"... you mean swinging a couple with a yolkie"

"Don't be like that."

Take my word for it and shut up, Raven.

No, then you can't say you knew right away.

I know I'm a shredding act.

What makes you sad and have to pretend to be a couple between men when you have her for each other?

As far as I'm concerned, I was wondering if I could take off my human skin for Raven.

"... this is also what you need to buy a ring"

The conclusion I've been thinking about for a while is that I'm going to ride my operation.

"Don't you regret it?

"... oh. Sometimes I dress up in the Knights and investigate. Let's split this up as a good opportunity too. Most importantly... for Happiness."

"All right, then let's get ready quickly"

"... now?

"Oh. I'll get all the clothes and stuff."

"... thank you for that."

"I'm the man who unleashed the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman into the world. Even Raven's womenswear... I'll give it a shot. So I'm gonna get you a bunch of stuff, so just wait."

I said goodbye to Raven and I left the house.

Today, fortunately, the market is open.

It is difficult to get into a store where women's clothes are sold, but it is easy to buy because there are various open stores for sale.

Look for clothes that are likely to take advantage of the material Raven, and coordinate in the brain.

I'll buy my clothes and go back to my house.

Tell Raven to leave it to him because he looks anxious. It's time for a transformation.

First of all, the face is enough to wear glasses without being too categorical.

I don't choose clothes that are feminine, I choose suit-like clothes that working women seem to wear.

However, choosing a loose size so that the masculine shape is not noticeable, such as shoulder width.

Hair is done by putting it together in the back and ponytails.

There may be some raven elements left, but I don't think anyone will notice.

"…. Are you sure you're okay with this"

"I can definitely go. I just look like a cool beauty who works a lot."

If you made it a bad cute fashion, you would be right to have chosen cool clothes that would look great on Raven because they look weird.

It's not that uncomfortable, seriously.

"And then it's me..."

First, change your body's balance by strengthening your body.

That's all it takes to get rid of the usual sense of yoke.

Wearing shoes that look even taller, the clothes are finished in a semi-naked style.

"... you've gotten better shape than usual"

"It's an operation to make Raven look feminine walking next door by making me a gorilla."

"... to the point of becoming"

I have an idea, too, Raven.

"Oh. And Raven is forbidden to show his hands. Let's wrap it around a bandage for a burn or something."

Raven's hands are gobbly because he waves his sword every day.

It's not like there aren't any women like that, just in case.

"... ok. And then there's the way you talk. I'm afraid it's my usual tone."

"Right. How about a reference to the way you talk about women close to you?

Wouldn't it be easy to imagine because there would be a few female knights in the Knights?

"A woman close to you, if... then Mr. Yowki. It's something you're ready for, and it's time to head to the accessory store?

"Wouldn't you stop doing that?"

You can't refer to Cecilia.

Leaning my neck in a sober way also makes me extra aware of Cecilia.

"... Really? Mr. Yowki is often with Cecilia, so I thought this would calm him down."

"Raven, shut up for once, really"

I know there are a lot of women with that tone, but I can't stand it when I think about pretending to be a couple.

"... well. You don't have a choice. Look, I'll go with you."

"Stop that too!

Now it's Mikana.

He said Yuga would fly when he was bad.

Raven, maybe you're not messing around.

"Why is the reference subject the face of a brave party? There's no one else?

"... it's about Cecilia and Micana that I can relate to enough for reference. Happiness, too, but I refuse."

"Well, I refuse too."

It's an act that doesn't make sense to pretend to be a lover and go buy a surprise gift for your lover with your boyfriend.

"Besides, Happiness won't speak much language. I know what you're trying to say, considering the years of dating and the character of Happiness, but I don't care if Raven does it."

"... so is that. Well, even if I tell you to do it, rejection is a rejection. We're never gonna do this."

Raven, the imitation of Happiness is a resolute refusal.

But isn't it a terrible way to deny it now?

"If this happens anymore, we'll decide the character"

"... deciding the character, what?

"You're right. I'm a muscle mole, but I'm too weak to stand up to Raven. Raven has an order tone from above. Let's be cool ghost daughter-in-law who won't let it out with enough momentum to curse me."

"... why do you need to set up a couple that have such habits"

"I was wondering if I'd get bored if I was trying my best to be normal and normal. That would make it easier for couples with habits."

Seal who you are by being a part of it.

I've always been a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, so I'm fine.

Raven can do whatever he wants and it would be good to go with it.

"... Hmm, ghost wife in a cool tone. Add Cecilia and Mikana and there..."

"So don't try to reference the two of you!

decisions about each other's multiplication and pseudonyms.

Simulate further movements after entering the accessory store to practice the conversation.

Raven goes to the accessories store under the pseudonym Rayne and I go by the name of Yoji.

"Look, let's go, George"

Raven pulls my hand.

Walk hand in hand with a woman other than Cecilia...... no, it's not a woman.

"It's not cheating, it's not cheating..."

"Don't worry... this isn't cheating. It's necessary. So let's go together."

Mr. Raven, or have you forgotten the ghost daughter-in-law setting quickly?

I'm a dependable sister character.

Well, I wouldn't mind following Raven with a weak muscular hipster husband.

"Wait for me, Rain. Okay, so let's go together."

"I think you've made up your mind. Then let's walk with dignity."

The goal is an accessory shop.

There are several men who will look at Raven twice because of his temper in his womenswear.

I tried audible enhancement and there was a grunt about a great beauty, having a boyfriend.

"Rayne. Fine, you have a lot of men looking at you. That's just great. I wonder if this is also due to Rain's beauty."

The disguise is perfect because there are so many sights of men.

Raven's material was good.

"Looks like it. But because there's only one person in my sight"

Sure they do, but all I see is Happiness.

It conveys the true meaning of being put into each other's words.

I almost laughed.

Raven and I are getting along longer, and you're starting to be able to read the essence of the word.

Well, some of the words were easy to read right now.

The couple's gesture was perfectly unworn and they arrived at the accessory store.

All we have to do is ask the clerk, look for him ourselves and buy the ring Raven is looking for.

"Do you like Rayne? Or have you decided already"

"No, that's not yet..."

You can't imagine just looking out of the store.

I think Happiness would be happy with anything if Raven chose the ring.

"Sir, are you in trouble?"

The two of us fluttered through the store, and the handsome clerk talked to us.

The customer service smile is perfect, the suit is set to be numb, and I feel like I could work.

"I'm looking for a ring. Engagement Rings"

"As far as it goes. Even when it comes to engagement rings, the design is quite abundant. One moment, please."

That's what the handsome clerk says and leaves the spot.

I brought some rings when I got back.

"Which of these designs did you like?"

"This one, I guess."

"If you like this design, we'll show you a similar design ring."

I could buy it without much hesitation thanks to a handsome clerk who could work.

He was kind enough to answer questions about price, design, etc.

I thought I'd get more lost, but Raven made up his mind too.

"Rayne, you've made up your mind a lot."

"Imagine what you're wearing and I thought this would look good on you."

"Is that what you mean? Whatever it is, it's good to have achieved our purpose safely."

All I have to do is go home... you don't always do well from here.

"What you can think of from here..."

"Yoji. You're with me now, just think about me"

If I said anything extra, I told you not to say anything because something could actually happen.

Sure would be a hassle if Yuga flew in here.

I don't have a face to match when Cecilia comes.

Mikana is... well, it's nothing good.

I'm worried about a lot of things, but I'm still not coming anywhere near here.

Yuga and Mikana are already married, so they won't be coming to buy a ring.

I may have come to buy accessories... but I've never seen Mikana wear them.

Then you'll go on a date somewhere else.

If Cecilia's going with me... Oh, my God.

"It's completely unrelated to accessories that I can think of..."


I heard someone I knew.

After all, God won't allow me to get involved and go home without anything happening.

"Yoji, he..."

"I worked out a little, height would be deluded to say thanks to the shoes"

"How could you do that?"

"Hot guys are hard."

At the end of my gaze, Teal and Fiora pull my arms. Seek.

There was Quinn spilling a sigh when he saw those three.

I had eyes with Seek, I can't get through.