Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I asked him about the Deputy Alliance Master's stupidity.

"This is what I actually experienced..."

What are you trying to make a scary story style?

I don't know if you're okay with talking like this.

If I was worried about that, the ceremonial god would have worked in his place behind Clayman.

No, it might be my power.

I'm sweating and working. I guess that's what other officials are allowed to do around saying nothing.

I don't really care about Sierra either.

"You don't have to wear it. Talk to me, Dad."


That was one night, the night Clayman left.

My wife or son didn't come to labor the father who came home from work when I greeted him as usual.

My wife does the chores pale, my oldest son reads the book, and my oldest daughter stays asleep on the couch.

... Yeah, it's easy to imagine.

Dad, welcome home - it's not like saying what a character, is it?

Well, Clayman's used to that kind of sight, so he reluctantly cleans his own jacket.

"If you eat Sophia's cooked rice, you want to get in touch with the kids. And yet, when they do, Quinn says he's busy right now, and Fiora's asleep. If you try to get Sophia to stand up for you, she'll kick your ass."

I'm supporting my family more. Clayman with a cheek wand saying he respected the big black pillar. Stupid.

No, I can say I respect you.

How do you say respect in situations like this ceremony where you are entrusting your work to God?

"But if we get married longer, we won't be able to do anything about it."

"Oh, really? I mean... when I get bored"

"Mr. Sierra, stop saying that"

As a result, I can take as much to the dark story that it's a cold war state of affair.

Now that I'm living a happy life, I don't want to have a negative idea.

Chilled out home, when I woke up in the morning there was no breakfast to prepare, only money was put aside, and you said you wouldn't say anything after just looking at it for a while when you left?

You think we're gonna eat while we're eating, asking each other about their complexion, or, oh, just saying yeah?

Negative thinking is attacking me.

"Quinn and Fiora are weird these days. Quinn's been watching the sky a lot, and Fiora's weirdly tense one day. Looks like those two have reversed their personalities, and you're worried about them as fathers."

"Really? When you're coming to visit the guild, you look just like you always do."

"My parents only know what I'm talking about."

I think it's probably because of my ex-boyfriend that the two of you are acting strange.

Quinn seems to like Happiness.

I hear a lot about kids liking their little older sisters.

I'm sorry about Quinn, but Happiness has Ravens.

Learning to break hearts at a young age is a good thing.

Quinn's a hard-working man and he'll be rewarded one day.

That's all I can say from you.

Fiora is interested in Seek.

If you're interested, you're the type to run.

Seek needs to work hard until Fiora gets tired of it.

I have to deal with Teal, too.

I can't even put Seek in the corner with Hua in both hands that year... he's running away though.

"I don't even have to worry about the kid. If you keep floating around in marriage, you'll lose your escape."

"Running away... are you planning on running away from Mr. Sophia?"

"There can't be."

I gave you an instant answer.

Then what have you been talking about?

You're not dissatisfied with your marriage.

"Hmm. I guess I can't get away from that Sophia. Even made-to-measure gear has faster legs than mine. If you sneak around, I'm sure you'll get caught fast."

"Don't make such a pitiful statement."

"No, you don't know the real Sophia, so you can say it like that other HR. When I was younger, I learned ceremonial God, and I was polished by sloppiness, leaving most of my life to ceremonial God."

I almost got a scratch that I still don't, but I feel better.

If I reacted once, I wouldn't be able to talk about it.

"Sophia came to the inn where I was staying one day. I've been preaching to me that I left everything to Ceremony God and fell asleep on the couch, and I'm going to give you back the right words. It was too late when I thought Yabe. I escaped through the window, I also stopped with a ceremonial god. But it was futile. The ceremonial god I just learned. Then I couldn't stop Sophia."

"So... you got caught"

"I think we can leave it to the ceremonial god to some extent... but it's not good to leave everything to him. You can't be a person. They told me about it and we were finally going to live together..."

"No way cohabitation!?

Has cohabitation begun because of Clayman's overcrowding?

You don't know what triggers it.

"Sometimes when we started living together, we got nervous. After all, we have a life we've been through. It didn't fit and it was an argument."

"Which one breaks that?

"Depends. Sometimes I broke and sometimes Sophia pulled. Sometimes I tried to do something completely different. That's how we both lived... and we got married. Quinn and Fiora were born... to this day."

"That's what I hear...... I knew I was jealous of Mr. Clayman. Marry and have a family. I think it's a luxury to complain. Didn't your wife even give you lunch today?


Clayman's gaze was directed at the rest space behind him.

Apparently they're getting it.

"Even your wife has work to do, but she wakes up early every morning to support me. If I think about it, I can't even thank you enough to complain..."

"No, that's sort of... right. Oops......"

Clayman in a disadvantaged situation.

Do you ever think of yourself as the same woman? I can't stop talking about machine guns.

I came to work, but I can't get you to do your job.

When I realized the heat up was going on, I got a lot of attention from around me.

From there I get married...... there is a mixed grunt of regret about getting married and the sigh of a single adventurer and the fact that I've spent less time with my family lately on a married adventurer.

That was the result of a leap to talk about mutual feelings of love.

"I always thought it would be better... why don't we go to dinner before work?

"... yeah, it's good"

For some reason we were to witness the moment of the couple's establishment.

No, it's not a concourse venue.

Why did you come in and introduce yourself regardless of the party?

It wasn't very much, but it didn't have the atmosphere to ask if there were any requests, so I decided to put it back out.

Put aside some time and you'll be calm.

I'm home.

That's why I came home.

It's hell waiting for you in a concerted guild.

If I was called out, I would say no, and if I couldn't, that would make me miserable.

A place like that is a lot of trouble, isn't it?

"Welcome back. Forgot something?

I have people who welcome me when I get home like this.

Complaining or something......

"Excuse me. I'm still working on cleaning upstairs. Note that it may be slippery because it is not scattered, but it is in the process of wiping the floor."

"Oh, roger. Thanks."

There's no way it's in Cecilia.

Except what Cecilia thinks.

I've read my marriage for a second now...... what a sweet thought I have.