I was sweet with Raven and Happiness.

Ichicha continued to fill the days that the two did not meet.

I didn't imagine it either, but it went far beyond my expectations.

But the two are not the type to pinch a conversation in a row.

I had a hard time pretending to sleep, so I started the conversation when they stopped talking.

When we start talking about food......

"... right. Do you want something to eat?"

"... together"

"... oh. I think what I ate with Happiness would be delicious. Still want to fulfill Happiness's request."

"... together"

"... I get it. Ask the Knights of Destination what store they recommend. A store where lovers can go..."

When we start talking about work......

"… work, coordination"

"... I did my best for this day, but I'm not impotent enough to break my body. I don't want Happiness to look like that. Happiness... how about that?"

"... as well"

"... right"

When I started talking about Yuga and Mikana's honeymoon out of the blue already, we both shut up.

Maybe he wanted to know what newlyweds were like.

Although I don't know if Yuga and Mikana's newlyweds are helpful because they seem to have an event every day.

Cecilia is Micana, and I hear happiness and pride from Yuga, so the story was abundant.

Morning, good night. It was everyday and mannered... never.

You think Yuga wakes up earlier than Mikana every day and thrills Mikana by saying good morning from all angles?

Micana says she's doing her best to learn to cook from Cecilia and she's happy Yuga tells her it's delicious or something.

Yuga seems to say anything with Mikana's handicrafts is delicious.

The two of us had heard stories about such a newlywed life.

Would the image of living together have sprung up?

By the way, me and Cecilia haven't moved particularly lately because it feels like half a cohabitation.

If we were talking about the newlyweds of others from pretending to sleep, the scenery would also change quickly.

We arrived at our destination while we were talking because we chose a city that was not too close or too far away.

I arrived...

"Well, then, I'll come face to face with the Knights"

So Raven left on the way.

"I'm going to say hello to the church."

Plus the result of Cecilia's departure.

"... hey, who is this with me"

"... unhappiness"


We were to be left in the city in each other's absence as lovers.

They both said they were coming to the inn in the evening.

"There's luggage too, should we head to the inn? Raven said he was booking a good place to stay. This must be a wonderful place for me."

"... Horse Hut"

"That's a funny joke.... the inn Raven has prepared to please Happiness?

"... look forward!

Happiness's tension increased.

Head to the inn with a sense of anticipation.

Well, I hear your man's giving us a lift to the inn, so we're just rocked.

They say we're here. They say we're getting off the carriage.

"... oh!

"... luxurious"

It is an inn that the aristocrats are likely to use for lodging.

No, no... Isn't this the one that's out of place?

I keep it like a reservation form from Raven, but I wonder if I can get it in.

Strong black clothes stand side by side in front of the entrance.

The carriage left when I unloaded my stuff and... I just have to go.

"Do you have an appointment?

"This is it."

I didn't know you wouldn't move one eyebrow when you saw me the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman...... that's pretty hand-worked.

"... unresponsive?

"It sounds different when you say it."

You're such a suspiciously dressed opponent? Stop looking at me like that.

Well, these guys are the staff at this size of an inn, and I guess that means they're pretty good.

"... there was a name on the roster. Please, come through."

When entering the Inn, another staff member is guided to the room.

Looks like Raven booked two rooms.

They gave me the keys and the staff went back...... well.

"What do I do about room splitting?"

"… men and women"

Well, that's the common sense assignment.

But what if you instinctively think about it?

One is engaged and one sees him for a long time and travels.

There must be no one in such a situation who wouldn't say the two of us at night!

"Hey, Happiness. I knew there wasn't... here!

I just walked into my room saying there was no room for consultation.

... No, it's natural for me and Happiness to separate rooms.

Me and Happiness, Cecilia and Raven don't know the most about room splitting.

"Even though you two haven't come home yet, it's also a delicate time to go out. I guess I'll take my time."

That's right, it's just a luxury inn and the room is huge.

The bed is likely to be fuzzy and restful enough.

I heard a knock as I was checking the comfort of the luxury bed.

Speaking of luxury lodging like this... is it some kind of service?

When I open the door with that in mind.


"... intrusion"

Happiness comes into the room without consent.

It's not my room, so I don't mind.

Did you change into regular clothes by sitting appropriately and facing each other......

Maid clothes and activity do weird...... no, some deputy guild masters like that.

"So what happened?

"... free time"

"Well, that won't help"

You can flirt with Raven when he gets back.

"Do you even think you're going out with me?

"... stop laughing"

"That's all you got to say."

That's why I'm not going out.

I'm not into rides either.

"And you worked pretty hard on the Raven one. I can't believe I booked an inn like this. Pretty much impossible."

"… Agreed"

"There are Happiness's favorite forests nearby."

Happiness, born in the woods, likes the woods.

You used to climb on trees and watch the Seek and the Sky?

I guess Raven chose this city to think about it, too.

"... Satisfied"

"Dude, we just got to the city. It's too soon to be satisfied."

I think it's the real deal from here.

"It's not a bad idea to walk two people side by side in the woods. I guess we'll be looking at the stars at night and discussing the future of the two of us."

"... the future"

"There are luxury inns lined up around here, so there are restaurants with great views. You know, discussing the future of the two of us there."

"... the future"

"There are plenty of places to shop. See furniture and stuff while discussing the future of the two of us..."

"... Captain"

Did you persevere in saying too much? Happiness has a fuzzy face.

No, it's better to keep the cloth stone for Raven.

"... don't"

"Yes, sir. That's not what the outfield would say.... but it's common for you to travel and compete like this."

"... it makes sense"

"But. Happiness is already in the carriage somewhat done with Raven...... it hurts!

The one from Happiness, he bashed me in shyness.

It's good because it's the truth that I was flirting with nothing.

Put your hands together and hold each other.

It wasn't weird to even kiss, was it?

If Cecilia and I hadn't started talking about our honeymoon, we would have kissed.

How long have you been banging Bashibashi and me, this guy?

"Calm down because I was bad. What I'm trying to say. What a story in a carriage. It's like the introduction part."

"… Introduction"

"That's right. There's this part and there's an end to it. Whether it's the introductory part. What the hell does the Raven one bring... don't you think?"

"... front seat"

"That's right. It's gonna be amazing."

I don't know what's amazing.

If you think it's more than just in the carriage...... yeah.

I don't think radical.

Happiness blushed her cheeks about what she imagined and began to shake her hands gently.

Hmmm... are you delusional?

"... the bed in this inn is huge."

Happiness opened her eyes and turned her gaze toward the bed, even though she just groaned softly.

One more sound, I guess.

"It would be fuzzy, pleasant and memorable"

Happiness jumped out of the room after this one word was decided.

You must be bored to go back to the next room and dive into bed.

Now you won't have to double the thrill to Raven to be conscious.

Happiness doesn't put emotions on his face from time to time, but he's vulnerable to thrills.

I mean, I'm vulnerable to Raven's push.

Raven's got cancer. Let's go. Happiness is such a delusional state with my guidance now.

It's definitely going to be an unforgettable trip for both of us!

"I'll size Cecilia's fingers..."

It's okay to leave Raven and Happiness alone anymore.

Now it's my turn.