"The man is the sister of a servant of the mansion who often goes to visit."

I want Raven to notice at this point.

But I didn't show any bareback when I noticed that it also meant romantic counseling for younger boys.

Mm-hmm. So, I'm totally listening to you and then showing you the room.

Maybe a hundred points as an older sister's response, but come on.

"You listen to me as I move my hand, doing my job with a hand I'm used to. She's a fun sister who jokes sometimes."

The joke Happiness tells me mostly implicates me.

It's not fun for me, is it?

"Yes... but you said earlier that if you could have someone you liked. How could that be?

"That's who the guy likes...... no, I think he has a boyfriend"

Quinn, I'm too guessed and scared.

No, maybe Happiness put it directly on the subject.

"I guess you just think. Do you have any confirmation?

Raven is also bumping the question I was curious about.

"Sometimes, I look outside the mansion. That face is really similar to that of a mother who waits for her father, who worked late in overtime."

Get powerful information here, Clayman says Mr. Sophia loves him.

... It feels better now.

Well, Happiness said that under Mr. Sophia's mentor, that kind of place became similar because he was growing up.

"That's definitely the face waiting for someone you love. I've been going to see him lately, but I'm sure he hasn't seen him for a long time."

Quinn, you're right.

The only incorrect thing about you is that you have consulted your sister in front of you.

"I'm just a kid... so I can't make a big deal out of it. But it's hard to see the cutthroat look of someone I like every day. This kind of consultation is difficult for people close to me. It's also cowardly to have your sister listen to you, isn't it? Because I just met someone."

The more I listen, the more I worry about Raven and Happiness.

If Quinn's information is correct, it means Happiness misses you.

"Do you know who Quinn likes?

"There isn't. Oh, but I think Mr. Yoki and Seek-kun are old friends."

Raven's expression hardened.

Apparently, you guessed a lot.

I've had some tips in conversations before, and if you say you know me and Seek alike, you're already the answer.

"How can I get you better? If your sister is in the same position, do you still want her to stay calm?

"... right. Because in that case, it's a problem between us."


"Whatever the circumstances, it's not a good idea to put up with them..."

It's a statement like you're strangling yourself.

Raven, you look pale. Are you okay?

Quinn doesn't seem to care.

"That's right. I don't know why you're busy. I'm certainly a person who doesn't usually get a look. I can't really leave her alone until she gives me that kind of cut-out look."

Stop it already, Quinn.

Because if I say any more, Raven will be ashed.

I'll fly away in the wind.

"Well, Quinn. I'm sure your voice is reaching someone, so keep it around. Look, let's have some cake for a tasting."

I can't keep Raven's mind any longer, so I recommend the cake and force it to end.

"Right. I'm a little too hot for the sisters I just met. Excuse me."

I managed to get out of the way, but Raven's expression is not good.

Quinn's story seems to have worked quite well.

"You don't have to worry about it. I hope my advice helps. Well, then, I have somewhere to go with Yoki, so now you'll excuse me."

Required to stand with arms entangled without question.

They're quite stuffed with cut wings.

You mean we need to talk, I get it.

Just tell me when you get home like this and I'll pay you back, and I'll leave the money.

Best of all, I guess I'll give it to Quinn, who seems solid on this occasion.

"Quinn, this is the price. I'll give you twenty extra cakes if you ask for them."

"Er... Isn't that a lot to pay for?

"If it's not enough, it's embarrassing. Seek is a little suspicious. You can play somewhere else if you want."

Bye, I'll say hello and make sure you get dragged out of the cake shop.

Raven covered his face with both hands in front of the store when he thought he might be moving to my house to discuss it.

"I can't believe Happiness is doing that"

Seems more damaging than I thought.

Quinn, I've been patient not to let you out in front of them.

Looks like, but they've got limits.

"Fair enough, calm down."

Slap gently on the back but no effect.

"Can this calm down"

"Raven had a situation, too. And they want to see me miss you. Proof it. Next time I see him, I'll let him sweeten up a lot for making me miss him..."

"It's the very thing that made me lonely. What were you doing, at all. I'm gonna hate myself."

I hate myself, but I want to move out of here early.

I don't know what's going on right now, 'cause it's a diagram of a bad boyfriend who's pissing off his lady when someone sees her.

I'll manage to calm Raven down and head over to my house.

Raven blamed himself while he was on the move, but when he got to my house and sat down in a chair and rested, he finally calmed down.

"Sorry...... disturbed even though I'm disguised"

"No, I didn't even care that much."

I don't think they've seen through Raven's disguise.

I was playing a pitiful boyfriend on the way in, too.

"... you've annoyed Youki"

"Fine. More than that... didn't you do me another favor?

"... oh. I'm going to do whatever it takes to get a vacation. I've been stuffing myself lately, and I'm going to organize my work so that I don't get complained about taking long vacations. I want Yoki to see if Happiness can take a vacation. And if you find out, give me the information..."

"You mean you want me to give it to you. I'll take care of it."

That's about it, before breakfast.

"... helpful. Then I'll go to the Knights and do my job."

"What, I'm off today and starting tomorrow..."

"Then it's too late. I'll make time for both of you at all costs."

Well, then, I left Raven out the back door.

You don't have to let me disappear because you're still dressed as a woman.

Looks like you're thinking about traveling or something like that.

Raven's got an informer sticking around just like Cecilia, so he's only dating at my house.

Wouldn't it be nice if Raven declared a lover already?

I guess Happiness is also thinking about making Minerva difficult to live in.

Well, do I go ask Happiness if I can take a vacation?

I headed to the Mansion in a light mood, but I was caught off guard.

I was so full of heads about Raven and Happiness that I couldn't see around.

As a result, I... am sitting in front of Cecilia in this way.

The reason is simple, Seek, who came back to the mansion before me, told Cecilia that I was out with a woman.

He did the extra thing with the cake.

They caught me right in the mansion and seemed to be looking forward to it until earlier...... taking me to Cecilia's room in a targeted way.

It wasn't the same air as explaining the situation on the spot, so go with me.

In the meantime, I sat right down.

"... is it true what you're talking about Seek?

I didn't do anything nasty.

The one I was walking with was Raven dressed as a woman.

It is a story that Cecilia will easily understand if she also explains it.

Raven wants to pick an engagement ring for Happiness, so he wants me to hang out with him...

I've noticed something very important here.

I don't have an engagement ring for Cecilia.

If I explain all this, I'll make Cecilia aware.