Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to bridge an ex-member with a friend.

"Mr. Yowki. Is something wrong? Something bothering you, even if you don't want to tell me?

"No, that's..."

Shit, it's like I'm worried about how to make excuses for cheating.

But to be honest, I told you. Come on...

If I still put my anxiety on Cecilia's balance, can't I help but fail to surprise her?

Cecilia has told me that it is enough to think while sitting in the front seat.

"It's about Mr. Yowki, so you must have gotten caught up in something again. Try not to be a problem."

And Cecilia started preparing tea and sweets, as usual.

... What, that's all?

"Um... Cecilia. As far as I'm concerned, it helps not to ask. I might ask you something weird... is that good?

You're doing what you think you can't help blaming me for, aren't you, me?

Actually, it's a raven dressed as a woman.

A story that can be misunderstood if I tell you why.

But as far as I'm concerned, I don't want to mention the ring.

"I do wonder who you were seeing. I don't think Mr. Yowki's going to cheat now."

I'll tell you in one hassle to prepare.

There is no sense of seriousness from the atmosphere of Cecilia.

"As far as I'm concerned, I think it's the usual behavior of Mr. Yowki. I guess you think it's for that person that you can't talk to me in detail. Naturally, you can't talk in case it's a top secret request.... See, how long are you sitting in the front seat?"

The usual set of bickering was ready while we were talking.

I want to say Cecilia in places like this.

"What are your plans for today?

"I have a message from Raven to Happiness, so I guess I'll pass it on."

"Really? Happiness might want to talk to you then because you have a break in the evening. Happiness, I try my best to get a vacation anytime."

"Ah... yes"

He said he could rest at any time... it seems true that Happiness misses him as information suggests.

Shall I make him listen to Raven and reassure him?

I enjoyed Cecilia and Tea Time until Happiness's break.

The conversation is well...... Cecilia laughs at me for listening to my usual crap.

Cecilia's topic is about Mikana and Yuga.

When I see Mikana, she's talking about her honeymoon with Yuga.

Before my honeymoon, I didn't get too comfortable with it and it was sinking, but now you think Yuga's approach is amazing?

I got married, so I panicked and apologized when I told Cecilia that Lucky Skebe should be tolerated too.

Apparently, even as a woman, it's a delicate thing to get married around there.

Still, if you're Mikana, if you're a Yuga opponent, forgive me.

Well, I don't know if I hug Mikana to sleep every day, either.

There doesn't seem to be any weird behavior these days, but he wants to flirt and turn into a husband.

You don't act weird, you're actively working on chores, and you're absorbing more and more technology.

That is the brave man who can also awaken the Holy Sword if it is for Mikana.

"I feel like I've been flirting with those two for the rest of my life."

"As soon as Mikana wakes up to make breakfast, she notices the signs of Mikana, and so will the brave ones. And you think we're gonna make breakfast together?"

"When it comes to those two, I can't seem to get the word out of them."

"I think so too. But that's all you can think of as living happily ever after."

"That's the thing.... is it time?

We talked quite a bit, and Happiness got into a break, didn't we?

"Right. Shall we go to the servant's lounge for once?"

Leaving Cecilia's room, the two of us head to the rest room.

When I heard about Happiness because I was in the hallway with a few servants, I said I had just entered the break.

Again, go to the break room thinking there was no madness in the sense of time.

I knocked, but I haven't heard back.

You're not getting dressed or anything, I don't have any lucky sketch skills.

I can't hear the sound of clothes rubbing even if my hearing is enhanced.

Happiness, it's me.

"... you haven't heard back. You don't think he's falling, do you? I'm getting worried."

"Let's go in. Cecilia needs to check inside first."


Cecilia quietly opens the door and peeks inside.

"Looks like you're asleep"


There was a look of Happiness stuck at the table as she peered into the room with her face over Cecilia's head.

Even though you're taking a break, can I sleep?

"Mr. Yowki, why are you putting your face over my head..."

"Cecilia, it's unusual for Happiness to sleep like that."

"You're gonna keep talking like this."

'Cause the door gap is narrow, so I was wondering if it would be good.

"You don't think it's quite possible."

"The servant's work is well timed, so you should be able to get enough sleep. Because Sophia is careful about managing the health of her servants."

Surely you don't assign jobs that Mr. Sophia would force his own people to do.

Does that mean you've been doing something since work?

"Well, it's bad for Happiness sleeping. It's good news for Happiness, and I'll wake you up."

Enter the room and assault Happiness.

You'll jump up when I tell you it's a message from Raven in your ear.

I tried to move quickly to action...... my hand stopped when I saw something on my desk.

"What's wrong, Mr. Yowki?"

Cecilia followed me into the room.

Suddenly, you must be wondering when you look at me for stopping.

'Cause if you see something like this, come on...

"Oh, my God, you've been taking action from yourself in the near future, even if Raven doesn't mention it."

There was a note on the table that said when I could rest.

Other festivals that take place during boarding carriage hours and in nearby cities are written.

I'm sure I was planning on giving this to Raven in the near future.

"Happiness wants to go somewhere, too."

"I haven't been able to make it lately. Raven's in a hurry, too, but if you look at this paper, you'll be in even more hurry."

You know how much Happiness wants to date two people.

I guess I was patient because of Raven's circumstances... but did the limits come?

"... you're willing to help both of us, aren't you? I'll work with you if there's anything I can do. Thank you both for your help."

"Well, do you want to wake up Happiness first"

If you don't ask the parties, nothing will start.

When I rocked Happiness's back, he rose up at an early stage.

"... Enemy Attacks"

What are you talking about when you look at my face?

"I'm not the enemy. Thanks for your help today."

Happiness cleaning up notes in a hurry rather than listening to me.

It seemed like something I didn't want to be seen.

You noticed my gaze, look here.

"... pervert"

"Exactly. That's unreasonable."

"… Report"

"Where are you... I'm not here to have this exchange today"

"Happy information for you, Happiness."

"... Credit"

He said he could trust Cecilia's words.

Truth is, my treatment is not... well, it's not malicious.

"He wants to know when he can take a vacation because Raven wants to go out with Happiness"

"... Really?

"If I say it your way...... facts"

"... reply"

That's the note you gave me in a hurry to clean up earlier.

I would pass this on to Raven just because I gave it to him that it felt like I just saw it.

"… message"

"To Raven?

Happiness with his neck creaking and shaking vertically.

Happiness, which usually doesn't put emotions on the table, rarely loosens cheeks.

Perhaps it's feelings to tell.

"Should I tell him I was happy?

"... Correct"

"Aye. Yes... I'll tell you what I want to do when I see Raven."

I asked with a little joke.

From Cecilia, Mr. Yowki... and his shuddering face.

You're always being scolded, so sometimes it's good.

When I thought the penetration would fly fast from Happiness, I unexpectedly put my hand on my mouth and came up with it.

I'm surprised I've known you for a long time.

"... flashing"

He came up with a word to tell.

Well, what do you demand?

"... secret"


"... flashing, secret"

"... to the point of becoming"

Sometimes you don't want me to know.

That's a harsh message for Raven.

Seems like Cecilia doesn't know what she's talking about... but I know what Happiness thinks.

This is for what I felt lonely...... maybe it's mean to be Happiness.