"Working even... that's what you can do for her... I really don't know if you think so"

"No, I'm pretty confident I'm a fighter."

I won't do it, and I won't tell you, but I'm a fighter who beats brave men.

I don't mind using my powers for Cecilia at all.

"The world isn't simple enough to solve anything with just your arms. In fact, this is how you got people together because you couldn't solve it. Mostly, it's a mistake to work hard. Captain, you don't have to be lazy. If you're gonna work hard, you're gonna hit the same problem."

"... Duke is right. Tell Cecilia the conclusions you've uncovered about this troubles... you think he'll be happy?

Me listening to Duke and Raven and shutting up.

I thought so.

It is certain that if we talk about the situation, we will not get a good reaction.

"... I don't know if I can say it well because I don't live together either..."

Yeah, Raven never lived together either.

You used to rent my house, but you don't live together.

"... Happiness is developing, he says, and gives me lunch boxes and hand knitted objects. There were times when I was worried about how to return it. I thought I'd do something if I told him I liked him."

"So what did you do?

"I thought about it and did what I came up with from one end"

"Do you have a Raven with an image of being a prudent and making plans?"

As someone who had been a little consulted before dating, it is surprising.

"... I do always think about what my actions will do before I do anything. It's not just my position at work, it's my personality. … but he said it would be foolish not to do anything after thinking about the results ahead"


Has Raven come to act with that in mind, too?

I thought I was the only one worried, and Raven looked at my face and laughed.

"What the fuck?"

"... No, it's because of Yoki that I'm doing well with Happiness"


"Yowki would have gotten my advice many times. There were times when I was saved because of it. Well, there were times when I was in a hurry for something I didn't even think about. And this is a good memory of Happiness."

Things I don't even think about...... Have you ever tied the two of them up in bed and gone out?

Or did you shut up with Raven and take Happiness for a favor?

That's what I thought was good.

Yeah, it's good if it's a good memory, right?

"... I don't know what's going to be important. It's just that if you don't do anything, nothing will come of it. Yowki, if you need any trigger, I can help you."

I don't tie myself to the bed like a yolkie, but they told me to, so I turned away.

After all, wasn't that a good idea?

"Well, I guess it's my turn to talk"

Is that Caius at the end?

The coffin swayed once in a gutter.

I guess you're wondering what Caius will talk about.


Yuga is looking at the coffin and tilting her neck.

He still seems suspicious.

Mr. Shea, please bear with me.

"What I care about is not boring her. How can I make sure she doesn't get bored and enjoy it? I think and live every day."

Only a Cupid of Love is a decent opinion.

No reaction from the coffin, by the way.

"If she had a sleeping habit, I'd fix it, and if I had a hole in her clothes, I'd sew it, and I'd be re-hanging the futon while she's in bed."

When Caius said that, the coffin swayed guttingly again.

Did you react to the current story?

It's nothing strange...

"Without her noticing."

The coffin wobbled heavily when Caius said with a good smile.

Hey, you're not doing that exposure here.

Mr. Shea's upset is coming through the coffin.


Yuga said he was completely suspicious, too.

I'm looking at the coffin.

Raven doesn't particularly care because he knows half the circumstances.

Duke is... should be his first look, but I guess he's reading the air and through.

I'll have to explain the situation later.

I'm worried too, but I'm reacting.

Caius' joke about Shea didn't start right now.

It's okay if you don't sprinkle it on Yuga, it feels like that's the worst kind of hobby I can mislead you with.

Seems strange because other than Yuga doesn't respond to the coffin.

Leave Yuga like that. The story goes on.

"I'm going to help her trivially. I won't let you tell me you can't. You see her normal movements and you move in anticipation of what movements to make. First look and get information. And act."

"As good as it gets."

"In my case, you started by knowing her preferences. You know, get some kind of towel, figure out what pattern she likes, add a little bit more of what she likes."

"Do you look it up without asking directly"

"I think it would be more fun to know them carefully than to know the answer right away. Some people will think it's a good idea... but I can feel the joy of discovering if there's such a side to them."

"Uh, you know a little bit about that. Since we've been dating, there's an unexpected side to it..."

"This is my theory, so to the point of reference. And then... calculate her bedtime and speak up. It's about time you wanted to sleep, trying to get you to bed. How cute of you to snort honestly while rubbing her eyes..."

Bang, and I heard a loud noise from the coffin.

That would be the message to stop talking any more.

"What, what!?

Yuga is quite wolfish.

Only Yuga has a horror experience.

You think only one guy gets scared when the bastards get together and think it's going to be a daughter-in-law pride tournament?

I don't want to explain it because it's a hassle.

"You mean they're all doing what they do on their own"

"Well, if it's for someone you like, it works. Even the captain couldn't let Mr. Cecilia do it all."

"... it's not like we're doing anything."

"This is how we are able to act thinking about living together. That's definitely true."

A round bill came out of the coffin.

Shea also...... are you encouraging me?

"Wow, something came up!?

"It's an illusion of the eye."

"It's a lie. From there now... that?

Looks like Mr. Shea swiftly put the bill back while Yuga was distracted by me.

Yuga rubs her eyes many times with an unconvincing look and looks at the coffin.

"So the captain listened, and I wonder what kind of action he's going to take."

"Right. Share, act if you want, help from how things are going, pay with your body…"

"Something's wrong with my opinion!

Ignore the summoning Duke and think.

I guess we're not all doing it the wrong way.

That's how it's going.

"I'll try my best."

"Did you get an answer?

Yeah, I'll do it.

"... what are we going to do?

"Do what comes to mind from one end, observe Cecilia's movements, share the work, pay with your body"

"Didn't you just mix it up!

"Find something I can do from there."

I don't know how much help I can get in front of a tall wall called Cecilia.

"... not to think too hard. No, you might not be able to say that Cecilia is the other person."

"But it doesn't matter what Cecilia wants."

"That's a lot to think about"

"But I have to."


Thus the men's club ended and the aspirants who gathered returned.


Yuga looked at the coffin and leaned back.