Shouldn't we be able to stop tailing him now?

As much as that thought comes to mind, today's harvest is huge.

I feel ashamed of myself for doing this, while sitting on the roof of a carriage.

I'd like to see some more of Cecilia talk about me where I'm not. So I have myself...

My mind seems cloudy even though the sky is clear.

I would have arrived at the orphanage at my last destination today if I had noticed. I've been here before, too, here.

"Hello, Father Dabate"

"Oh, Master Cecilia. I've been waiting for you. Come on, come on in."

I've seen this again. Cecilia going into the orphanage with the priest and me going after him.

I miss it, it's the orphanage I came to on Duke's tail date.

I found out two names for Cecilia here.

Saints are two sinful names just to think...... let's quit.

Signs divert me from Cecilia.

Sneak back to Cecilia with all your normal heart.

I was wondering if I was going to give a class and I was playing with the kids.

Cecilia is popular for both men and women.

Father Dabate also stopped saying here, but it is ineffective for children flocking to Cecilia.

Cecilia had heard and talked to each and every one of them during that time.

I'd panic...

"Virgin Mary, read the book."

"Virgin Mary, crown of flowers together..."

"Virgin Mary, the story of the journey."

Everyone wants to do what they want to hear, so we're in a situation where we can't pick it up.

What do you say, this...

"First, then, let's read the book. Make a crown of flowers as you read. The story of the journey comes after reading the book…"


The boy, who wanted to hear about his journey, is complaining.

I'm just a kid... I can't help but react.

It is Cecilia who caresses the head of such an unhappy child and gently tells him.

"Next time, let's talk about the journey first. So can't you stand it today?


Are you ashamed of being stroked in the head? The boy blushes and nods small.

Is that how you give up children?

I wouldn't be able to get together with straw and pick it up while I'm wondering what to do.

I can't tell you because it's a mine, but it must have spread to two names in Cecilia, including these places.

I was watching and learned a lot about how to deal with children.

You're dealing with children by yourself... you can't imitate them.

It's getting dark and Father Dabate calls out to Cecilia that it's time...

Seems it's time for Cecilia to go home too.

Do the children understand? Uh, the voice is ringing.

I guess you don't want me to go home.

Some little girls are grabbing Cecilia's clothes.

"The Virgin Mary... are you leaving...?

Roll out the toddler's strongest move: tear-eyed uplifting.

This is hard to say no, I have to say no, but tough.

Cecilia gently strokes the girl's head and smiles gently.

Still a girl who wouldn't let go of her hand grabbing her clothes, but she let go of her hand grabbing the effect of a stroke or a little bit.

"That's great. We'll talk about it again."


We interact like that and they all go into church.

Looks like Father Dabate and I are going to discuss the dates for our next visit and how the kids are going before we go home.

"Thank you again today, Dear Cecilia"

"No, it was helpful because they were all good kids and listened to each other very carefully"

"No, no... I would have had a hard time with all the healthy kids"

"That's not..."

From my eyes, Cecilia, I think you've been trying.

There seemed to be no free time to listen to the children and to forgive or refrain.

Well, I guess I can't say I'm tired.

"Dear Cecilia herself, this must be a difficult time."

"Tough times......"

"Yep. Black Thunder Demon Swordsman...... was it? I heard you were engaged to Master Cecilia."

"... Yes"

No way, I didn't expect to talk about that here.

Is Father Dabate a dissident, or isn't it a bad conversation if you ask?

"There seem to be a few kids in the orphanage who are also concerned. I could tell you to stay calm from me. Everyone nodded for Cecilia. The children didn't want to get Cecilia in trouble."

"Sounds like you've got me worried"

"There are also several children who are thrilled to congratulate Master Cecilia on her marriage. Of course, I'm one of them."

"Father Dabate..."

"It's Cecilia's choice. I'm sure he's a great guy. Long, facial, clean and kind..."

Wait, wait, wait, wait!

The hurdles of Father Dabate's Black Thunder Demon Swordsman statue are pretty expensive, though.

If I go to see this, I won't be disappointed.

Cecilia's got a bit of a look on her face, too.

"Father Dabate. I don't ask men for that kind of conditions..."

I finally stopped Father Dabate from Cecilia.

I eventually woke up early to bed, brushed my teeth three times a day, and said I would definitely give them away for the anniversary.

"Whoa, excuse me. I think I'm losing my old tea."

What kind of character is tea glare... Father Dabate?

"Kids like that about Father Dabate, too."

"Because children will hate you for just being tough. If we all stop listening to Cecilia, we'll have a tougher normal operation."

"I'm so special..."

"No, no, we're all open minded to Master Cecilia. That's right, Cecilia."

I think so, too.

You don't want to get stuck any more, Cecilia coughed up and cut the conversation.

As far as I'm concerned, I should have seen it.

"I'm sure it was Black Thunder Demon Swordsman...... He must be one of those people who was attracted to Cecilia's charm. I guess he had something to do with Cecilia."

Did something happen to me?

I wonder what Cecilia will respond to.

I want to ask, but I don't think you should.

This is what I want to be told in person, no hiding and stealing.

Block your ears before Cecilia says anything.

I can't use lip reading, so I don't know what Cecilia's talking about.

Father Dabate is snorting in silence... that's all.

Release your hands gently from your ears as Cecilia finishes talking.

It's... it's over, isn't it?

"... to the point of becoming. He said he was in the middle of something."

"Yes, thank you."


It's not what I thought it would be.

I'm worried, that's what they talked about.

Wasn't it a conversation about something that moves Cecilia?

"Am I hunting down"

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

"I haven't been able to read my behavior since before we dated... but I really don't know this time"

Shit, I was on track because Cecilia accepted.

Looks like it was supposed to haunt Cecilia as a result.

... Do you honestly apologize?

No, not just to apologize.

I also need to think about the reflection of not doing this next time and show it in action.

"By the way, has Master Cecilia done anything unusual lately?

"No, that's... that"

Cecilia's eyes swim.

I can't believe we're half-cohabiting.

"You don't have to be specific. Have you changed anything more than before you got engaged?

"... Yes. Thank you for burning my care."

It is in a state of complete burning.

This is safe, isn't it, because it's just burned.

Father Dabate began to think with his hands on his chin when he heard all that.

And I just nodded a little and opened my mouth.

"Isn't he... in a hurry?

"Are you in a hurry..."

I'm in a hurry...... well, you fit.

"Yes. We probably had a difficult journey until we got engaged to Master Cecilia.... There was, wasn't there?

"I'm also ashamed to say it out of my mouth...... yes"

No, it was really hectic and tough with everything.

"Dear Cecilia and I are approaching a distance… I wonder if we are once again losing consciousness and confidence in the power of Cecilia. If we don't do something about it from there, it's empty."

Father Dabate's reasoning is overwhelming and scary.

Is it okay with me... I haven't been there yet, but I feel something close.

"You were still hunting me down..."

Cecilia's expression began to cloud.

I want to get out and sit down and say that's not happening.

It would be more annoying to do that...

"It's not Master Cecilia's fault. I can't even say he's bad."

"Father Dabate...... so what can I do"

"The two of you talk to each other and work it out. There's nothing else."

That's the first thing I have to do.

Cecilia, too, solidified in her voice.

"You should talk to each other a lot before you get married. When you get married, you'll see the part of them you didn't know about. Good and bad. We can only do what we can before we get together."

Too honest to say anything.

Right, I'm talking about discussing it if you're going to be worried and stalking me alone like this.

"Master Cecilia will be busy too, but why don't we take a moment to discuss it with him once"

If I had noticed, me and Cecilia would have shaken their heads vertically all together.

I don't think they fit together.