Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried spending time with my girlfriend.

When I got home, I was more relaxed than I thought, and I didn't work in the morning.

Cecilia and lunch, roasted vanilla with bread, soup, salad and oaky meat.

Oak meaty meat is a taste of the product name...... I don't hate it.

There's no way it tastes bad, me stuffing it in my mouth.

Cecilia, sitting face-to-face, has her hands stopped and is grinning at this one.

"... something on your face?

"No, that's not true. I thought... don't eat it like it tastes good."

It is normal to eat delicious dishes.

Is there any art to say that it is usually delicious?

Let's be Kitchen II in a while.

"Delicious food is delicious. It would be natural to describe it that way. But this dish is not just a delicious dish, but a delicious dish made by Cecilia... and eating with Cecilia. That's why it's more fun than usual..."

"Try not to take a seat during meals"

"Ah, yes."

My emotions got high and I stood up.

I think I switched on the kitchen two a while back.

"What are you going to do this afternoon? What?

"I'm thinking about going to the guild."

"Wouldn't it be late to go home if it was in the afternoon?

"Uh... according to the request"

When I was late, I came home after dinner at the right place.

Isn't it true that Cecilia is at home?

"Hmm... shall I take over the cleaning and send Cecilia?"

There is also a pattern from which requests are made and cleaned.

"No, sir."

Rejected at short notice.

"I don't like throwing out what I started once. If we don't make it to the end, we won't be able to get a taste of what we've accomplished, and we'll still feel what we've done."


"Besides, I'm still anxious about the cleaning Mr. Youki does alone..."

Was my cleaning so cluttered?

I guess so because Cecilia, the perfect superman, says so.

"Can't the guild be tomorrow?"

"No, it's nothing like that,"

A lot of guild work feels like you just have to decide for yourself and get it done on time.

That's why I don't know if it's appropriate to work more often, so I schedule work.

It's not that I can't accept the request because I was bored earlier.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could spend the rest of this flow together, would it?

"I'm going to spend the day for Cecilia today."

My word for spending time with you.

He laughed a little, so it feels good.

Wouldn't this give me a ride if it gave me a flirting vibe......

"That's Mr. Yowki. It helps me understand the story. Let's clean up together in the afternoon."


"Yes, upstairs, in the kitchen, in Mr. Youki's room and in the guest room...... because there are so many places you can't go without getting your hands on. I clean too often, but I still want Mr. Youki to remember me."

Looks like no flirting.

Well, it's about my house, and you have to do it right.

"I think it would be fun to share housework and live together. It could be tough, but why don't we start cleaning together?

The way you put it, it means you're thinking about living with me.

Is Cecilia speaking for a purpose?

There is no change in expression...... this statement must definitely be the one I said aimed at.

Even if I know... I guess I shouldn't hear the sincerity of what I'm saying.

Yes, there's one thing I'm allowed to say.

"My plans for the afternoon are to clean up"

"Let's do our best."

On this day, I learned how to clean efficiently.

Cecilia's liking, my cleaning skills have improved.

I can now clearly picture the future statue after marriage.

As a result, I had a considerable sense of crisis.

I can only see a future where children are treated or hippos are treated that cannot be done as they are.

What am I supposed to do to the perfect girlfriend named Cecilia I've seen in my cohabitation?

I can't sleep at night when I think about it, you're a child.

If you notice, in the morning...

"Why have you been up all night?

"I couldn't sleep if I was thinking about it."

"Last night, I heard you couldn't win in that area either... it didn't seem good that you went to bed just like you said you were sleeping. I'll talk to you, if you don't mind.

They were hearing me screaming something.

I'm so embarrassed.

"Mr. Yowki, but you've got a strong enemy you can't beat, right?

I can't say it's you.

From Cecilia, you just come to my house and be normal.

It's just that I'm feeling helpless.

"This is my problem. Things you have to solve as a man... it's a wall you have to think about and get over without relying on Cecilia from the start."

Yes… it is the high wall called Cecilia that stands now.

If I live with Cecilia without finding anything to open up like this, I'll be sweet on Cecilia, and on holidays I'll always be a bad uncle who's falling asleep and picking sweets.

That's all you have to do to avoid it!

Did Cecilia also have something to feel in my enthusiastic words, or she didn't come any further into this matter.

I'm relieved to send Cecilia to the Mansion to be alone.

Well, what do we do now?

"How can we solve this problem in the first place?

Would it have been solved if the chores had been better than Cecilia's?

Something tells me that's different, doesn't it?

In the first place, it's not like you can beat Cecilia, whose chore skill level is Max, where I worked so hard to self-cater.

"Cohabitation is pretty tough."

The one called majesty?

I thought I was the type who didn't care.

I'm sorry that I felt helpless when I actually lived there.

Let's gather up the willingness to have the same problem and ask.

I called out and solicited my will.

I managed to gather all the bastards who would have the same problem.

It could also be called a men's club.

"Well, only Duke and Raven invited me,"

Those two can talk to you casually.

Duke is a commonsense man and Raven is a senior in Leah Charge.

How can we get around living together in a full formation?

Finally, let's hear something about being careful when you're dating her.

I heard knocking on the door when I was preparing sweets and drinks.

Sounds like my will came soon.


"Hey, I'm here!


There was a brave man standing in front of me who I wasn't supposed to call.

Funny, I've been waiting for my will, not the brave one.


"Well, come on up"

You're here because of me, and it's a bad idea to go home.

It would be around Raven that I invited him.

"I'm here today to help you, Yoki."

"Me, I think your turn is already over."

We got married, we went on our honeymoon, and it's compassion.

Ah... this guy's pretty much a rear charger.

"What's a turn?"

"No, it looks like your turn isn't over yet"

"So what's the turn..."

"Welcome. You're welcome."

"Yeah... if that's what Youki-kun says, forget it"

Rarely could I see Yuga's given up face.

Guide Yuga like that into the teahouse and serve a drink.


"You haven't compared to Cecilia's tea yet."

"It's wrong to compare. Cecilia's been taught from a very young age."

"So is that..."

"Micana seems to be making a trial and error to try and remember to cook hard right now. They're feeding Cecilia the dishes she's cooked, asking her thoughts, or telling her directly from Cecilia."

"Well, you didn't know that."

I haven't heard that from Cecilia.

Girls say they have cooking classes for girls.

"I'm delicious at everything Micah made for me."

"Yes, sir."

"Micah's handmade is the best seasoning for me."

"Okay, okay,"

"It's like you're hiding from me and teaching me how to cook. I'm making extra lunches. When I asked, they told me it was okay for anybody. I'm curious if you say so. I checked it out and took it to Cecilia. Yeah, I knew Mikana was..."

"Stop bragging about my wife."

Now that I know, if you keep going any further, I'll bury you.

It's very tense.

Some of them are newlyweds. The pink aura is amazing.

I guess I'm pretty flirtatious at home.

"I haven't said enough yet!

They don't talk about love enough.

Whoa... what kind of everyday life do you have?

It's not like I don't have much to think about, but it might be helpful in the future.

"Well... talk to me lightly"

"Yeah. First thing in the morning, Mikana came to wake me up. I was a little sleepy, put him to sleep a little bit more, and I said," I can help you. "And I came to wake him up, so I dragged him into the futon. At first, I tried to escape, but I suddenly stopped resisting. I peeked in my face wondering what was wrong..."

"No, you don't have to say any more!

You're the only one who knows the look on his face then.

Othi from that story would have ended up sleeping just a little bit more or something like that.

"And then... I sat on the couch at the same time trying to finish my dinner and finish cleaning up. That's when I realized my hands had touched me. If I look at Mikana unexpectedly, Mikana will see me... face to face with each other. From there..."

"Don't talk more than that. Ah!

What is he trying to say?

Keep that insignificant flirting between you two.

"Well, that's when Mikana's cute, too"

"Will you be that kind of och eventually"

"Because Mikana is actually cute.... Even Youki-kun, right?

Shake it on me here?

"I want to know how Youki-kun talks about Cecilia..."

Yuga's expression is serious in itself.

I'm also a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, but I'm making a public announcement about my relationship with Cecilia.

Do you want to hear my candid feelings?

That wasn't the kind of gathering I had today...... would be good.

"Cecilia is my benefactor. I won't tell you the details. At first it annoyed me by emptying and derailing. I may still call you sometimes. Still, I want to be next to Cecilia. At first, I confessed in love at first sight, crushed my balls... and while I was sweet to Cecilia's kindness, I told her how I felt. Oh...... this is how it goes to confession. Well, just to sum it up, Cecilia, you really are the Virgin."

"Heh... that's how Cecilia and Yoki started"

"Sort of."

"When do you feel like Cecilia is cute?

What kind of question?

A pride tournament for the daughter-in-law.

Is Duke and Raven here yet? It's time for the rally.

Well, that doesn't mean I don't want to brag about my wife.

Let's talk about how great Cecilia is.