Faceko gradually came together, but it's very different from what I planned.

It was supposed to be me, Duke, and Raven.

Yuga and Caius are added there.

And... because there's a coffin. Yeah, that's the thing.

"... I feel like there are more people than planned"

"Well, don't say that"

"If you want an opinion, it's better to have a large number of people. Me and Raven called you."

"... I thought the two of us weren't strong enough to get rid of Yoki's problems."

I hear you two cared.

I'm surprised that people have never gathered in my house so much, but it's not if I care about that, so I move on.

"We're just talking about bastards today..."

The rattle and the coffin shake.

Excuse me, there was one female participant.

"Caius. Why don't you let him out?

"It's daytime now. Just in case the sun is out in time. I just have to get you some rest in here."

There was more chatter and shaking.

That's a different reason to keep this in.

Look at the three of us who pulled out Yuga.

I was wondering if I should ask if anything happened... Ha!?

"That coffin...... you got something?

Yuga doesn't know what's going on.

I should be watching it once... because I had an incident with Mikana back then.

A slightly shaky coffin wouldn't have gotten into my eyes either.

You won't be able to see around when you run.

I guess I was curious because I was in normal condition this time.

What are you going to do with the Caius one?

"... I have my beloved wife in here."

Dude... I told you honestly.

The three of us who know the circumstances of this statement are surprised.

Are you willing to scatter who you are?


"Unfortunately, we don't get to face each other right now."

Yuga stopped saying anything when Caius said that with a flirtatious look.

No, no, I should have stuck with you more because you were shaking.

As for this one, it helps.

You were listening to the conversation, and Shea, who read the air, stopped making noises.

Yuga twisting her neck... don't pursue me deeply.

But it doesn't seem that Yuga is the reason why he stays inside.

Well, that would be Caius's joke.

Don't worry about it because these two are the only ones who screw up.

Thus began the Men's Club by Demons, Durahans, Vampires, Brave Men and Knights Leaders.

"... so what troubles does Yoki have? I didn't ask for details."

"I didn't hear that either."

"I didn't hear that either."

"Neither do I."

We need to know why everyone was collected.

Do it... don't explain it to Raven and Duke. I was on the verge of convocating.

Caius and Yuga didn't know what was going on.

Apparently, I had the best company if I noticed.

As the four glances gathered at me, I uncovered my troubles thoughtfully.

"Once again, you see my girlfriend's perfection, and I'm in too much trouble for my position."

"... are you in love?


"No... I mean, you brag about my daughter-in-law. Does that bother you? Isn't it something you've always known Cecilia could do?"

Duke's particular opinion pierces me.

I didn't know that.

"No... Cecilia's been coming to stay a lot lately. You're doing your chores perfectly."

"I don't know what that is"

"In the future, when we get married, Cecilia will do everything about the house, and she won't have my majesty, and she won't be in a small position, and she won't suspect my earliest existence."

"Oh, you know what?"

"That's what I do. That's my problem...... can I have your opinion please"

Ask four people for their opinions.

All the men gathered here are of different types.

I'm going to get a lot of opinions.

It would still be Caius to react first with this kind of consultation.

"Right...... I've been consulted about feeling inferior to my wife. He wants to stay dignified as a man... well, I guess he said the same thing about you."

"What advice did you give then?"

"It takes time to compete on the same mound as her. It would break my heart while I was practicing, so I was wondering if I could support her with a different cut..."

Is that the kind of opinion you were talking to Yuga earlier?

Do you want me to attack you from another cut...

"... there's no gap in Cecilia."

Raven squeaks softly.

"Yeah. I don't think Cecilia's ever been inferior to Yogi-kun for chores, either."

The end of saying this to Yuga.

I can't say anything because it's a fact.

High specs of cleaning for cooking, as well as keeping the money under control and shopping.

There's no room for me to get in there.

... Dude, this is over with no way to deal with it then.

"... Yuga would be married to Mikana and living with her. Why don't you let Yoki know what kind of life you're living. Might help."

"Me and Mikana's life... I told Yoki earlier, but Mikana is trying her best to cook. I wonder if they share the cleaning and laundry. We're busy with each other, so don't push it on one side. Sometimes I can't get used to it because the sun is shallow when we start living together..."


"Yeah. Sometimes Micah does come to help me out because Micah is more handy than I am."

After all, when there is a difference in household skills, that happens.

I'm sorry about that.

So I'm talking about what to do.

"I guess I'll use my time for Mikana on a day like that"


"Because. After work, we had dinner, cleaned up and a paragraph, right? Micah helped me, so if time floats... I'm using that time to love Micah."

This is the dialogue of a man with a daughter-in-law.

Do you use it to love... let's give it a silent round of applause.

"Of course, I work hard every day because I can't just be sweet with Mikana."

"Don't forget to improve...? Your family is happy."

"Of course. Because Mikana took care of me a lot. It's not cool to just be supported forever.... well, they still piss me off"

Isn't it good that the area has been around for a long time?

It feels like we're understanding each other.

I wonder if Mikana likes yuga like that.

"I wonder what about everyone, not just my family. I think you should have more information."

Duke, Raven and Caius face each other in Yuga's words.

Who's going to do this?

"I don't live together, so I can't seem to help."

Duke raises his hand and speaks.

I'm pretty sure I don't have any cohabitation experience in this.

But I'd like to hear Duke's opinion as a general theory and as someone who's been consulted by me.

... Honestly, I have the greatest desire to know what it's like with Mr. Irene after his honeymoon.

"No. You should just talk about how you usually spend time with her. That could be a tip to relieve his troubles"

Caius spoke for me.

Duke also opens his mouth to this.

"Uh... yeah, I don't know. Um, on my day off, I train and go play. It's not that different from before we went out. Well... my skin is getting a little more intense."

"Learn more about where you are"

"You're looking at the captain, aren't you? I was hugged by Irene. They're coming for me. They jump from front to back, from left to right, so you can't predict."

He said he was struggling to hold on to Mr. Irene, a carnivorous elf jump.

Hmmm...... apparently he's happy.

"Is this helpful?"

"I mean, you can pay with your body..."

"Why did you come to that idea?"

"That's what happened."

Working and working even for Cecilia......

Whoa, that sounds good.

I earn money and Cecilia protects the house... that's the right answer.