Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I took a look at my ex-boyfriend's hot season.

Captain, help me.

After all, Seek comes to me.

The accessory store is out already, and I don't need to hide it, so I'm done with Yooji.

"Ooh, Seek. You're gorgeous on both hands."

He said he was letting two girls serve him that year.

Such a light joke doesn't seem to make sense to Seek right now either.

When you looked at my face, you complained about the status quo with tears.

"My arm... my arm is lifted."

"I'm fine. You were raised by me, Duke, and Happiness. I'm not gonna give you that much."

"What, he said he was raised by Happiness. Seek, tell me more!

"I can't. Seek-kun talks to me about medicine."

"No, Seek-kun talks to me about the beauty of the goddess of guardianship!

One extra Seek fan has been added because of my extra word.

We need to brief Raven on the situation while the four of us are making a scene.

Speak in a whisper style so that you don't hear it around you for once.

"... it's Duke and Happiness who are pulling their arms right now."

"Oh. They're having a bit of a hot phase"

"... shouldn't we help? I'm still screaming for help."

"It's not what started just now...... Well, as a help. What shall I explain about Raven?"

"... right. You can keep it with the people you know in your guild."

"Well, like that,"

Rescue Seek, who is being pulled from the three of us at the end of the operation meeting as well.

"Look, all three of us are suffering from Seek, so that's it. I'll buy you a cake if you want. Let's take it slow there."

I managed to convince him to go to the muscle pastry shop.

I came on a tail last time, but I didn't eat anything.

When you enter the store, Ami comes to the store a long time ago, and the sales smile.

I'm sorry, I didn't come here recently, but I was deluded that I was too busy.

Sometimes I like it when I tell you to eat that you can loosen the purse string.

Needless to say, I didn't shy away the most.

"Wow, Cakey"

Before the Seek there is a line of cakes that have been ordered with slack.

Teal and Quinn have one, Fiora has two orders.

"I knew you'd be relentless."

"'Cause you said the captain was good."

Seek carrying the cake to his mouth with a puckering smile.

You, you're not that big of a eater.

I don't even know if I can't eat dinner anymore.

"... yeah"

Teal's having a tasting party showing her muscles. Watching Mr. Andrei.

It's rare to react to a man other than Guy.

"The Patron God is winning more"

"To what?

I accidentally stuck it in.

'Cause I'd be curious if I suddenly told you I was winning or something.



Is that the story?

You were the type to care about Teal and the goodness of Gatai or something.

"Not as good as the Goddess of Guardianship, Mr. Youki, but more successful than we used to be when we met?

The magic of enhancement was lightly solved, but not yet a complete yoke.

I saw you when you came out, because it's weird when you suddenly change your stature.

Still, it must be building up more than usual, so let's show off our painful excuse for using Raven.

"No, there are times when I've been working out my body lately, but even though I was in front of a buddy I met in the guild, I wanted to look a little better and put on some custom-built shoes. I was quick on the other guy."

haha i laugh bitterly and deceive.

For the most part, it's a painful excuse, but will you believe me?

"Was it... well, still no match for the Guardian God's triumph -?

I'm telling you, Teal, with your reddish cheeks on your hands.

They're not going to go deeper into the usual normal driving, my penetration of trivial changes.

"Yes, listen to me, Mr. Yowki. This past patron god and I went to ask for a crusade. Then there's the god of guardianship. Leave it to me before, Teal will definitely protect you. So I asked for backup... I'm glad the patron god was so cool at that time, and the words that you feel like you trust me to leave the cover to you. There are many words on the road that speak loudly to me and reassure me..."

"Oh, my God."

Apparently, it's switched on.

I can't stop bragging about Guy, Teal.

If you think you're going to have to deal with this.

"Here you go, it's today's service"

From the muscle pastry chef, Andrei, the cake for the tasting is placed on the table.

Thanks and I bowed my head but I'm not leaving the table...... what's wrong with you?

"Sir, if you'll excuse me, I heard you were inferior to the conversation I had earlier..."

Hey, did you hear that conversation earlier?

We were pretty far apart, and we weren't talking that loud.

Muscle sensors? Muscle sensors?

Mr. Andrei, who had absolute confidence in his own flesh, said he couldn't get through.

Nevertheless, it was this way that was rude.

They even behave like cakes for tasting, so let's apologize.

"No, no, it was this way that was rude. I'm sorry.... See, Teal, too"

"... Yes, I'm sorry. I said rude things."

On the face of it, I'm apologizing, but I don't think I'm willing to overturn it when it comes to Guy being more successful.

I didn't say I was withdrawing.

Don't worry about Mr. Andrei in all that detail...

"As good as it gets...... Mmm!

Something suddenly caused Mr. Andrei to pose.

I don't know what it is for Teal, but he has eyes that don't seem to interest him at all.

The other customers' eyes are nailed, including mine.

"I knew the god of protection would be better..."

"Yes, sir. Teal, let's be a little quiet!

Don't light any more.

Was my stop slow, Mr. Andrei? Heat up.

Showing various posings also doesn't work for Teal.

Well, Teal's only interested in Guy.

In the first place, it's also a mystery that girls your age might be interested in succeeding muscles.

Did you realize that it doesn't work where it poses a little?

Mr. Andrei touched his flesh everywhere and said a word to Ami, who was serving.

"It's Ami. My brother starts tomorrow... on a journey to rebuild his flesh!

What is it that Ami, who is serving, says his brother?

No... what would happen if they suddenly said that to me too?

"Sir, if you don't mind, may I talk to you about your patron god?

"Are you talking about the Guardian God? Leave it to me. The Goddess of Guardianship..."

The person who told Teal's story moved on to Mr. Andrei.

I'm at work, so I won't be talking to you that long.

"Seek, this is delicious too."

"Yeah. This is good, too."

Fiora and Seek seem so good.

You don't talk about medicine or anything in this room.

Most importantly, they seem to interact normally like children.

Well, Raven...... no, it's Rayne now.

Looks like Quinn and I are having a conversation, but what are we talking about?

"That's it for the body building training story. Any questions?

"Wow... I can't believe there was such a training method"

Why talk about the training menu?

The notepad Quinn uses is the notepad Raven usually uses.

"I want to be the kind of man who can protect that person if I can have someone I like. You're doing a good job that year."

"Yes, I used to just get advice from my mother, and I was training to see that I wasn't sure how strong my father was."

Hey, Clayman, they're telling me.

And I feel suspicious about the development of the story.

"Well... there's someone I admire and that person is definitely stronger than me. Still want to get a little closer."

Quinn's admirers are Happiness...... this flow.

"I admire it... I mean, you like it"

Hey, Raven, don't say anything more.

"I've suffered a lot before, too. Listen to me if you like."

No, he said you shouldn't ask...

To the development that I don't really know about consulting a woman dressed as a lover.

I guess you should stop, but if you stop here, it's unnatural.

Want to see how it goes?