I have to act to avoid wasting what I got at the boys' party.

For Cecilia...... no, for me and Cecilia.

First I should know Cecilia I don't.

Derive how to follow from it.

And for that, I...

"I'd like to know about Cecilia's day."

Morning a few days after the men's party.

I was visiting Cecilia at the Mansion.

"Is it my day? I have a lot of plans today... I don't know why, but I'll talk to you later."

"No, I actually want to see Cecilia's day. I think it's better to actually see it with your own eyes than to listen to it..."

"Ha...... so does that mean you will follow my work as a demon swordsman? Then you have to explain it in advance to the people in charge of the trip."

Cecilia thinks she won't even adjust her schedule... no need to worry about that.

"It's okay, Cecilia."

"What do you mean you're okay?

"This request...... I will not let Cecilia bear the burden. Because I magically disappear and snuggle around on my own!

"... excuse me. Just a moment, please. I don't have time for this, but I want to sort it out."

Cecilia suppressed her head and sighed.

Hmmm, lack of explanation......

"Because when I say snuggly, I don't peek into dressing or anything like that. Just see how Cecilia usually spends her time. Look, if I were here, you'd be weird."

"Right now, even if I'm not seeing you, I'm being seen. You're more conscious than you are."


I certainly don't care more about that.

I'd be on guard even if it came to a situation where you were watching him close by.

"I don't know what you're going to use my personal life information for... I'll schedule an appointment later"

If I tell you I figured it out here, it's over.

Cecilia has plans today, too.

I can't stay too long, but I can't give up.

I feel a little harder here, grabbing Cecilia's hands and approaching.

"Because I will never disturb you"


'Cause I'm not that close, and it feels like I'm gonna see it from a faraway roll.'


"It's really necessary for me..."

"Mr. Yowki, Mr. Yowki"


"Well... it's close, isn't it?


I would have approached quite a distance if I had noticed.

Cecilia's face is close.

We have to hurry and let go and leave... No, is it weird to leave in such a hurry?

Look seriously at Cecilia's face.

You have long eyelashes and beautiful eye color.

... No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Reason is summoned to slowly leave Cecilia.

"Heh, any reply?

"... it's good"

I got recognition.

That's right, Mr. Cecilia, it's helpful to get an understanding.

"You're just looking, aren't you? Promise me you won't intervene no matter what. Because it's harder to delude yourself when something is done to Mr. Yowki, who's hiding you."

"Of course I know that."

"... even if I'm told by a man, I'm useless."


I wonder if it's an instant issue.

"Please don't think about it!

A cling from Cecilia came in.

They say it's okay because it's not like this, but they say no.

"I promise I won't do anything. But..."

"But it's not."

"My feelings for Cecilia are not so light that I can quickly tell that my lover is watching me in silence."

"I am fully pleased with that feeling, so please promise me that nothing will be done here to meet Mr. Yowki's request."

"... Yes"

Apparently, I'm past my point.

It's obvious because you said you couldn't do it.

I got the recognition.

Cecilia's busy, so it's time to disperse.

Then... and I tried to get out the window and I heard a knock.

"Ma'am, it's time."

It's Sophia's voice.

"... Isn't Master Youki here?

How can it be broken?

I tried to ask Cecilia, and before that, the door opened and Mr. Sophia came into the room.

"Ma'am, breakfast is ready. I'll take your place."

"Okay. Actually..."

Cecilia is earing at Mr. Sophia.

I guess you're telling me why I'm here.

What do you mean, Mr. Sophia will take his place?

Will you be preached not to push me to the lady from this early morning?

It's not weird to be told.

When you're done talking about what I'm scared to do.

"So long, Mr. Yowki. Again."

Waving, Cecilia left the room.

It was Mr. Sophia and I who were left behind.

After the sound of the doors closing, silence flows without both uttering a word.

It's not like we're asking each other how to get out.

I'm going to take Sophia's scolding... but I'm not saying anything just to keep an eye on this one.

It was Mr. Sophia who broke the silence first.

"To a certain extent, my lady told me what was going on"


"It must be necessary. As far as I'm concerned, hiding from women's private lives is not very good, but I can't accept it. I want to do everything in my power to stop it."

I felt Mr. Sophia's eyes glow.

Shit, these are hunter's eyes.

I thought about giving up a lot of things about you being angry after all, but the word goes on.

"That's what I decided with my lady and Master Yoki. He said he needed it for the future... and I, the third party, can't pinch my mouth even though the lady is convinced. Besides, I was wondering if you could imitate that Yoki would betray your daughter's trust."

Seems to be somewhat trusted.

I'm not even playing with it.

It bothered me to find out more about Cecilia first, so I decided to move on to action.

I just want to know Cecilia more than I feel comfortable, really......

"I promised Cecilia I wouldn't bother. Even if Cecilia had been told by a man, she'd be watching."

"The young lady has been sending invitations from men even before she met Yoki, so don't worry."

"Still, I have something to think about. Even Mr. Sophia Clayman..."

"If you were looking at a woman and stretching her under her nose, would you snap that nose?

Shut up about the answer you were hit first.

Clayman, I don't think so, but be careful.

"Well, that won't happen only to my husband"

"You trust me."

"What worries me about my husband is, are you trying to do a good job?"

"Are you trying to..."

I'll do what I do, but is that the process?

Even so, I'm done with my job.

If Clayman is serious, he'll be desperate to follow you around.

"Because he won't let it out when he says that if he's motivated, he'll appreciate it more from around him. There's been a lot of unevenness for a long time."

Maybe it was Mr. Sophia who motivated me.

"Men are surprisingly simple creatures. Wouldn't it be interesting if Sophia backed you up?"

"If that's what Youki is, let's give it a try next time. Please wait a moment."

Mr. Sophia took the pen and notes out of his nostalgia and wrote them down quickly to him.

Detailed information on time and place, who to meet, etc.

"This is..."

"It's the lady's date of the day"


"You should do your errands quickly. I'll tell the lady that Yoki is home."

Then Mr. Sophia left.

For once, I was going to put it back out and do it later.

I didn't expect Mr. Sophia to cooperate.

Let's follow in the mood of becoming guardian spirits.

I magically disappeared and headed carefully for Cecilia.