"Well, I'll tell him, so keep up the good work. See you next time, Cecilia."

"... Farewell"

"Yes, Mr. Yowki. Take care."

I said goodbye to the two of them and left the Aqualein family.

Now give Raven a message.

I feel like a training ground even if I go to see him right now.

I want to reassure you quickly, and I'm on my way.

When I came to the Knights, there was already an aura drifting from the building with tingles on it.

As expected... what's going on in there.

I don't want to go in, but I have to.

I thought my legs wouldn't go inside. That's where the face I saw came out.

"Hey, Duke"

I just called my name, but I shook my body in a freak and took my time looking at this one.

What was that reaction, me?

I've been doing everything I can since I found out it was me.

Are you scared of something?

"Ha, aren't you the captain? It was just fine. I'm going to look around, but I don't know what we're going to do together."

"Why should I go around with you?"

That's a knight's job, and I'm not a knight.

By and large, Duke has Mr. Irene who always acts together.

"There will be Mr. Irene, who has become a partner not only in the Knights but also in another sense. Or do you want to talk to me? I have business with Raven, so it's gonna be your priority."

"Ahhh... Is that what motivated Raven to suddenly start putting out? I haven't been able to see Happiness lately because I'm stuffed with work... and it's not like I care about people!

It's fresh to see the mundane Duke.

So that's all the crisis is coming?

I don't have Mr. Irene with me, and she would be in a relationship.

I don't know if my black history was broken, or if my suddenly high-spec fiancée showed up, or if I was banned from seeing her because of the momentum and the stupid things she said.

... Well, it's all what I've been through.

"Why are you so hasty?"

"No, Irene says..."

"What's wrong with me, Mr. Duke?"

Apparently, it was too late.

Behind Duke stands Mr. Irene, ready to look around.

I can't escape this.

"It's terrible to go ahead, Mr. Duke. What will you do if I get lost!

Are you going to get lost in your workplace?

Duke apologizes for making me think hard.

No, no, no, no. Have you ever been lost?

"You're not gonna get lost anymore. He's a better senior than me. Look, I'm gonna go take a quick look around."

What I was saying is completely different, but what does it mean?

The reason is... it would be better if you didn't ask before Mr. Irene.

The two did not snuggle, but went around at the right distance.

It doesn't look particularly unusual before we go out with each other.

What was Duke afraid of......

"That's what I got from Duke, too."

I asked before the point if Raven knew anything because I was really curious.

It's a conversation while processing a ton of paperwork.

I guess I should just get the requirements done early.

"Apparently, Irene is pretty patient at work"

"What is patience?

"You think I'm desperate to jump on Duke and hold him in? He thinks he can't tell the difference between work and private time... but he doesn't have the instinct to either."

Unexpectedly, Mr. Irene discovered on his previous trip that he was carnivorous.

"I mean, he's suppressed, but he's not feeling it."

"Oh. They say the more time you two spend alone at work, the more stuff you accumulate on your day off or on your way home."

"So Duke just..."

It was the two of us as usual.

What will happen after work?

Shall I ask Duke next time?

"Well, that's the thing.... So Happiness would have said something"

It seems to get to the point, so I take the deposit from Happiness out of my nostalgia.

It is a Happiness schedule.

It's going to be Raven and tell you when Happiness is off and everything else.

"Well, look at this"

Raven gazing at the received schedule table.

The look on Raven's face changes from time to time.

I regret it and look surprised and happy, it feels like I've decided something.

Speaking of which, I have to pass on Happiness's message.

"No, I asked Happiness if he had a message for Raven."

"... What's Happiness?

"When I asked him if I should tell him I was happy, he said I was right. I mean, that's what I mean."

"... you said you were happy to hear my invitation like this, even though the job was the reason?

"You'll know when you see the notes I received from Happiness. Happiness worked so hard to make these notes so she could match Raven. So when I met Raven, I asked him if he wanted to do something. What do you think I said about the Happiness one?

"... is that a good thing for me to ask"

"Don't worry. Because he said it was a secret."

"... right"

I'm kind of weirdly relieved, but do you know what Happiness means by words?


"... what"

"Happiness said it was a secret. He's gonna make a lot of demands."

"... oh. I'm willing to respond to Happiness's demands as much as I can."

"That's sweet. This is a challenge from Happiness."


"We haven't seen each other in a while. We'll think of each other a lot. That sounds similar to Mr. Irene's story earlier. I don't know what they're going to do if I don't see them face to face... because I haven't seen them in a while... so I can get through."

I got tense at a long reunion... so I guess I can.

I'm surprised Raven can do that, too.

That's what Happiness is after.

"... you mean we should boldly attack"

"Happiness is sure to make a bold offense, too. He's a man's show."

"... do you dare attack? Sounds like an intense slaughter."

I don't know about that analogy, but it sounds like we're seriously working on an operation and it's nothing good.

"What are we gonna do with the dates and stuff?

"Right...... I put a circle on a day when I was going to get a Happiness break. I need you to ask me which day is better, can I ask for it?

I'll take care of you till the end when you get here.

Raven gives me a Happiness note.

If you're hiding your position, it's possible to sneak you both to an unpopular sea or mountain.

Even in the harbour town where Shike's case was, it wasn't that disturbing, and I feel like I could go on a dignified trip.

"... I'd like you to meet Yoki and Cecilia this time."

"Me and Cecilia, too?

You mean we're going on a trip together?

That's pretty obvious, isn't it?

It's going to be an unpopular mountain or sea course.

"Are you okay, go out like that"

"... I thought you needed contacts to get the world to recognize me and Happiness. And for that... help me."

That's what Raven's been saying.

No, no, you don't have to ask me that.

I'll work with you.

"I also create an opportunity for Cecilia to bow her head.... What do you say?

"I'm not cooperating so far, so I'm not telling you not to do it now. I don't think Cecilia would say no, either."

"Right. It would help if you could say that."

"What plan are you thinking more than that?

"Oh, that's..."

Raven told me about the trip, but... I didn't think it was a bad idea.

Surely there's no problem walking around the city in grandeur.

When I went back to the mansion and told Cecilia and Happiness about Raven's contemplated trip, they both agreed.

I have to pack my plans quickly, and Cecilia and Happiness were going to be busy, so I'm going straight home.

I didn't know you were going to accompany Happiness and Raven on their honeymoon next.

Well, I have something to do on this trip, too.

I hope I can find out what I want to know.