?

"Oh, yeah. But Cecilia would be tired, too, and it wouldn't matter if we slow down a little..."

"But you're hungry, aren't you? I'll make it soon, so wait. Because you can do it slower without worrying about it after you've finished it first."

So Cecilia disappeared into the kitchen.

Ooh, I'm sorry I can't say anything.

This is what it looks like these days, isn't it?

Cecilia came home more often than before.

Of course, with my power, I can bring Cecilia in without anyone seeing me.

Mr. Celia, as well as the Aqualein family, have given their full support, so thoroughly that they have also left shadow fighters in the mansion just in case.

I'm not the one who came up with this proposal... it's Cecilia.

It's a pleasant thought to be with you.

Yeah...... it is.

"Mr. Yowki, did you clean up your costume properly?

I can hear Cecilia from the kitchen.

You're making a mistake, but you're keeping an eye on me.

"Yeah, exactly on the costume shelf..."

"I don't know what it is, so you should hide it just in case. I'll think of a stash."

"Okay. Thanks, Cecilia."

"And the last time I came, the upstairs room felt dusty, so I recommend ventilation."

I don't usually use upstairs, so honestly, it's not well cleaned.

Is that an excuse to live alone with a man?

"Copy that. I'll open the window and clean it tomorrow."

"... can I stay tomorrow because I have no plans"


The sudden offer gave me a surprising and weird voice.

"You want to clean and tidy up."

"No, but Celia and the others are worried..."

"I've already told you, so there's nothing wrong with that."

This is what convicted criminals do, isn't it?

There's no reason to say no.

Instead, I should bow my head when I say thank you.

But isn't this the one who goes through with his wife?

I'm glad to hear it, but I'm worried it's not a burden on Cecilia.

Or what kind of change of heart... is it that triggered the honeymoon thing?

Twisting your neck doesn't give the answer that this is it.

"Thank you for waiting"

There was a line of Cecilian handicrafts at the table within the troubled.

Even though she is a lady, the food is handy and delicious.

Nutrition's on the line, and there's no point in complaining.

Sit face to face and start dinner, yeah yummy.

"Please feel free to replace it because I make it with nutritional care."


"Oh, I also have dessert for you, so think about your stomach capacity and change it"

My girlfriend is too good.

Confirming that he had finished everything he did and said, Cecilia also finally got to her seat and started eating.

"What are your plans for tomorrow?

"Uh, I think I'm about to show my face to the guild."

"Really? Then you'll finish cleaning while Mr. Yowki is gone. What do you do at noon? It would be nice if you came back... should we make lunch?"

"I'll be back soon."

"Really? I'll prepare lunch, then."


It is a series pretending to be calm but serious inside.

I have a choice!?

I can't believe it's a lunch or a return meal.

It was a luxurious choice... but I chose to come home because I wanted to eat with you if I could.

I'm too happy, but you won't get stabbed tomorrow, will you?

Breakfast was served there when I picked up the morning as I was about to.

You can't be sent out with a smile when you're careful.

What did the wrong people think when they saw me skipping the road in a good mood?

They only think you're floating.

If I knew what was going on, would it be enough to charge the rear?

When I arrived at the guild in a moody mood, I went first to Clayman and confirmed my request.

"Ask for a request that could end by noon or get a lunch break"


"I have to go home for lunch today."

"Uh... right"

I guess you guessed it somehow.

I confirm the request without particularly pursuing it in depth.

Clayman, may I interest you for a moment?

"You didn't usually care about that, did you?

Mr. Sierra, who was sorting the paperwork next to Clayman, ate it.

Women are sensitive to these stories.

Let's just lay low and talk about Cecilia.

"Today, the... people are coming. Looks like you're gonna make me lunch."

"Is that her?

"I'll leave it to your imagination"

"But I can't believe you're here to cook dinner for someone who lives alone. … is that what you mean?"

Mr. Sierra seems to have guessed it too.

"Your mother's coming from home, isn't she?"

I wasn't looking into it.

I can see Clayman holding his mouth next door and grinning.

Damn, did you blur too much?

"No, I didn't"

"Then you're her, after all"

"Well, that's the way it is"

"That's good. I can't believe there's someone waiting for me to cook dinner when I get home. I have no one to go home to, so I'm having dinner with my colleagues. Well, the number of my colleagues is decreasing by one year and another..."

Mr. Sierra sighs and items disappointingly.

Maybe he stepped on a mine, even if it wasn't.

The guild receptionist has a strong image of hotness, so I thought Sierra had a good opponent.

"Look, do your job, do your job"

Clayman sucks at Mr. Sierra.

It's my fault too, so I hope you don't insist.

"Yes, excuse me.... but Mr. Clayman is good, isn't he? I already have a wife. Sometimes I think it's time."

Mr. Sierra restarts paperwork with a bump.

It is rare to see him mouth down and mouth shot at Clayman.

I always seem to work hard at the helm of Clayman, but I have some worries.

"Uh... shit. I don't know if you're in a hurry to get married. You can pick the right guy, right?

"I know that."

"And be prepared"


I tilted my neck in agreement with Mr. Sierra.

Clayman began to explain when he saw us and exhaled.

"Okay. When we get married, we'll start living together. You're floating around cooking, and Sierra is jealous of someone waiting for you at home when you get home... something more realistic?

"What exactly does being realistic mean..."

"Can you take the lead at home...... this will dramatically change your marriage!

Squeeze your fists. What are you talking about, this man?

"I'm going to teach you guys the reality of your marriage..."

Something started.

Just in case, I turned my gaze to Mr. Sierra that Clayman wasn't doing well in the home.

That's not true, he was shaking his neck sideways with momentum as if he was showing good.