Burning a tree burns well.

If you also pour oil, it burns well.

I guess the situation now feels like it's done too much.

"... luxurious"

Happiness is glaring at the stylish, upscale restaurant meals Raven had decided to eat.

"... Yowki"

Raven shrugged my name a little resentful.

"... Phew"

Cecilia exhales feeling like she's done her job.

"How did this happen?"

I have my head.

No, it's not that serious.

You two come home and Raven says we should go to dinner.

Fine restaurant with a nice atmosphere where I had booked.

I'm a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, but the three of them went dressed properly.

Happiness and Cecilia in their dresses captivated many gentlemen, and Raven in black trousers on their jackets was also dyeing the cheeks of different ladies red.

I've been seen three times, but with strange eyes.

So why is Raven in a bad mood?

My seat is the reason.

Happiness next to me, Raven in front and Cecilia next door.

... That's crazy, absolutely.

Shouldn't I have sat down first?

Why did the Happiness guy come next to me?

The minute we sat down, all three of us. Huh? I did.

Well, that's why I didn't even decide on a seating order, so keep it up.

This is why the food was brought here.

... Cecilia, can you do something about this situation?

You haven't seen your eyes because you're wearing a helmet, but you should be able to see your mouth.

Feel my appeal.

"By the way, Mr. Raven decided on this store, didn't he? The atmosphere is good and the food is delicious, but where did you purchase the information from?

"... There are many in the Knights who are not from Minerva. I've heard so much about this knight from here. The city is not facing the sea, and many seafood has been removed and dried. Instead, mountain vegetable and meat dishes are delicious for the vast land and mountains."

"Happiness liked to cook with what he could pick in the mountains."

Covered shooting at the right time here.

Happiness from the forest has been sourcing food in the woods for a long time, so I sometimes love something called mountain fortune.

"... likes"

Happiness with dishes already on the plate and feeling Lung-lung.

They're all waiting until they're done serving.

Here, eat up here, Raven.

"... Was I? Happiness loves mountain vegetable dishes."

'Cause I didn't say... that's a coincidence'

"... thanks"

"... right"

"... thrilled"

"... well, even if they say so. I didn't aim for anything."

"... love it"

"... because I will remember it well as a Happiness favorite"

Didn't I tell you at the end, watching Raven?

I told you with momentum, Happiness.

I'm afraid Raven doesn't know.

You said a lot of the dialogue right now, and I can tell you're showing off, but you look embarrassed, Happiness.

Could it be that you came next to me because you were ashamed to go next to Raven?

I was delusional just now, and maybe because of it.

If so, I'm sorry, Raven.

"… delicious, delicious"

Rarely is Happiness eating rice with a smile.

Raven looks satisfied when he sees Happiness like that.

Hey, I was wondering what would happen when I got here, but good, good.

"It's really delicious, Mr. Yowki"

It wasn't good.

No chance of holding hands because it's face-to-face.

It sounds like Cecilia is saying no heart or no care for me.

No, that's not what I mean.

I was just concerned about Raven and Happiness.

"Yeah, yummy!

That's all I could say.

Tense happiness in mountain vegetable dishes.

Raven is tense to see that happiness.

How concerned are you that Cecilia has eaten too much?

I'm reflecting on neglecting my lover.

It's not good as it is, so go to a lot of action.

"Cecilia, hey..."


"Break up and act."

It's not a bad idea to explore a city you don't know on a night lane.

Rather than for Happiness and Raven...... for personal purposes.

We were all surprised by what I said, but we agreed quickly.

Happiness got a little upset and I almost laughed.

Black Thunder Demon Swordsman at times like this helps because he has a helmet.

Raven showed his temper and joined hands with Happiness to disappear into the city at night.

"Shall we go, then?"

This one got ahead of me by Cecilia before I showed my chi.

I'm glad you put your arms together... but I can't hold hands on this then.

Is this good because I'm happy with this?

"That's unusual. I can't believe Mr. Yowki said that."

"There was a noticeable lack of consideration for Cecilia, my lover, in the store. Until I tried to create a scene of salvation!

"Mr. Youki is now a demon swordsman."

I was ashamed to say why, so I just became a demon swordsman.

"Hey... well, hey"

"Because Mr. Raven and Happiness are the lead travelers this time. You don't have to worry too much, do you?

This statement even though we're both walking.

Has my supporter soul moved to Cecilia too?

Cecilia is also a caring heart-tender saint...... a woman.

Though now it's time for both of us, we're the stars.

"Where shall we go"

"In times like this, men can pull it off."

"That's rude."

Few people are walking compared to the daytime because of the few shops they do.

Sometimes I sit on a bench around the square.

Walk slower than usual because it involves arms.

At such a slight speed that they don't notice.

"It's been a long time since you've walked around the city like this."

"Minerva's gonna have an extra informer following me."

"... Lord Brave and Mikana are married. I guess it's me or Raven who's going to be able to write articles that are going to get noticed."

"That's right..."

If we get married...... right.

I already spoke to my partner at the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, and please don't chase me. No! If I say so, will you give up?

"I don't know what I can do about it"

"... what is it?

"No, I was wondering if I could walk in front of you more openly"

"I wonder why... you can't walk away"


Because it was difficult to present as a yoke.

But I don't know if it's good enough.

I've been doing my best to be a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman lately and it should be pretty well known.

Even the difficult demon crusade and escort have not failed.

Black Thunder Demon Swordsman does it quickly and perfectly.

It's about time... Oh, my God.

"The day of walking in arms like this in a daytime minerva will come within... no, I will never let you come"

"As far as I'm concerned, you're embarrassed to walk grand arms around the daytime boulevard.... because I'm not used to it"

"You're doing it right now."

"Now... there aren't many people and I can't even see their faces"

Yes, sweetie.

And if it's dark, it feels like I've got permission to walk with my arms together.

"It's a good day."

"Would you say that here"

"'Cause it's a good day. We're eating and we're walking relaxed like this."

When you think about the days that are too bulky, it's precious to be able to slow down like this.

"So is that. I went on a honeymoon with Micah on request."

"That doesn't matter if I went on request or something"

"... but can't you say it fits all kinds of circles"

"You did fit where you were supposed to fit in"

Yuga and Mikana, Duke and Mr. Irene.

Mikana is happy with Yuga every day...... yeah, she lives.

Duke is also socializing well with Mr. Irene...... yeah, I keep going.

It's not like there's anything else.

It's just that Mikana and Duke... you're happy and tired.

"I wonder when we'll fit round."


"I'll wait in anticipation."

Isn't it a bad idea to smile there?

I need to make sure I'm not sweet about kindness.

It should be time to see the square.

You have to sit on the bench and complete the mission!