I'm magically gone.

But walking the mansion with dignity is not a sneak... I'm walking for as little people as I can.

Even if I knew it was okay, I'd be out in public.

Cecilia stalked him.

Just looking at the servant makes me sorry.

But I won't stop.

He will be branded as a must-have donkey from around him.

But I decided to do it.

I'm not pulling any more.

According to Mr. Sophia's notes, after breakfast, he travels in a carriage.

I worked in church, had lunch, stopped by the orphanage, taught the kids how to study, and went home.

I hear you work in a treatment center, but I don't think you have one today.

Let's act with care not to get in the way.

That's why I stick it on the roof of the carriage and wait for Cecilia.

Breakfast is... we've had a lot of breakfast together lately.

Cecilia, you're having a handmade breakfast... and if you say so, you're going to make a lot of enemies.

"Then you'll go."

"Be careful, lady"

Cecilia, who was dropped off by a servant, came out of the mansion.

I am smiling and bowing my head to say hello to your lord today.

The carriage departed, saying that he was accustomed to it.

There will be no particular trouble and we will get to church.

There's a Cecilian in that carriage - and I thought people would get together, but that didn't happen.

I had a chase idea for Idol, but he doesn't have that many enthusiastic fans.

Looks like there's a couple of guys out there trying to hide and explore Cecilia's trends.

The guys hiding and watching Cecilia must be exploring for a scandal.

I want to get rid of them all, but I'm just looking at them today, my promise to Cecilia.

Ignore me now.

Which if I had, would have caused some weird rumors.

I snuck into the church too when I made sure Cecilia entered.

I won't forget covert behavior even if he's disappearing from sticking to the ceiling or passing without people.

Cecilia was doing confirmation with the priest about today's date.

"Sisters are gathered from all over today to make sure they receive guidance from Master Cecilia. The number of general participants is also high…"

Seriously, that's Saint... dangerous.

Cecilia is sensitive to her two names.

Feel the signs of two names and it could spoil what I'm here for.

Well, there won't be any difficulty... but it's forbidden to think about Cecilia's reluctance.


"The Sisters have already gathered in the auditorium. Best wishes, Cecilia."

A church auditorium... wasn't it a pretty big room?

Isn't it uncommon for both priests and Cecilia to calm down and hold meetings?

Because you said so today, I guess this isn't the first one.

Cecilia left the room after the meeting.

It must be hard to get ready or something every time.

I thought I'd follow Cecilia... but the priest I dropped off. Hi. I'm looking closely at the door Cecilia left

It is.

I'm a little concerned, so I'll stay on the spot.

The priest's age would be about fifty years past.

How does a priest who is reaching the veteran realm see Cecilia?

"You're always helped by her."

With a smile of good character, the priest lowered his back to the chair.

"I had no idea she would grow up to be the Virgin Mary and the kind of child she would be worshipped. I miss coming in as an apprentice."

Looks like he remembers the old days as he turns the pages of his books one by one.

"It seems she's had someone important recently, too. Whatever you say around you... she said it was herself who made the decision. You work so hard, you can wish yourself happiness."

Look at the priest who started praying. I gently left the spot.

Is it a good thing to see...... I can't do it though I chose to stalk myself.

But it would be rude of Cecilia to forgive me for being so sorry.

An apology to the priest that I am sorry in my heart.

And I left the swearing room saying I would try to meet Cecilia's expectations.

Rely on Cecilia's voice to find a place.

Perhaps the lecture has already begun.

There's a place where you can only hear Cecilia, even though there are signs of a lot of people.

Sneaking into the room seemed to gather to listen to Cecilia's lectures, young and old.

Everyone listens seriously to Cecilia's lecture when she sticks to the pillars and asks how it goes.

While taking notes, some were impressed.

Cecilia asks if there are any questions when the story comes to a paragraph.

Many then raise their hands and enter a question-attack.

It seems everyone wants a response from Cecilia. Many people claim to be ahead of us.

Whoa, this won't pick up then... I thought Cecilia wouldn't panic and answer the question.

Carefully, quickly and accurately while the number of people is high.

I guess you're used to it...... it's absolutely impossible for me.

The lecture went on without anything while pinching the break, and at around noon it came to an end.

"… that's all for today. Gentlemen, be careful on your way home."

There's this voice when Cecilia tries to say a tight greeting and leave the spot.

"Dear Cecilia, may I ask you a question regarding your engagement!

I squatted around to one young man's question.

Do you want to ask that question here?

Ask a lecture-related question, Cecilia.

I guess I should ignore this.

Neither Sister, who was an assistant to the lecture, looks good.

"… is this my personal question? I'm sorry, but I can't answer you right now."

That's what Cecilia will do, isn't it?

I just don't feel comfortable with the young man I asked.

"Can't we just do one thing? I want to know why Cecilia chose the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. I'm sure Cecilia knows who she is, but the world has never revealed who she is. Is it possible that Cecilia has a secret that she just doesn't know that she can't show her face in public?"

It is painful that what the young man is saying fits subtly.

Or don't say anything that fuels anxiety.

I've got more intentions, how are we going to get them cleaned up?

"... that's not possible"

Cecilia stopped bothering with a word.

I guess I didn't change my expression and that's all the power I had in a pale response.

"Because I know Mr. Demon Swordsman well. Now if you'll excuse me. Good luck to you all."

Cecilia left the scene this time.

The young man who asked the question still wanted to say something, but seemed speechless.

It's nothing. Cecilia didn't make her voice absurd either.

I guess you say weighty words.

I left the room with people still here to listen to speechless lectures on my ass.

I was in conversation with my assistant Sister, who left the room with me when I caught up with Cecilia.

"The Virgin Mary. Good luck."

"We learned too"

Two sisters are turning a respectful eye to me.

I have not responded at all to the call of the Virgin Mary.

If I told you, they'd take me... we could be alone, but that's no good.

"The Virgin Mary was very nice earlier."

"Yes. I thought no one could step in any further."

They can't stop the excitement between the two sisters, they're making a lot of noise.

She's an old girl, though Sister.

You must be concerned about love related stories.

"Who is the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman whom the Virgin Mary says so far... what is she like?"

"I care too"

Haven't these two stepped in a bit?

You're asking questions far away.

"Both of you. Do you think I would share information about people without my permission?

Words that weigh in again.

Until just now, they were in maiden mode. The two were back to sanity, excuse me. I was bowing my head with the Virgin Mary.

Well, it will.

"He's important to me. It seems to bother me, because some of that is like a privilege to me."


"Yes. That's my only privilege to be dating Mr. Demon Swordsman. Now entertain it."

"Only the Virgin Mary knows about the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman," he said.

"I'll leave it up to you two to interpret."

Sister, my two envious eyes on Cecilia are amazing.

I'm in the middle of a joy holding my mouth.

Privilege...... that sounds good.

It's just enough level to go home now that I can hear this, but it's just noon.

I was going after Cecilia.