A few days after Cecilia and I got a sermon from Mr. Sophia amicably.

I decided with Cecilia to try my best with two tripods.

Superior inferiority, no problem if you remember chores from now on.

There's only one area I can do, so I was told I don't have to feel that bad, but there's more I can do.

When Cecilia comes to the house, she's taught me chores and stuff.

The way I teach it is already with Bishibashi... or taking the Spartan method.

Sweetness inhibits my growth.

Refined every day so that I can do my chores.

Well, I don't have anything planned today, and let's have some tea time alone in a store with muscle pastry chefs for swallowing.

But you get caught up in something only at times like this.

A battle between Teal and Fiora over Micana and Yuga's honeymoon trouble or Seek?

There's also a pattern where Guy invites me to go with him on a request.

Soleil puts in an exploration of future trends... Oh, my God, that's going to happen.


It was Raven who discovered it at the end of his gaze.

Looks like they're looking around the Knights.

I'm talking about something with the Knights.

Is it a work conversation? When I finished talking, I exhaled one breath and sent him to a store with a gaze.

It was an instant, but I knew it.

It was the accessory store Raven was sending his gaze to.

You have the soul nerve to go buy a present for Happiness.

Raven noticed me when I approached him subtly.

"Yo, you're annoying at work"

"... Yowki. It was just fine. Do you have time for this?

"Nothing good, man."

"... Then why don't you follow me to the dorm? 'Cause I'll be ready."

"Is the job good?

"... how many shifts do you think you're on today?

"All right, let's go"

The Knights Commander seems pretty tough.

I guess I haven't seen Happiness lately.

It means I want to give you one of the accessories.

I arrived at the Knights dorm and waited a little while before Raven came out with his armor removed and disguised.

"I'm sorry for the sudden invitation."

"Mind your own business. You want to go to my place?

"No, I'd prefer a less visible place if I could. I don't want to be heard. Talk about it."

The seriousness comes from the look on Raven's face.

I don't know where my eyes are.

It would be nice if it was just a public discourse, but he said it was a serious consultation.

Then I'll have to invite you to my house.

The two of us appropriately hung out into the alley and magically disappeared to our house, as usual.

You're breaking through Raven's disguise, because there was a guy wearing it.

They could also target me for being with them.

They're in total trouble.

The problem is Raven, as long as they sprinkle it properly.

"What's the story?

"... I haven't seen him lately"

As long as it's done, it's still done.

Raven, secure the day off, bring Happiness home, lend the house to both of you.

I guess the plan is the one where I consult with Happiness and later decide and want to give something away.

"... I can't help it because I'm busy with my work and my eyes around me. Lately, Yuga has been married and honeymooned"


"Yoki's hiding who he is, but Cecilia and her partner are talking."

"... right"

Raven's words become powerless.

This is that...

"... what am I doing"

I'm the only one who's slow and depressed.

Disappointing and definitely.

"... I know. He said people have different lengths and speeds of journey. Don't compare, I know I can't help it in a hurry. You can say that in words."

He said he had something to think about.

"... I know Happiness wouldn't feel too good if he found out he took action compared to the rest of us. Still wants to move on."

How should I advise you?

The look on Raven's face is serious in and of itself, it fits around...... how Happiness wouldn't mind.

You should be happy because that's not why Raven is acting like he's trying to be with you.

"Isn't that good? Happiness would be happy if Raven planned something."

"... well. Then I'll talk to Yoki."

"What. You want me to lend you a house or something?

"... I want to buy a ring"

"Uh, you were looking at the accessory store earlier. You should decide for yourself what you want to buy…"

"... wanted to buy an engagement ring"


Does that mean it's for a proposal?

My eyes lit up a little. Look at me. Raven looked away at me uncomfortably.

When you go into a generation of great battles instead of just a gift.

"Is that to talk to me?

I'll buy it if you talk to me. You should decide for yourself not to buy it.

Well, of course it's not that kind of consultation.

"... Yoki was walking with me earlier and I would have noticed that I've been followed a lot lately."

"There you are. I sprinkled it."

"... apparently you're feeling a woman's shadow on me. Well, it's a hit, but it's restricted."

I'm seeing the same thing with Cecilia.

If they do, you won't be able to be caught off guard in your personal life, and you won't be able to act recklessly if you think about where they might make you an article.

"... if I were to go into an accessory store and choose an engagement ring, it would be written in an article as soon as possible"


"... it's good for me to be questioned. However, if the world finds out that I bought the ring, it will be in Happiness's ear as well"

"Ah, enough to be. I don't like that."

Zero sense of surprise, Raven said he cares about that too.

"Why don't you just go in disguise? I missed it earlier, but if it's in my hands, I can make sure you have no idea what you're talking about."

I am confident in the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, Guy's disguise, and complete secret gear.

But Raven shook his neck sideways that it wouldn't be possible.

"... disguise will most likely make me fall apart with this voice"

"It was..."

Now that Raven's trends are concerned, Raven's distinctive voice lets him know where he is.

"... can we do something about it?

No other way. Raven asked for it.

You can't say no, don't lick me for making up so many proposals.

"Flashing, Raven"

"... is that true?

"Oh. But this operation will put a considerable strain on Raven. Still good?

"... you're asking me to do something I can't do. I'm not complaining."

Raven said he was ready too.

Then you don't have to worry anymore.

I grabbed both of Raven's shoulders disappointingly and declared.

"Dress up!

This is all I have.

If you're still a man and can't dress up, you just have to be a woman.

Raven opens his eyes and whines about what...

The women's clothes will be tight, but I need you to do this much if you're going to fulfill Raven's wishes.

"... you want me to dress up and go buy an engagement ring?

"No, I'm not. There's a good chance that if I let Raven go, dressed as a woman, he'll come out."

If we're going, we need to go for a couple or a couple.

"... No way"

"I'm going in disguise, too, so we're both going to go buy a ring."

I'm the one who suggested it, so I'm gonna have to play my part.

It may be tough.

The rest depends on Raven.