Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to get on with my friend's plan.

Sunny travel days.

I guess I owe it to good everyday behavior.

Hope this time it doesn't suddenly come to a storm or something.

Well, let's just say that storm is what Yuga called it.

Well, this trip was about Raven and Happiness's incandescent. Because we've seen each other for a long time... it was a theme to go bold on account of.

Will you fulfill it and go around in front of the public, or set it up when we're alone?

Expect the two of you to attack.

... Raven just won't give you the ring either.

Impossible... but I'm worried Happiness's mind is ready.

I have a mission I have to do, and it's going to be a trip I can't get distracted from.

"Well... suppose we go!

I headed to the rendezvous point as the demon swordsman of Black Thunder.

This trip is about renting out a carriage.

I had a carriage prepared by a Cecilian handover.

I can only thank you because it's every time.

This time it feels like half a trip, half a job.

Sometimes the destinations are together...... though I may be a little impotent.

To the Knights of the City to which Raven is going, Cecilia to the Church.

Happiness follows him as a servant to take care of Cecilia around him.

And I'm with Cecilia's escort.

I know I'm a little incapable of convincing you around... but this would make excuses even if you were walking around the city.

The Raven one... you thought of a good operation just like me.

As far as I'm concerned, I know what's going on. I told him I should take Duke with me, too.

Hi. Recently, Mr. Irene's opponent told me that I can't do it because he seems to have a hand full.

Mr. Irene...... I thought you were just a dodgy daughter at first.

The elf doesn't look like it... in many ways.

I got to the rendezvous place when I was thinking about that.

Nobody's here yet.

I have eyes around me... but I'm the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

I don't atrophy with this much gaze.

There was a bench just in place, so sit down and wait for the three of you.

My gaze around me stings, but I don't care.

I'm the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, if you want to say something, I'll take whatever you want and stand.

"Um, excuse me"

I didn't know anyone was really going to speak up.

I don't know him.

It would be an informer if it felt like I saw it.

He's just a young man with a sense of rush.

I still have the image of being worn in work clothes.

I didn't expect to hear from this Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

The one who doesn't know the scary things about his youth?

"I'm an intelligence reporter with Miss Chief. You're Mr. Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, aren't you? Can't you just ask for a little interview?

Miss Chief...... Probably the name of the store that deals with information magazines, but you've never heard of them.

I see all kinds of informational magazines in the tavern, but I've never heard of Miss Chief informational magazines.

"It's an unfamiliar name."

"Yes, it's been a shallow day since I was founded, and there are only a few reporters, including myself."


It would be a lie to say if it wasn't demonic, but you don't look like a bad person.

I still feel such a novelty as a chick.

"What's that Miss Chief reporter covering with the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman?"

"Can you give me some good information to surprise me all over Minerva"

What are you asking me all of a sudden, this guy?

"... sorry, but I'm not free either. Hit the other one."

There's no answer to being asked this way.

"No, not again. Wouldn't everyone have surprising information about Mr. Black Thunder's Demon Swordsman? Black Thunder Demon Swordsman that rocks the world. Now is the time to create a new storm."

Wouldn't you like to back off with this much, though newbie?

But the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman isn't sweet enough to get caught up in such an induction.

I'll put you on for a while, Kitchen Two switch!

"Huh, it creates a storm... right. Let me tell you something, it's up to me to decide when to call the storm. I'm not a black thunder demon swordsman like riding some mouth truck. Suppose I told you some good information on the truck. Are you satisfied with such an easy storm?

"If I get good information..."

"That's sweet. You have good legs when I see you."

Even when worn in work clothes, you can't hide legs that specialize in that running.

I thought it might be suitable for bandits or something, but I won't say it to you.

"My information is not cheap. I know you're new, but I won't forgive you. If you want to hear something from me, you have to cross the wall before you come."

"There's no wall beyond me."

"I said there was nothing I could tell you. What is your next course of action? You're gonna stop and stick around for information that won't get in here?

"... you just have to give up here and go somewhere else"

"Exactly. Look for more information than you can get. And improve your track record and earn your trust. If that happens... the time will come to show up before me again."

"That's the way to cover the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, isn't it? I get it. Now if you'll excuse me."

My eyes sparkle and I bow over and over again.

Hmm, he was a talkative young man and saved me.

"My name, Wood One, says it. Once you've built up your track record...... now it's time for information!

Woodwan ran away in thanksgiving for the interview.

Again, you had fast legs...... you just got a familiar carriage.

Cecilia peered through the window as the carriage stopped in front of me.

Happiness's on board, too, all right.

"Sorry to keep you waiting...... Demon Swordsman"

"No, I just got here too. You haven't seen Raven yet."

It's not past rendezvous time either.

Rather, it's early enough.

I thought this was going to wait... but it doesn't seem necessary.

I'm already riding the Raven's carriage.

"... Mr. Raven is already on board"

"Oh, that sounds like it"

I checked to see if he was nearby, and there were signs from inside the carriage.

Well, now that we have all the actors, I got on board, too.

Me and Cecilia are next to Raven and Happiness in the seating order.

Well, it's a natural combination.

It's in the carriage, so it's good to flirt...... Raven looks out the window and Happiness has an unfamiliar face.

I thought something was wrong, my hands were tightly connected.

I don't know which one you set me up from, but this lights me up and I'm just unable to do anything.

"I don't know why the Raven guy was already on it."

I secretly asked Cecilia the frank question.

"That's... when I left the mansion, I was ambushing in the grass shade."

What are you doing, Raven?

I couldn't wait... I guess that's it.

"It's a mystery how I did it. We got rid of all the informants around the mansion, so we need to be bothered."

He said he wouldn't like Happiness to force him or anything, and he used some way to get rid of him temporarily.

"So how long has it been like that?"

"Mr. Raven said... please wait, after he shook Happiness's hand"

I mean, on the road from the mansion to the rendezvous point.

You mean as it is?

... Cecilia was probably the hardest part, stay in this space.

"Happiness doesn't look at me too rarely. Now I see myself as the best I can be."

"Right...... Should I speak up?"

"No, why don't we just keep doing this? I'm worried about how the two of us are going to set things up until we get to our destination. There's not much we can do in the carriage."

It will be a battle when we get to the city.

Well, I'm a fighter in the carriage.

I have one thing to do.

I need to check the size of Cecilia's fingers before I buy the ring that I give to Cecilia.

I don't know if Raven heard it from Happiness, but the handsome clerk asked him about his size and he answered normally.

I don't know the size of Cecilia's fingers.

If I ask, Cecilia will be aware of me, and the surprise will fail.

Then there's one thing to do.

Sensory enhancement, which is my specialty in magic.

Somehow I connect Cecilia with her lover, tangle her fingers and measure the size of her fingers.

It's okay, me and Cecilia are lovers, so you should be able to make lover connections.

Like Raven...... you can go naturally.