"Thank you"

Cecilia left the orphanage behind before finishing preparing dinner.

I took the carriage home, but I'm not.

We decided to have a discussion, what exactly should we talk about?

I guess I should apologize first.

I said I'm sorry I stalked you... no.

That's the same as usual.

That's not what we need to talk about right now, is it?

If I had twisted my head near the orphanage, the transparency would have been solved.

I didn't think it was a good idea, but I don't need to hide anymore.

It's not a good idea to twist your head near the orphanage, so let's move.

When I made that decision and tried to walk out, I felt like I was walking heavily.

That's crazy. I turn around and the girl's grabbing my clothes.

Is it because of this child that I felt so heavy as to become?

Look at me. I won't let go of my hand.

It's easy to shake it off, but there's no way I can do that.

Well... what do we do?

"Phew, get out of here while you're preparing dinner... oh, you did once with Cecilia..."


I guess he came after this kid.

Father Dabate called out, letting him breathe out.

"If you happen to want to go down the street, this kid's gonna get you."

"Was it? Look, let go."

The girl who shakes her neck beside her when Father Dabate also sifts to speak.

Instead, I became more powerful in grasping my clothes.

"Something doesn't seem like you want to let go"

"Actually, Master Cecilia is here now and she's just returned. I must have missed you, and I think I saw you and got out. This is trouble."

The girl feels like she's going to cry as she leans down.

Confirmed pattern of crying if forced off.

There is no point in stalking anymore, and there are no plans for the future.

If so, a little......

"I was on my way home, so you can stay like this for a little while."

"No, I can't bother you like that"

"I'm not planning on today... if I can distract the loneliness at all"

"... Thankful offer. Now, have dinner and go."

When Father Dabate said so, the girl who was grabbing my clothes shook my hand and walked out.

No heart or smile.

I went inside the orphanage thinking this was good.

After that, it was just the battlefield.

If you think Cecilia's back, I'm not sure. It starts with a man coming in and disappointing.

Preparation of dinner with older children watching out for toddlers.

The girl who pulled my hand was getting ready, but she turned her gaze this way from time to time.

I guess I was wondering if you weren't going home.

Don't worry, I'm not such a flirtatious demon.

When dinner started, the girl who brought me pulled my arm and sat next to me for dinner.

As I talked to the children, I realized that I was the man who came with Cecilia once and got into a questioning attack.

Either that or the story that it was the girl who comforted me then.

I was blushing my cheeks when I gently stroked my head saying I was sorry I was late to notice.

No, no... you don't flag me anything, do you?

As I get a bit of a bitter laugh, I move on to cleaning up after dinner.

The girl unfortunately let her mouth shut and grabbed the dishes, walking away from me.

I thought I'd finally take a breath... and now Father Dabate is here.

"Sorry, you seem to be dealing with me all the time"

They've been watching where I was being questioned.

Well, these aren't bad sometimes.

You've been swinging by Seek and Happiness for a long time.

Raven for Happiness these days, and Teal and Fiora for Seek.

You've also lost a lot of wiggling...... not that I miss you.

"No, dinner was a treat, too. Don't worry, I had fun too."

"Would you say that... you seem to have been close to Cecilia before, and you seem to be kind to me"

I don't think I'm any better than Cecilia.

"Did you know that Master Cecilia was engaged?


It's me, I can't say.

"Master Cecilia is very troubled. Don't you talk to each other?"

I just made a firm decision to discuss it with you two earlier.

Of course, I can't say that.

"Master Cecilia is busy right now. I was wondering if I had time to get closer."

What about this kind of declining complaint?

"No, no, Cecilia needs to talk to someone like you right now. 'Cause a young man close to his age would be a better talker than an old man who's not even married to an imminent girl."

I'm not even old enough to say I'm a young man.

How can you cut through because talking is definite?

"If Master Cecilia says it would be helpful to just talk to me, I will cooperate. I'll make an opportunity to meet you so you don't get annoyed."

"Really... you are kind. I'm sure Cecilia's problems will be solved."

That's really up to me, isn't it?

How shall I apologize for stalking?

"You won't be bothered that much. Just talk about yourself. Now listen to them. And we just have to eliminate each other's deviations."

"Isn't that hard? Wouldn't it be easy to get rid of deviations?"

"We just need to discuss how to lose it, and maybe we should lose it in the first place. Because you and Cecilia are still young. Not yet to try to understand each other perfectly..."


"I don't need to rush. It's boring to know everything about them. I think it would be better to make a little discovery."

"Talk to me, tell me you should know a little bit about them, or what you're gonna do to me after all?

Father Dabate, you don't know me and Cecilia, do you?

She talks like she's got a really sharp core.

I got stuck too... but I haven't said anything definitive yet, so it's safe, right?

"Go ahead, do what you want"


"Well, suppose I don't leave it up to all the kids to work either"

So Father Dabate went to the children.

What should I do with this indigestible feeling Moya Moya?

In the end, I joined the cleanup.

Sounds like free time after that, but I left the orphanage saying it wouldn't be a good idea to sit on the boulder any longer.

Come again from the children who got along. Okay. He waved at me.

The problem is the girl who was grabbing my clothes.

He waved silently and small, but he looked down without looking at me.

Maybe he didn't want to be seen crying.

Of course I was on my way to the Aqua Rain mansion with all the guilt.

Early if you want to talk.

I have to get permission from Mr. Sophia first.

Break into the mansion the way you always do, find Mr. Sophia, and speak up.

Well, I don't want to be considered a bad intruder, so it's transparent from outside the room.


"... Is it overwork? I hear you calling me even though there's no one there."

"No, no, it's me. It's a yoke."

"Oh, is that Yoki who was going to accompany the lady? Please, you can come into the room."

It's a thorny way of saying it, but I accept it because I am aware of my sins.

When I walked into the room, there was Mr. Sophia doing bedmaking.

Looks like you're at work, you're in the way, me.

"I usually go directly to my lady, or to Happiness or Master Seek, though. What can I do for you?

"I'm here today to reflect on my actions and talk to Cecilia. I just feel like I'm gonna end up talking to Cecilia like I always do."

"So you've been counting on me"

"Excuse me......"

"… Earlier, the lady had a similar consultation with Yoki."

"And Cecilia?

"I was sure Master Youki would come to visit today, so I said it would be better for the two of us to discuss it directly. The lady will be in her private room, so I'll show you."

Therefore, on the guidance of Mr Sofia, we turn to the private room of Cecilia.

It's okay, I've decided to talk.

I was nervous until just now, but it's the usual thing if I see you.

"I have brought the Yogi"

Sophia went inside first and explained the situation.

When I get permission, I'll come in too, Mr. Sophia's out of the room, alone with Cecilia in the room.



Don't say a word to each other for some reason.

I was the one in the room where the silent phonetic sound of scene...... was flowing who cut the tantrum first.

You should cut it out of a man at times like this.

Be brave, me.

"Uh, the... I'm sorry about this morning. Don't make me feel bad and regret it. To apologize... I'm here."

"Apologize, is it?"

"It's not like I didn't have a reason about what I did. Recently, I realized that Cecilia is highly capable. I wonder how I can help Cecilia, and I don't have an answer. I was in a hurry to find out more about Cecilia."

"... you were"

"You don't have to rush to find out about them. I'm not throwing it out. I'll do it. I hope I find it in my life. Of course, I'm going to help more and more."

If you can't win by your abilities, stretch it, do what you seem to be able to do actively from yourself.

... I'm just saying the obvious.

I was worried about something so obvious.

Well, I thought it might be Cecilia's sermon, but the sermon doesn't start.

"There was something wrong with me this time too"

No, no, there's nothing wrong with Cecilia.

Ignoring me by surprise at the sudden reflection that began, Cecilia's story continues.

"I mean I've been climbing up lately...... I was acting more and more to do if anything that might help Mr. Yowki. I didn't even realize it was connected to Mr. Yowki's anxiety."

"No, no. Because I just felt inferior on my own. It's rude of you to do your chores in general. You don't have to be sick!

"As it turns out, we're supposed to have to stop Mr. Yowki's rampage, and this time we've allowed it to happen."

Stoking seems to be a runaway after all.

Though we're dating...... still not working, are we?

He also regrets that he accepted that he should have said no.

But this time, I'm the one who started it.

"No, because I wasn't solid"

"It's my fault!

"My attention..."

Which was worse, it developed into a saying that it wasn't good and couldn't be cleaned up.

Not to mention......

"This happened because I couldn't do my chores!

"I'll teach you in the future. So, this time, it's because of me who put a strain on Mr. Yowki."

"I'm struggling a lot harder, so it's good that I did. I can't take that. It's my fault."

"Mr. Yowki is sneaking me out and taking me to all sorts of places. I'm getting my wish fulfilled."

"Then I..."

This kind of interaction is followed by parallel lines.

We breathe into each other and look at the clock to see how long has passed.

"That's a draw."

"Right. I was wondering if any more arguments would ever arise."

"How do I put this bully on?"

This is where I get a sermon from Cecilia.

You're telling me to go home without doing anything?

"... just give me a moment"

Cecilia left the room.

I've been left alone, what are you thinking?

Within five minutes Cecilia returned.

I don't have anything in particular... do you want me to guess this without asking?

"So, what are we gonna do?

"Again, I think we should have thought and acted more about each other this time. You should have been able to do it normally. Don't you think it wasn't in good shape?


Would I have come to the conclusion that I would stalk any number of assholes?

Behavior without a Kitchen-II relationship, he said, feels different from runoff.

"Neither I nor Mr. Yowki had been able to make a normal decision. I mean, you can't settle for either one of them being bad."

"In other words?"

"So this time I decided to ask for it"

Gacha, and when the door opened, Mr. Sophia came into the room.

… so long as it is done, is that so?

"... I didn't think the lady would ask me to preach"

"I guess."

"I also have your wife's permission, but I honestly don't feel comfortable with it"

"Please, Mr. Sophia. Because this is necessary for me and Mr. Yowki."

Certainly a necessity for this bullying.

Mr. Sophia knows what's going on with me and Cecilia, and she'll be a good fit.

Cecilia sat down next to me when I was ready.

Whoa... you're lying.

"Cecilia, that's..."

"Shall we get angry with each other then? Mr. Yowki."

I guess I can honestly admit I can't win at times like this......

"Kohon... shall we begin now?"

Mr. Sophia's eyes glow suspiciously, this is a bad one.

But I guess this is also necessary to marry Cecilia again.

There was something very heartfelt about Mr. Sophia, a married man, and me and Cecilia just snorted in silence.

Speaking of things that have changed since then, I started cooking with Cecilia.

First things first.

Fine, I can't get distracted because Bishibashi and instruction are coming in.

And then it started with Clayman's stupidity, so I told Mr. Sophia.

Later, they had a note in Clayman's lunchbox saying good luck with your work today.

He said Clayman was desperate and horrible that day to motivate the staff to follow the move.

This is what Mr. Sierra told me when he was busily killed and turned white.

He was noted as a receptionist who followed the move of Clayman, who got serious, and became a little hot.

Well, you think you've got more jobs to be entrusted with because you appreciate your work?

Good day, Sierra......