What is Cecilia's lunch landscape like?

Cecilia, who left the church, took a carriage and seemed to be headed somewhere.

I'm getting on the roof and moving with you.

I thought you were bringing lunch, but I don't think so.

You know, once you get back to the mansion and eat... no, it's not the same direction as the mansion.

I don't see Cecilia eating at a Minerva restaurant.

I saw a store that looked familiar to me when I was rocked by a carriage with my doubts unresolved.

"Uh... to the point of being"

It was Mr. Ami and the Macho pastry chef, Mr. Andrei's cake shop, who arrived.

Haven't been here lately, but I didn't expect to be here.

When I looked at Cecilia, I went into the store equipped with glasses and hats for disguise.

You want some cake for lunch...?

I didn't think so, but I went into the cake shop.

Ask how Cecilia is doing as she manages to experience a situation where she can't eat anything in the store with a sweet smell of sweets.

It wasn't the cake I was eating, it was the pancake.

You're talking about something with Ami...

"This store helps because it won't make a scene when I come. Because there are people in the church who speak up."

"Because Master Cecilia is a celebrity. I'm wondering if it's okay for me to talk like this."

"It would help if you didn't mind"

"It is the parents' teaching that we respond to your requests as best we can. If I may."

"Thank you"

I was talking to Mr. Ami in a good way.

I haven't been here lately, but did Cecilia go by herself?

This is a memorable store that also took care of me at operational meetings and dates.

Oh...... sweet scent comes extra into my nose if I'm thinking about it like that.

Let's stop by and buy it on the way home.

"Thank you very much, Mr. Andrei."

Cecilia is thanking the macho pastry chef.

Is something wrong?

"My brother also inherited his parents' teachings, so he told me that he only did what he deserved."

"Still, this is how I can rest..."

Two men came into the store where Cecilia was about to say so.

Say it's Cecilia or something real and I'll stuck it in Cecilia.

Are you going to get tangled, or should I just sneak him over?

No, I have an appointment with Cecilia.

I grabbed my fist and watched, and a macho in apron popped out of the kitchen...... both of them.

"Sir, please refrain from acting inconvenient to another customer"

"Please help us create an environment where you can eat with confidence"

They're stuffed by two machos in aprons and have no words.

But the gaze is toward Cecilia.

I guess I haven't given up.

"Shh, just a little... talk to me"

"I think I want to..."

Two men saw Cecilia and managed to squeeze out the words.

Macchio, your eyes glow suspiciously.

What happens...

"Yes, I did. That's a story."

"I'll show you"

"No, we are with Master Cecilia..."

"Okay, come here. There's a talking room."

The resistance was pointless, the two men were taken by two machos.

"Is it really good"

"It's fine. My brother and Mr. Cache just need to be careful."

Is the new Macchio a cache?

"Never mind if I go too cautious"

"I should have handled it."

"It's fine. Cecilia has chosen this store for me. Take your time when you're coming to this store. That's what Cecilia does as a clerk."

You're saying something very wonderful with a good smile on your face.

Next time I have to thank you for your insignificance.

Here the two machos brought back two men.

Looks like you've decided to watch Cecilia but not try to get involved more than you need to.

I wonder what persuasion you made, you weren't obsessed with listening to the conversation between Cecilia and Mr. Ami.

"Good day, brother, Mr. Kach"

"Oh, the customer will understand the situation when he explains it muscularly."

Mr. Andrei, I don't know what you're talking about.

"Brother... again"

I know who Ami is.

Again, how many times have we had muscular conversations with our guests?

"Solve with one muscle rather than line up a hundred words.... don't you think it's wonderful, my beloved sister!

"Okay, so I want you to finish making the cake this afternoon. Look, I'm going."

"That's my beloved sister..."

Mr. Andrei disappeared into the kitchen with his white teeth shining.

It's as dark as ever, Mr. Andrei.

"Hasn't Mr. Kach been pulled by his brother, too? If you think your brother's on a rampage, please stop him."

"Angel Ami, I know too. But if I can see Andrei's brother's back..."

"Please stop because you don't have to chase me. And I'm not an angel, I'm a shopkeeper."

"Overlapping Sorry, Store Owner Amy"

"You're always wrong, so it's time to remember. Well, then, Mr. Kach needs your brother's help, too."

"Yes, sir, excuse me"

I bowed my head to Cecilia and Mr. Cache disappeared into the kitchen, too.

It's hard for Mr. Ami to bring in the two machos, too.

Because I'm not just a macho, I'm a habitual macho.

"I was surprised when my brother brought me here to find good talent, but it's still often surprising. Mr. Cache, you always say angels about me. Angels have been around ever since. If that's what you mean, you're the owner."

I'm tilting my neck wondering if habits can't be fixed inside.

... If you listen to Mr. Kach and Mr. Ami in detail, you'll know if it's just a mistake.

"Wouldn't that be a mistake because Mr. Kach thinks so well of Mr. Ami?"

"Is Mr. Kach here? My brother and I had quite a bit of fun when he brought us here. I wasn't a beginner, but I saw clutter. I have repeatedly taught them to work delicately."

"It depends on where you look and admire a person."

"Really? If Master Cecilia says so, I guess so. Hmm... I'm thinking about it as a new piece of cake. Let's have a treat."

I'm breaking my fingers and counting if I have some cake candidates.

Not in the face of a maiden in love, but in the face of an artisan.

Cecilia drinks tea with a smile of mercy at the look of it.

I want to join you there too, I want to have some tea with you slowly.

Now all I can do is hide and see how it goes, but one day we'll both be together again...

"With that said, Master Cecilia... well, aren't you coming with me before? I haven't been to the store recently. I used to come not only with Cecilia but also with the Knight... sorry, I was wondering"

Is it a rumor?

I'm the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, but I haven't released the equation "Equal Me" yet.

I wonder what Cecilia will answer.

"... I'm so well. Probably, I'll show my face right away. I don't hate sweet things, but I couldn't come because I was involved or involved or desperate about myself."

"Really? Then I'll wait for your visit. Because customers who come want to take care of it."

Mr. Ami, if you say that, you'll have to go.

It would be unnatural, but I decide to go to the cake shop tomorrow.

I don't know what to eat, I think I'll make it a pancake Cecilia was eating.

"We can't come yet... but we'll come together again. Now that's what I'm asking you to say."

I appeal to Cecilia to keep her index finger in her mouth.

I don't know if I'm here right now... but I'm overwhelmed.

I keep my forehead down and I'm stunned, Mr. Ami has a full laugh, why?

"You'll definitely behave like a new piece of cake then"

"Looking forward to your cake... and the day you two come"

Cecilia says so and stares at pancakes and tea.

... It was me who fell in love with Cecilia like that.